Recovery: The Building Blocks

Recovery: The Building Blocks

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Let’s talk recovery.

This is *incredibly hard* for me to admit, but I did not start taking “care” of myself post workout until this past Summer.  The most specific I could explain my post workout nutrition was something along the lines of  “I ate whatever meal was next in the day whenever I got home”.

It wasn’t until I started getting competitive and more serious about my CrossFit goals that I turned to factoring recovery into my days.  And, BOY, is there a difference.

There is so little in this world that you CAN control, so if you have the opportunity to control something.. you should.  Recovery is one of those things.

I cannot stress enough the importance of recovery now that I have personally been at both ends of the spectrum.  It is tough to get incredibly specific about how to recover because each person will respond differently to amounts, and type of recoverys, along with the fact that it varies for specific exercises.  However, there are building blocks, and that is what I want to share with you today.

Building Blocks of Recovery


Nutrition is broken into 2 parts: post workout nutrition, and general nutrition principles.  

    1. Post workout nutrition
      • Again, this will change between specific goals and from workout type to workout type but no matter what the importance of carbs and protein will be present.   Research is always changing, but what I go with now is to consume a 3:1 ratio of quick digesting carbs to high quality protein within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.  Some people may also say the window to consume this is as long as your workout was.  Either way, this serves to refuel your body with nutrients in order for it to have the building blocks to 1. not eat away your muscle 2. repair your muscles  and 3.  keep your metabolism boosted.
    2. General Nutrition Principles
      1. With all of the fads, diets, and speciality foods on the market today, it is so easy to get caught up and confused.  Forget all of those and focus on the basics … Eat whole foods. Not too much.  Not too little. Mostly plants.  Shop from the perimeter of the store. (from Ben Bergeron)


post workout nutrition

Healthy Choice Power Bowls


Sometimes living life so on the go makes nutrition difficult.  I often settle for a protein shake and fruit, but if I have time to plan ahead, or shop ahead, I choose whole foods.  I recently discovered these Healthy Choice® Power Bowls at Walmart that I have been LOVING for super quick, on the go post workout nutrition.  Here are some quick facts about them:

1. Modern health attributes

2. Kitchen-level ingredients

3. Bold flavors.

4. Antibiotic Free Chicken OR  All Natural USDA Choice Beef .

My favorite? Adobo Chicken Bowl.  The flavor and texture on the chicken is #ONPOINT, and the rice and veggies are just what I need post workout.

ACTUAL proof of me eating on the go…

post workout recovery

Mobility / Mobility

  •  Move your body.  I know how hard it is some days when you have a killer workout to keep moving, especially when all you want to do is lay down and relax. But, getting your blood flowing through walking and other active recovery is extremely important.
    • Make it your goal to spend 10 minutes a day doing these things.



  • DRINK  UP! When you are not hydrated, all of your metabolic functions are at a disadvantage.
  • When I teach spin, Spinning (the company) recommends that  “for every minute you are on the bike, you should drink that in ounces. ”  So, for a 50 minute workout, try to drink an extra 50 ounces of water.
  • smartwater is my go to because I am sketched out by drinking water from the sink LOL, anyone else? But, more seriously, here is an excerpt from smartwater than is the main reason I love them ….

while other premium waters look back to their source or add gimmicky claims, smartwater looks forward… a smarter water, purposefully designed: vapor-distilled for purity, inspired by the clouds, with just the right amount of electrolytes for a uniquely clean taste. our sleek packaging reflects the quality that’s inside the bottle – it’s modern, minimalist and iconic, making it the choice of influencers and those in the know, and delivers the authentic style and substance that the “never-settler” craves

post workout

Like how does that not speak to you? DRINK UP!


  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Again, if you can control it, control it.  I know how busy and packed life can be,  but learn how to prioritize, learn how to plan, and learn how to do those things regarding sleep.  During sleep your body repairs itself.  So… without sleep, when does your body repair itself?


Peep inside the Power Bowls below! Both the smartwater and Power Bowls were purchased at Walmart, see bottom of post for deets.  You can get  $0.75 cash back with  -> this.


