Recovery: The Building Blocks

Recovery: The Building Blocks

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Let’s talk recovery.

This is *incredibly hard* for me to admit, but I did not start taking “care” of myself post workout until this past Summer.  The most specific I could explain my post workout nutrition was something along the lines of  “I ate whatever meal was next in the day whenever I got home”.

It wasn’t until I started getting competitive and more serious about my CrossFit goals that I turned to factoring recovery into my days.  And, BOY, is there a difference.

There is so little in this world that you CAN control, so if you have the opportunity to control something.. you should.  Recovery is one of those things.

I cannot stress enough the importance of recovery now that I have personally been at both ends of the spectrum.  It is tough to get incredibly specific about how to recover because each person will respond differently to amounts, and type of recoverys, along with the fact that it varies for specific exercises.  However, there are building blocks, and that is what I want to share with you today.

Building Blocks of Recovery


Nutrition is broken into 2 parts: post workout nutrition, and general nutrition principles.  

    1. Post workout nutrition
      • Again, this will change between specific goals and from workout type to workout type but no matter what the importance of carbs and protein will be present.   Research is always changing, but what I go with now is to consume a 3:1 ratio of quick digesting carbs to high quality protein within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.  Some people may also say the window to consume this is as long as your workout was.  Either way, this serves to refuel your body with nutrients in order for it to have the building blocks to 1. not eat away your muscle 2. repair your muscles  and 3.  keep your metabolism boosted.
    2. General Nutrition Principles
      1. With all of the fads, diets, and speciality foods on the market today, it is so easy to get caught up and confused.  Forget all of those and focus on the basics … Eat whole foods. Not too much.  Not too little. Mostly plants.  Shop from the perimeter of the store. (from Ben Bergeron)


post workout nutrition

Healthy Choice Power Bowls


Sometimes living life so on the go makes nutrition difficult.  I often settle for a protein shake and fruit, but if I have time to plan ahead, or shop ahead, I choose whole foods.  I recently discovered these Healthy Choice® Power Bowls at Walmart that I have been LOVING for super quick, on the go post workout nutrition.  Here are some quick facts about them:

1. Modern health attributes

2. Kitchen-level ingredients

3. Bold flavors.

4. Antibiotic Free Chicken OR  All Natural USDA Choice Beef .

My favorite? Adobo Chicken Bowl.  The flavor and texture on the chicken is #ONPOINT, and the rice and veggies are just what I need post workout.

ACTUAL proof of me eating on the go…

post workout recovery

Mobility / Mobility

  •  Move your body.  I know how hard it is some days when you have a killer workout to keep moving, especially when all you want to do is lay down and relax. But, getting your blood flowing through walking and other active recovery is extremely important.
    • Make it your goal to spend 10 minutes a day doing these things.



  • DRINK  UP! When you are not hydrated, all of your metabolic functions are at a disadvantage.
  • When I teach spin, Spinning (the company) recommends that  “for every minute you are on the bike, you should drink that in ounces. ”  So, for a 50 minute workout, try to drink an extra 50 ounces of water.
  • smartwater is my go to because I am sketched out by drinking water from the sink LOL, anyone else? But, more seriously, here is an excerpt from smartwater than is the main reason I love them ….

while other premium waters look back to their source or add gimmicky claims, smartwater looks forward… a smarter water, purposefully designed: vapor-distilled for purity, inspired by the clouds, with just the right amount of electrolytes for a uniquely clean taste. our sleek packaging reflects the quality that’s inside the bottle – it’s modern, minimalist and iconic, making it the choice of influencers and those in the know, and delivers the authentic style and substance that the “never-settler” craves

post workout

Like how does that not speak to you? DRINK UP!


  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Again, if you can control it, control it.  I know how busy and packed life can be,  but learn how to prioritize, learn how to plan, and learn how to do those things regarding sleep.  During sleep your body repairs itself.  So… without sleep, when does your body repair itself?


Peep inside the Power Bowls below! Both the smartwater and Power Bowls were purchased at Walmart, see bottom of post for deets.  You can get  $0.75 cash back with  -> this.


Healthy Choice Power Bowls


I think this is the first time I’ve ever closed without either telling you to go workout or love yourself hehe .. GO RECOVER!

colby triolo

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post workout recovery



Healthy Choice Power Bowls found in frozen section of Walmart, other options:

  • Cuban-Inspired Pork Bowl
  • Chicken Sausage And Barley Bowl
  • Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl

Healthy Choice Powerbowls

smartwater found in the drink (shelf stable) section of Walmart


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Outdoor Workout and adidas by Stella McCartney

Outdoor Workout and adidas by Stella McCartney

This post is sponsored by adidas. All content and opinions are my own.

