What’s In My Gym Bag | Summer edition 

What’s In My Gym Bag | Summer edition 

Hello, it’s me!

Yes, I am back, back again. Yeah she’s back, back again… OK I’m done.  But, YES, the past few months have been an absolute whirlwind for me with everything from moving, to deleting my IG (blog post on this coming in a few days), to starting  a full time Engineering job.  Sadly, blogging had to take a backseat for a bit.  For someone who is type A x 1000, it was extremely hard to say the least to let something I 1. love and 2. use to build a community essentially fall off the face of earth for a few months.  But, I 100% had to in order to get my roots set with everything new happening, find myself and where I need to be mentally, as well as physically, and reduce stress and anxiety.

To put it bluntly, yes I had to take time to do everything for myself.  Which is one hundred percent OK, and it is what I preach, so it would only make sense if I followed that, right?

Now, for what you came here for.

I promise some more #juicy posts will be coming in regularly, starting with an explanation on why I changed Instagrams, but today let’s start FUN.

What is in my gym bag? Summer edition.

Because, well, it’s summer! Also, be sure to scroll to the end for a special video 😉

Quest Beyond Cereal bars

Also, must clarify … my gym  bag is *also* my life bag, AKA it goes everywhere with me… to the point where I have permanent brush burn on my arms from where I rest the handles sometimes.  Slide into those DM’s for  proof.

Quest Beyond Cereal Bars

Quest Beyond Cereal bars

I like dez very much for a few reasons. One, they remind me of those cereal granola bars, but have protein, no sugar, and in my opinion taste better.  Two, with my digestive system issues, I don’t do so hot with protein only bars, so these are the perfect combo of protein, but not too much protein, still with fiber, and a few carbs mixed in there.

Three, they keep me full.  Which is honestly  so hard for me to say about bars.  Four, I found these guys  at 7-Eleven!  What? YEP.  I can grab them anywhere, it makes it so easy  to just pop into the corner 7-Eleven (participating locations), grab a Quest Beyond Cereal Bar with a super cheap coffee and head off to work.

Should  I add the bonus of not having to  go  into a supplement store and be overwhelmed by the store clerk chirping your ears off about some health benefit of something or another?

Click here for a delicious & simple macro-friendly recipe I made with these (coming 7.13.17)

I cannot tell you the number  of times Quest Beyond Cereal Bars (& their 7-Eleven inhabitance– again, participating locations ) have saved my mornings.  Check ’em out, check ’em out.  Plus, you’re going to want a few for the super easy breakfast recipe at the end of this post 😉

Makeup remover wipes

I never paid much attention to skin care (face palm) until this summer.  However, taking your makeup off before a workout works wonders on the skin.

Nuts | current choice -> cashews

What’s your go to nut? Comment below!

Jump rope

In case I get held up at work and miss a workout class.  Or, decide that it’s to darn gorgeous out to go workout inside.

outdoor workouts


Phone charger

No explanation needed.

Spare socks and sports bra

I don’t really have an explanation for this.  Sometimes I get an  urge to workout later in the day after I’ve already gone to CrossFit, and who wants to put  on a damp pair of socks or sports bra from that morning?

That’s all I got  for ya! I guess my bag is pretty boring,

plus I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the band-aids, Gas-x (emergencies ok), allergy medicine, and hair brush I have in there 😀

Now time for the extra good stuff:

Simply Crispy Breakfast Pizza

4 ingredients. bomb macros. watch to find out how!


Let’s connect on IG: @colbylivesfit





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Sleeping Giant State Park Adventures and Hiking

Sleeping Giant State Park Adventures and Hiking

Sleeping Giant State Park

Hamden, Connecticut

Park Information

On the way home from Boston, MA, I stopped at Sleeping Giant State Park to frolick.  OK, yes I actually mapped my GPS straight to the park instead of home, but I don’t regret it for a second.  Despite the inclement weather– it started to rain, snow, sleet (?) on the journey down the mountain — the view from the top was incredibly captivating.  And, honestly the views along the 1.5 mile journey from the base to the lookout tower were also gorgeous.