Healthy Choice Power Bowls


I think this is the first time I’ve ever closed without either telling you to go workout or love yourself hehe .. GO RECOVER!

colby triolo

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post workout recovery



Healthy Choice Power Bowls found in frozen section of Walmart, other options:

  • Cuban-Inspired Pork Bowl
  • Chicken Sausage And Barley Bowl
  • Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl

Healthy Choice Powerbowls

smartwater found in the drink (shelf stable) section of Walmart


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How To Run a Marathon If You’re Not a Runner

How To Run a Marathon If You’re Not a Runner

Can you run a marathon if you’re not a runner?

Yes, yes, YES you can run a marathon if you aren’t a runner.

You can do anything you want to as long as your mindset is set right, that is the beauty of this world.

Hi, my name is Colby,

and I ran two marathons 48 days apart

and I am not a runner.

I am a marathoner, for sure, but I am not anything near what you picture when you think of runner.

What do I mean?

bridge running

All throughout my 2o years of life I have been a sprint athlete.  From soccer, to lacrosse, and my most focused sport: ice hockey, I thrived in sprint sports.  I built myself for power; I could kick a soccer ball 50 yards to the top corner of a net, and I could skate with speed back and forth across an ice rink for 45 seconds 50 times a game.

I have strong legs that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

After I suffered two severe concussions I moved away from team sports.  However, I maintained my strong legs and power through crossfit and weight training combined with interval cardio training.

Then, for no reason in particular, I signed up for my first marathon.

I found myself a nice training plan and got to work.  When I started the training, I had run no further than 5, maybe 6,  miles in years. OK, really EVER.  But, I didn’t care, I put my faith in the 12 week running plan and  got to work.

RELATED: 12 Week Training Plan: Operation Your Best Self

I love a challenge, I really do,

and I would be lying if I said running a marathon wasn’t a challenge.  But, once I set my mind to something, there is no way it is not happening.  So, I pushed through those long, hard, and often ungodly early runs.  The cold ones, the hot ones, the rainy onesI continued to do most of my strength training switching to body weight circuits closer to race day, but I focused mainly on my running.

first marathon training

Post 18 miles

When a new distance came up, I took it on with zero doubt in my mind, and I accomplished it.  Before I even knew it I was running 14.. 18.. 20 miles with no problem.  My legs were still strong, my body hadn’t changed, but I was running…. far.

More importantly, I was in love with running.

No, I don’t have anything near what you think of when you think of a runner.  I don’t have skinnier, lengthy legs.  I didn’t grow up running, or honestly ever really enjoy running until now.  In fact, I have rather short, larger, strong legs.  But, I was running and that’s all that mattered.

I will never forget the one run I did that changed everything.

On my plan I had an 8-miler; however, I was so stressed with school, work, and my living situation, etc. that I ended up going for 18 miles almost without realizing it.  That was the first time I had run that far.  And, for me, that was the very moment that I realized….

anyone can run a marathon.


You don’t have to have ‘runner legs’ or have a ‘runner’s body’, whatever that may be, all you need is a runner’s heart.  

Trust me, it isn’t your legs that will carry you 26.2 miles, it is your heart. 

Everything is a choice.  If you want to run a marathon, or even a 5k, or essentially do ANYTHING, the only– read, the ONLY— thing that can fully stop you, is your mind.  Sure people and things can affect how you think about it, but nothing and no one can decide if you will, or will not, accomplish something except for yourself.  We are all our own worst enemies.  I am even mine– I can’t tell you the number of times I have told myself that I couldn’t do something, or doubted myself and then wasn’t successful.  WELL, no sh!t! The moment you self doubt, you put yourself at an extreme disadvantage.. that is simlpy how the subconscious works.

As soon as you decide that you want to do something, and then you commit yourself to accomplishing that thing, you will accomplish it.  No question.  YOU need to believe in yourself, nobody else can for you.

So, yes, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon (11.20.16) and the Disney Marathon (1.08.17) as my first two long distance races EVER.

colby triolo marathon                colby triolo marathon

How did I do this?