Outdoor Cardio and Strength Total Body Workout

Have I hit you with too many workouts yet recently? Is that even possible?  I know my blog feed is slacking lately but I’ve been slammed with work and life and finals approaching so I want to apologize for that and promise I will be back hitting you (not literally, or maybe ….) with more frequent thought-provoking content.

Recent Workouts Posted:


Superset Dumbbell Cardio and Strength Workout

** Personal Training Spots: 4 OPEN! **

To try and switch things up, I am sharing another workout you can do anywhere, anytime aka right now after you finish reading this (?), but I also want to review some new adidas gear I recently received.

Stella McCartney Adidas


All day I dream about sunshine?  Am I right? Or maybe, squash… or sexy pb… or squats(?)  What do you dream about all day? Head over here to share,  I want to know!

adidas by Stella McCartney

Since 2005, a British designer, Stella McCartney has been balancing athletic performance with attention to detail, fabric, color, and innovation. The adidas by Stella McCartney collection unites the world of sport and fashion with performance wear that makes a style statement.  Check it out here, or sign up here to receive 15% off your any adidas order.  Here is my favorite outfit recently:

adidas workout

Shoes: Pure Boost x

Leggings: Warp Knit Tights

Tank:  Warp Knit Tank


Yes, I hopped on the holes-y leggings trend.  And, no joke, I wore these leggings to Relay for Life at my college, and within 1 hour, 5 people had complimented them. I LOVE.  Plus, perfect ventilation for those #shweaty workouts like the one at the end of the post.  These warp knit items are seamless and constructed to wick sweat and allow for movement in the right areas.

Warp Knit Leggings

warp knit leggings adidas


Cardio + Strength Outdoor Total Body Workout

All of the workouts I have been sharing over the past few months with you have been relatively similar, so today I’m switching it up, we are going back to basics. Are you ready? Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this workout– remember these moves have been around for so long for a reason!

Put your hair up, find a spot where you can run and have some square footage to stop and #WorkIt and let’s get to this.

Stella McCartney Adidas Workout

The workout:

  • 5 x sprint 20 seconds + walk 20 seconds
  • 25 bodyweight squats
  • 20 pushups
  • plank 45 seconds – 1 minute

Perform 4 rounds of the above.


Did you miss it?  Check out adidas by Stella McCartney here and receive 15% off your order from any collection by signing up here.


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Cardio Workouts To Kick You Into Pro Shape

Cardio Workouts To Kick You Into Pro Shape

Today I am bringing my wonderful blogging fam something a bit different! I wanted to switch up the workout scene a bit and hit you with a new challenge:  SPRINT CARDIO.  I know, it scares me too, but since you guys know I am more of a long distance gal  I turned to Hannah Gill for a guest post on this one.  Enjoy! And stay tuned for another switch up workout coming this weekend.

Five Proven Cardio Workouts by David Beckham

Guest post by: Hannah Gill

sprint workouts
Photo: pixabay

As many people know, soccer is a physically challenging and mentally demanding game that requires a high level of fitness from its players. The sport entails a lot of running at different paces, forcing athletes to not just train and hone their skills, but also develop their cardio.

In essence, an important element to a successful soccer player is a great level of stamina. Since they are expected to perform various tasks at an intense pace on the pitch, they have to have the ability to quickly recover and maintain a certain tempo throughout a typical 90-minute match.

One of the more recognizable names in soccer – and in all of sports – is David Beckham. Men’s Health reports how Beckham wasn’t one of those child prodigies and that – considering his small stature – he had to work extra hard in order to prove himself to his academy coach.

During his prime, the now-retired English midfielder was known as a set-piece expert who could score from almost anywhere on the field. Betfair Football, a European site that covers high-profile tournaments like the Champions League, even featured an article by Luke Moore documenting the most exciting goals of his long and storied career.

Part of Beckham’s greatness can be attributed to his top notch fitness. He always put in the extra work outside of team practice sessions; constantly working on improving his cardio through workouts that would normally leave the average professional gasping for air.

Adam Bornstein, a writer for Born Fitness interviewed David Beckham back in 2008. From here, he learned and studied the secrets of the soccer superstar’s cardio routine, and underlined those in his article.

Today, I want to share these workouts with you, and challenge you to give them a try.

David Beckham Cardio Training 1

A five-minute run at 80 percent of a person’s heart rate; and then rest for four minutes in between sets. Repeat for five sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 2

A two-minute run at 95 percent of a person’s heart rate; and then rest for one minute in between sets. Repeat for eight sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 3

A 20-second full sprint; and then rest for one minute in between sets. Repeat for 30 sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 4

A 120-yard run with a 20-second time cap; and then rest for one hundred seconds in between sets. Repeat for 10 sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 5

A 60-yard full sprint; and then rest for 10 seconds in between sets. Repeat for eight sets.

These workouts are specifically programmed to mimic the pace of a usual soccer game. They put a spotlight on running at different speeds and resting at various intervals.

All things considered, David Beckham is the epitome of how impressive cardio can lead to greater things for soccer players and other athletes such as yourself.


Hi, it’s Colby again! Who wants to try one of these workouts with me?

Follow me on IG @be.happyhealthyfit && watch ‘my story’ to join me this weekend when I attempt one of these!

colby triolo


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Superset Dumbbell Cardio and Strength Workout

Superset Dumbbell Cardio and Strength Workout

Grab a set of dumbbell for this total body workout

The sun is peeking its rays out and the weather is finally getting nicer.  I don’t know about you but this time of year  I feel so much happier and do so much more.  All that #VitaminD ayoooo. What is one of my favorite things about this bright and cheery weather? Taking advantage of the clear skies, warm temperatures, and beautiful world to bring those workouts outdoors.  Today, I want to share with you a total body workout packed full of trisets and supersets to get your heart pumping and muscles working at the same time.

RELATED: Easy Fit 

(workouts you can do anywhere, anytime)

All you need for this workout is a set of dumbbells (10-20 lbs.) and about 10 sq. feet of space, preferably outdoors. 

outdoor total body workout

Hey you, let’s get to it

Superset Total Body Dumbbell Workout

(scroll to the bottom for details)

super sett dumbbell workout

Peep this image is pin-able!

This workout is both CARDIO and STRENGTH

Here is the breakdown

Perform each superset 3x

* denotes use dumbbells

1. Kettlebell swing* x 15 //  Squat and press* x 12 // Squat jump x 15

2. Pushup x 10 // Split lunge* x 10 each leg // Lunge jump x 20

3.  Triceps bench dip x 15 // Low burpee squat x 10

4. Wall sit and curl* x 12 // Mountain climber x 20

5. Diamond pushup X 8 // Kneel down get up x 10 // Broad jump x 10


Now, get outside and soak up that sun will getting that #BURNNN!  This workout was made in a beautiful pin-able fashion, so make sure to pin it to share & help me make Pinterest a thing 😉

 colby triolo

PS. I am opening up my online personal training (NETA personal trainer certified) for TEN more spots. Email me at youmakeyoufounder@gmail.com if you are interested to discuss your goals.


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Dear Confused Millennial Part 2

Dear Confused Millennial Part 1



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Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Are you ready to hit it? Literally HIIT it.

aka high intensity interval training

HIIT workouts are my all time favorite form of workout especially when I am short on time and have stress I want to get out! There is nothing quite as satisfying as pounding through a killer 20-30 minute workout and feeling exhausted, yet incredibly accomplished at the end.  So, that feeling is exactly what I want to give you today.  After you complete the workout, or screenshot it for later, BONUS POINTS IF YOU PIN IT, be sure to scroll down and read about Quest Nutrition’s new Beyond Cereal Bars, PROTEIN CEREAL BARS, what? Yes, my two favorite things.  And, to make it even better, there is a waffle flavor. Nuff’ said.

FullSizeRender - Copy

Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Bar – Waffle

The workout:

bodyweight hiit workout

The goods:

Some of you may have seen on my instagram, but a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to work at The Arnold Health and Fitness expo with Quest Nutrition where we were featuring the newest Quest family addition: Beyond Cereal Bars.  Of course, when I got home the first thing I did was find out where you all, and myself hehe, could find them.  As you know, it’s hard to find products as soon as they are released.  Luckily, The Vitamin Shoppe had them, as well as their online site, BOOM.  Actually, I just noticed, free shipping online, so if you are #lazy like me, you can order there and don’t have to go to the store.



The Vitamin Shoppe, NJ


Beyond Cereal Bars

The biggest reason I LOVE these besides the fact that I am obsessed with cereal so it is a dream come true, is that I often don’t feel like having a full protein bar that can sometimes sit heavy in your stomach.  However, due to my sensitive stomach I am not comfortable with many other brands than Quest Nutrition.  Therefore, I often opt for half a bar or a few bites so I can still get my protein in.  But, these Beyond Cereal Bars are the perfect snack able size, not to mention a #BANGIN texture.  I mean, did you see that photo at the top?!

Beyond Cereal Bars



Here are the facts:

  • FLAVORS: chocolate, waffle, cinnamon bun
  • 110 calories
  • 4g fat, 3g (net) carbs, 12g protein
  • COULD VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON, but I am lactose intolerant and I am *fine* to eat these

Check them out for yourself here!



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Intense Treadmill Workouts (60 minutes & 30 minutes)

Intense Treadmill Workouts (60 minutes & 30 minutes)

Fun treadmill workouts.