Just like I mentioned above, I simply decided that I wanted to experience it, and take on such a feat.  I simply decided that I wanted to prove the multiple doctors who told me two years ago that I would never run again wrong.

The key is putting everyone and everything else aside and letting yourself take over your life.  

If you are still feeling skeptical, this is key to read: One of the most incredible parts of running these two marathons was the sheer amount of different people I passed, and even those who passed me.  I saw shorter and taller people, I saw smaller and larger people, and I saw younger and older people.  Essentially, I saw every type of person, and each and every one of them crossed that finish line.

So, please, say YES to yourself.

Here, I walk you through exactly how to accomplish this mindset.



Ultimate Guide to Running Your First Marathon

What Nobody Tells You About Training for Your First Marathon

How To Get Through Long Runs

How To Run Strong in The Rain



training for a marathon when you aren't a runer

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Ultimate Guide to Running Your First Marathon

Ultimate Guide to Running Your First Marathon

Running your first marathon is thrilling, nerve wrecking, tough, and simply amazing all in one 26.2 mile wide bundle.  When you cross that finish line and get wrapped in the foil blanket, the rush of emotions will hit you; you did it… you ran your first marathon, an accomplishment that comes once in a lifetime.

But, of course running your first marathon is not an one day endeavor, there are months of  mental and physical preparation.  A few days ago, I shared What Nobody Tells You About Training For A Marathon and now I want so share with you tips on training for and running your first marathon.

colby triolo marathon

Me, after my first marathon

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Marathon:

Tips on Training for Your First Marathon:

Build a killer playlist.

Use the 16-20 weeks that you are training to build a playlist that will motivate you on race day.  The last thing you want is to be throwing random songs together the night before your big day.  Aim for 4-5 hours of music.

Here is my playlist , feel free to do with it as you please.

Long runs are the most important.

Treat your long run days like you would treat your marathon day.  This means fueling for it the same way, and treating it mentally the same.  I suggest trying to do your run around the same time it will be on race day.  Also, keep in mind that your long training runs will be the most important, if you can’t do all of your runs for the given week, prioritize your long ones.  Check out some tips on getting through long runs.

BONUS: Tips on Running Strong In the Rain

Don’t give up

Training for a marathon should add to your life, it should not take away from it.   Yes your training is incredibly important, but do not put your life on hold.  Don’t say ‘no’ to all the opportunities with family and friends.  Don’t cancel plans the entire day after a longer run because you want your legs to recover. Yes, it is important to recover, but it is also important to live your life.  

Strength training is important, too.

I do not want you to head over to the gym and knock out a PR on your squat, but I do want you to keep in mind how important it is to strengthen your muscles.  Not only does strengthening assist in keeping your stride balanced, but it reduces the risk of many injuries. Exercises like planks, squat and press, and back extensions work the muscles that keep you balanced while running.  Start with these exercises.

It will be tough, but you are tougher.

You signed up for this race, somewhere inside you, even if deep down, you knew that you could do it, and you can.  When training runs get tough, think about that feeling you are going to have when you cross the finish line.

First Marathon Race Day Tips:

Have a mantra.

“You Make You” , “All walls have doors”, “Think strong, be strong, finish strong”.. here is a great list of mantras.  When you hit the wall, when miles get tough, having a mantra will help you through.

Take out your headphones.

If you are running with headphones on race day, take them out for a bit.  Trust me, I am all for that killer playlist, but hearing people you don’t even know cheering you on, and chatting with other runners is all a part of the experience. For me when I was struggling at certain miles, taking my headphones out and listening to the cheers helped me a ton.


Nothing new on race day.

This is where I went wrong.  Do not, I repeat, do not, try anything new on race day.  All the way from what you eat for breakfast, to what kind of underwear you wear.  For me, I took Sudafed because I had a cold, which kindly left me extremely dizzy for 18 miles.  Don’t do it!

Remember your training.