That’s something you rarely hear.  When I have to do my training runs on a treadmill, I am anxious for hours before hand.  I will never forget the time I had to run 15 treadmill miles at 5am before I worked at an event… I watched the news loop 3 times, and I had to restart the treadmill 8 times.  From that day forward I knew I had to find a way to make treadmill workouts better.  So, here we are!  I want to share two of my frequent treadmill workouts with you. One is 60 minutes and the other can be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many rounds you do.

Bonus: What Nobody Tells You About Training for a Marathon

Okay, I am going to stop scaring you now.  That was an extreme.  Really, treadmill running isn’t all that awful, it can just be let’s say… boring, at points.  BUT, don’t worry that is exactly why I created these two workouts for you.

Intense Treadmill Workouts

aka fun, non-boring, effective, time speeding up treadmill workouts

Whether you have 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or any amount of time in between, either of these will do the trick!




60 minute treadmill workout




30 minute treadmill workout


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below, or reach out to me on Instagram.

Now, get running and enjoy these workouts.

Check out all of my other workouts here.



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Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

30 Day Blogging Challenge #27

Cliche, I know. It hurts.

But, it’s true.

In many studies regarding the failure in pursuit of goals, it has been established that the main cause of the failure… is frustration with the speed at which the journey is going.  As humans, we like things now, we like things on the spot, we like things to come into existence essentially as soon as we want them.  But, we can’t.

The problem is that is not life.  Life moves along however life wants to move along and we can’t change that.  Sure, you can work hard and more diligently towards a goal you may have, and yes that will bring it to you sooner, but almost nothing is instantaneous.  

More importantly nothing worth having comes that easy. 

Most often the glory in an end result is rooted in the journey.  The journey is where you grow, where you learn, where you change.  Why would you want to cut that short?  Trust me, when I have a dream, I cannot wait for it to be reality, but at the same time, the trek to get there is just as important, if not more.

We have to learn to be patient.  

Yes, the end result is important.  But, the journey is just as important.


xoxo YouMakeYou,



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Total Body Anywhere Workout

Total Body Anywhere Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #26sunday workout

It’s Sunday, I think it’s time for another workout.  It also is exactly a week for my first marathon, the Philly Marathon, so I  think it is only fair to include some running 😉




As always, if you like this workout be sure to check out this link


.25 mile run -> 15 squats -> 15 incline pushups -> 30 russian twists -> 20 walking lunges -> 15 dips -> 1 min plank

This can be done anywhere, anytime.  If you don’t have a treadmill, run for 2-3 minutes each round.

See you tomorrow, You Make You!


Workouts Galore


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Healthy Eating Swaps

Healthy Eating Swaps

30 Day Blogging Challenge #25

I’m actually writing this on Wednesday because I will be locked up in a Computer Science building participating in a hack-a-thon all weekend. Not going to lie as nerdy as it is, I am pumped.

When I sat down to write this I was eating bowl of Chex, which then made me realize that in 25 days of blogging, I have yet to make a post strictly about food…. not sure if that is impressive or sad, so I’m going to change that.

Let’s talk healthy eating swaps.  Before you read, scroll down to the bottom and comment your favorite, I’m curious!  

Here we go…

Croutons -> Banana Chips or Roasted Chickpeas

Candy -> Apples with Peanut Butter, or Dark Chocolate

Pasta -> Cauliflower Rice or Black Bean Pasta

Bread -> Rice Cakes, Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Ice Cream -> Banana Ice Cream (simply: frozen bananas + tiny bit of almond milk… blend blend blend)

Specialty Lattes -> Almond/Coconut Milk Latte with added Cinnamon (powder not syrup)

Endless Nighttime Snacking -> Hot Tea

Chips or Pretzels -> Air Popped Popcorn

Bottled Salad Dressing -> Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Cereal  -> Overnight Oats

Sugar -> Cinnamon

Creamer -> Splash of Almond Milk + Pinch of Salt (cuts the bitter)


Now, it’s your turn! What is your favorite healthy eating swap?

xoxo YouMakeYou,


— Get tons more tips that are budget saving in my $2.50 eBook .. CollegeFit


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Sunday Workout

Sunday Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #19

Best way to start a lazy Sunday?  Get your blood pumping! With daylight savings we got an extra hour of sleep last night so we have an extra hour of energy to do this workout, that’s how it works right?

Set this timer for 45sec work 15sec rest.

Go through the following exercises  for a total of 4 rounds.

  1. Step Back Lunges (L leg 2 rounds, R leg 2 rounds)
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. 2 Squat + 2 Squat Jumps
  4. Push-ups
  5. Plank
  6. Squat and Kick
  7. Side to Side Plank Hops
  8. Crossover Lunges
  9. Dips

That’s it! You can do it anywhere, anytime.  If you enjoyed this workout, be sure to check this out for a bunch more.

Happy Sunday, see you tomorrow.

xoxo YouMakeYou,



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