You trained for this, you got this.  Stick to your training and you will finish strong.  It is most important to keep this in mind the first few miles of the race; you will have adrenaline and want to start off fast, but do everything in your power to start off like you would during a training run, you can always speed up later.


Have fun with it.

This is your first marathon, an experience and memory you will have for the rest of your life, make it a good one! Cheer along with the fans, take the brownies when they are throwing them from the sidelines, read the posters people are holding up, smile, laugh… enjoy it.  And remember, you are in this first marathon to complete the 26.2 miles, speed does not have to be on your mind, just accomplish the distance.

Pin this for later: 


Now, I want to hear from you- Have you run a marathon? If so, what is your biggest first timer tip?  If not, where would you want to run your first marathon?

& remember, you make you



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Sunday Funday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #12

Sunday Funday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #12

Sunday ~fun~day is upon us! Except if you are a student… it’s more like Sunday try-to-finish-all-the-work-I-put-off-until-now-why-did-I-do-that day.  But, every day needs a little bit of fun so whether today is situation A: relaxing, or situation B: demonstrated above, I want to share a quick total body, anywhere workout with you to do today.


Set a timer (click here) for…

round 1: 45s work, 15s rest… round 2: 30s work, 30s rest… round 3: 20s work, 10s rest.

Here are your exercises:

  1. Sumo Squats
  2. Squat Jumps
  3. Pushups
  4. Squat and Kick
  5. Triceps Dips
  6. Lunge Jumps
  7. Shoulder Taps
  8. Commando Planks
  9. Bicycle Crunches
  10. Plank Hold


That’s it! You can find more similar workouts here.  ENJOY!

xoxo You Make You,




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Fun Fit Things To Do Hallo-weekend // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #10

Fun Fit Things To Do Hallo-weekend // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #10

Real talk before the realer talk.  Where does the ‘ – ‘ go in Halloweekend….? Like it is Hallowee-kend?  Hallo-weekend? Halloween-ekend? LET A SISTER KNOW, too much stress around determining that.

Realer talk, it’s the weekend of Halloween — see, that’s how you get around the hyphen issue.  Who would I be if I left you without a list of fun, fit things to do?

Realest talk, here is that list:

  • PUMPkin Workout, shameless plug on the workout I posted Wednesday that you can do with ONLY a pumpkin.
  • Make these super simple healthy Halloween Treats.
  • Dress up as a ghost and run around the house.
  • Pick apples!
  • Put on some clean shoes and stomp on your apples (read above) to make apple cider.
  • Do a Halloween 5k with your friends and family.
  • Build a bonfire and make Halloween dinner over it (Roast potatoes, peppers, protein, candy corn etc.)
  • Watch a Halloween movie and everytime you see a pumpkin, do 10 burpees, everytime you see ghost or spider, do 15 squats.
  • Build a fort and have a marshmallow fight.
  • Go Trick-Or-Treating, that’s a lot of walking, a lot of calorie burning, big workout, big workout.

Yes, I will be doing each and every one of these and you should too, now get to work, GO PLAY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

xoxo You Make You,


more workouts

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PUMPkin Workout // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #8

PUMPkin Workout // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #8

T minus 5 days until one of the best holidays of the year.  Halloween.  I love fall, I love Halloween.  I go hard on Halloween.  I may or may not have 3 costumes planned for this year already.  Speaking of going hard, one year in middle school I trick-or-treated so hard I woke up at 4am and threw up because I had THAT much candy.  I actually haven’t gone that type of hard since #ScaredyCat #literally.  THIS YEAR, we are going to go a different kind of hard….. WORKOUT HARD.

Grab a pumpkin, grab a friend (because this is going to be helllllla fun), and get ready for the PUMPkin Workout.

Ready.  1, 2, 3.  Music, Workout, Treat.

Here is your workout playlist:


Here is your workout:

pumpkin workout

Here is your post-workout treat:

Halloween Candy Inspired Protein Shakes (choose your favorite candy)!

I hope you enjoy this Pumpkin Workout! Be sure to save the image above so you can refer to it whenever you want to.  NOW, tell me, what is YOUR FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CANDY?!




–More Workouts


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Running Strong in the Rain // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #4

Running Strong in the Rain // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #4

Not all runs are perfect.  Especially when you are training for a race, there are bound to be days that the weather won’t be on your side, but you still have to train.  You could always run on the treadmill, but if you are like me and are forever scarred by the 15 mile run on a treadmill during which you watched the morning news loop 3 TIMES through, you would choose to run in the pouring rain than on a machine for three hours.   Also, running in the rain is refreshing, it is a new challenge, it adds a new dimension to your game, and honestly it is cool.  Now, if it is storming… DO NOT RUN OUTSIDE.  I repeat, do not!! But, if it isn’t … I challenge you to GO FOR IT!  Who knows, maybe race day will be overcast and rainy and you know what they always say: ‘Nothing new on race day’.  You don’t want the first time you experience running in bad weather to be on race day.

Today I ran 17 miles in rain, the pouring rain to be exact.  My clothes were soaked to the bone.


  • Hat.  Wear a hat, it will get soaked, but it will prevent you from having to clear your eyes every other second.  Plus, you get to watch the rain drip from the rim.
  • Knock out as many senses as possible.  The fewer senses that are perceiving the rain, the less you focus on it.  Put in headphones and turn that music up so you can’t hear the rain.  Wear long sleeves, long pants, and a hat so you don’t feel the rain hitting your skin.  ETC.  Keep your eyes open though.  Please keep your eyes open.
  • Realize that RAIN COMES IN CYCLES.  It really does. It will rain lightly, then v aggressively, and then back to lightly.  When it’s aggressive, don’t panic, don’t think about quitting and looking for shelter to call your mom to pick you up — it would take my mom 4 hours so — just RUN IT OUT.   The aggressive stage will pass, it will lighten up, and then hold on to the memories of the light rain when it gets aggressive again.
  • Avoid running where cars are moving.  Even if that means running on a sidewalk instead of asphalt, it is better to take the hit one day than to get soaked by a car driving past.
  • Don’t complain.  Have ZERO negative thoughts.  Imagine a beautiful day if you have to.  Just don’t let negativity enter your head.  As soon as it does, you make it that much harder for yourself.
  • AS SOON AS YOU GET BACK get out of your wet clothes.  Your body temperature is going to drop.  Fast.  You want to be out of the soaking wet clothes and in something comfortable so you can drain you legs like usual and worry about showering later…. the rain was your shower, right?


I want to know, do you like to run in the rain? Do you have any tips to share?




See you for day 5 tomorrow!


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Running in the middle of the road // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #1

Running in the middle of the road // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #1

Yesterday, I was texting my mom “I want to do more for YouMakeYou® but I don’t know what to do”, and then I laughed (literally) as I realized I just wrote an entire post about not taking your own advice.  If I wanted to do more for YouMakeYou®, I should just do it.  I flipped my ‘but’ and said “I don’t know what to do, but I want to do more for YouMakeYou®” then I spent the next few minutes thinking about what I could do.  I truly do love to write (computer science engineering major, lol hi what) so I decided to take on a 30 day blogging challenge! AKA I will be writing a blog post everyday for the next 30 days.


On Wednesday’s, I have to be in lab by 8am (+ time before to get my shit together to stop sweating after making the 15 minute hike over).

No joke.  So, I wake up around 5:30am to get my run in, PEEP marathon in 32 days.  I could do my run in the evening but I honestly love running before the sun comes up.  Sure, I wouldn’t do it every day, but once or twice a week… I look forward to it.  Here is why:

  1. There is hardly ever anyone on the road, aka I can run right smack dab in the middle of the street and feel like a bad a$$.
  2. There is no breeze like a pre-day breeze.  Is that a word? Is that weird? It is so clean, so fresh, so crisp.
  3. I get to be alone with my thoughts.  I love my ‘me time’, more accurately, I need my me time, as much as I love my friends and family, I could go days chillin’ by myself and be perfectly fine.  During the year I took off from school to heal myself, I was alone 99% of the time, I actually lived alone for a portion of it.  I went from that extreme, to now living in a house with over 40 girls, the other extreme– ‘me time’ is now less than rare, so on days like today where I am up before the other 20,000 people on campus, I am completely an utterly alone and I love it– running through the scarce streets of a campus so often dotted endlessly with people is refreshing and empowering.  Leading to number 4..
  4. I run without headphones so I am deserted from not only people but technology, and left solely with my thoughts.
  5. And, I can’t forget the stunning, clean, views of the sun rising.
  6. Cornell Sunrise

This is why I wake up before the sun.  I get to run up along side it.   It makes me feel strong, it grounds me and brings me back to who I am.  It tears me away from the flow of the world and people around me that is so easy to get caught up in.  It allows me to re-align with my soul.

I want to know:

What is your favorite time to run/workout? Leave a comment below!

I will see you tomorrow and remember YOU MAKE YOU!



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How to Get Through Long Runs // Marathon Training

How to Get Through Long Runs // Marathon Training

Marathon training has come! In just over 3 months I will be trotting my way through 26.2 miles in Philadelphia, PA. Will anyone else be? #letmeknow Whether your long run is 3 miles or 23, I know it can be challenging at points so I wanted to share some of my TOP SECRET tips with you 😉


PODCASTS: If you have an iPhone, you can go to the Podcast app on your phone that is pre-installed and search just about anything and everything. Once you find some you like, you can download them via WiFi directly to your phone to listen to when you are out and running. Podcasts will run anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. If you get one that you are really interested in, honestly the time FLIES. I actually accidently ran too far the other day because I was engaged in what I was listening to. Two of my favorites: Girl Boss, School of Greatness

Kind of dabbling with the idea of doing my own Podcasts soon! Thoughts?

SWITCH UP YOUR EVERYTHING: Your route, your terrain, your color socks, ALL OF IT. I know some people like to religiously stick to their route and I am not going to tell you that is bad. I think that is awesome, you’ve found something you are comfortable and happy with!  But, I also want to challenge you to switch it up every now and then. It is like a mind game. When you let yourself get too comfortable with the same thing, you may slack off without even knowing it, and even more… your body gets used to doing the same thing over and over, you may plateau and stop seeing benefits. You also miss out on the chance to stumble upon something new that you may like even more. By running to a new place, you also create a slight distraction from distance as you are taking in your surroundings!

One time I went on a new route and found MILES of new trails to explore….

GRAB A BUD. This is honestly probably the last thing I ever thought I would say. Run with a friend. I have always been an alone worker-outer. Yes, coining that word. I love to get in the zone and tune everything out besides myself and my workout. I love challenges, I love challenging myself, and I enjoy my one-on-one time to do so. However, this past summer I began working out with one of my best friends and my horizons expanded beyond imagination. I still love working out alone, but I no longer hesitate to work out with someone else when the opportunity arises. It adds some extra motivation, as well as distraction when needed.


Actually, the last day I was in France I was pumped to get my workout in on the pier in front of my apartment right on top of the Mediterranean. I had my whole workout planned out and was ready to power through it. About 10 minutes in, a 15 year old boy who had been trying to workout himself nearby walked over and in the cutest little French voice asked if he could workout with me. I knew he would slow me down, but I said yes anyway and I still got my workout in and was able to make this little boy’s day; he was so proud of himself!

Stop thinking about how bored, or tired, or thirsty, or how much your legs hurt. Seriously, the second you let your mind admit to any of that it gets that much harder. Think about things that make you happy, what you are excited for, make up stories, do anything besides admit to being tired.

I make a point of mentioning this during every spin class I teach. At one of the toughest points, I will look at my class and say ‘Everyone smile right now, think about what makes you the happiest in the world, that is it.’ And I literally can see a second wave of energy hit every single rider. It is the power of the mind.. #YouMakeYou

Post 12 miles sweat && rolls (loud & proud): 

I want to know:

What is your favorite song to run to? Mine is Run Boy Run by Woodkid


xoxo, Colby

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