Trail Details

The trail, unknowingly at the time by me, starts directly across from Quinnipiac University.  There are outhouses at the bottom which I was #blessed to see after 3 hours in the car.  From there, there are multiple trail options.  I took the one that winds along the side of the mountain and ends at the Sleeping Giant Lookout Tower.  The tower is beautiful; it is made of stone, and winds about 4 times before spitting you out virtually on top of the world.

Check it out:

Hint: Click the photos to see them  larger, especially the panoramas.

Has anyone else ever hiked this mountain?  Or, any other mountains nearby that you recommend?

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Fit College Student’s Guide To Visiting Boston

Fit College Student’s Guide To Visiting Boston

Dear health conscious friend visiting Boston, this guide is for you.

Are you looking for the best healthy places to eat in Boston, the best fitness classes to try?

Well, I have you COVERED!

As most of you know from my Instagram , as soon as finals ended I headed up to Boston, before heading home to New Jersey, to spend a few days frolicking and putting together this guide so you could do the same. Being from a smaller town with little modernization, I absolutely adore this city to say the least.

A few months ago I met Kaila from The Healthy Helper Blog at the Expo East so she ended up joining me for this adventure.. if you like healthy recipes, specifically gluten free and vegan desserts, 10/10 head over to her blog , she’s a mastermind, and a wonderful frolicking partner.

Your Guide To Visiting Boston, the fit and healthy way:

Fitness First

(honestly, only because of the alliteration..)

 * Best Bootcamp: Beantown Bootcamp

Deal: 1 week unlimited trial$30, normally $25/class

My experience: I took the Tread To Shred class, with Cara.  This is a 1 hour tabata format class, we alternated between the treadmill, body weight cardio, and dumbbell floor exercises.  By the end I was drenched in sweat and my entire body felt like it got a workout.

What I liked about Beantown Bootcamp was how incredibly encouraging the instructors were.  The indoor workout was great, but they also hold a large amount of classes outdoors making use of the hills and street fitness- I will definitely try one of these when it is not 5 degrees and snowing!

tabata beantown bootcamp

Treadmill Tabata

beantown bootcamp boston

John Wayman, Founder

* Best Spinning Class: B/Spoke

Deal: first class $15, normally $28

My Experience: As a spin instructor myself, I am quite picky about the spin classes I attend; however, B/Spoke killed it.  I also was devastated because I forget my spin shoes in my airbnb, but B/Spoke supplies all riders with not only shoes, but lockers, gorgeous showers– can you call showers gorgeous?– and water bottles.  I took the Hip Hop 45 minute ride with Victoria who was not only welcoming but extremely motivating throughout the ride.

One of the reasons I enjoyed this studio was the atmosphere.  In the actual spinning room, it was dark but the lighting and colors kept changing, this helped you get into the zone and focus in on your workout.  The music was great and Victoria‘s workout kept you on the beat which I don’t find often in spin classes.

* Best Treadmill Class: Heartbreak Hill

Deal: first class $15 (normally $30)

My Experience: Honestly, even as a marathon runner, I found it hard to believe that people would hop on a treadmill for an hour and be coached through a hill workout.  However, after this workout I 120% see why! It was incredible, and most importantly the time flew by. I looked down expecting to see about 2 or so miles covered and I was already at 6.

Much like the B/Spoke spin class (re. above) this class took place in a dark studio with colored lights.  What I loved most was that the colors of the lights tended to correlate to the intensity of where we were supposed to be; blue was recovery, red was the highest level, etc.   The workout was coached by Jarick, a runner himself, and he was not only motivating, but pretty funny as well, he really kept me going.

We did an hour of running and then finished with floor abs work.

If you are nervous about taking a treadmill class, psst I was too, don’t be! On each treadmill there is a simple guide that tell you the speeds each level should be based on your running level.

In addition to the studio classes, Heartbreak Hill offers FREE running clubs in Cambridge, Newton, and The South End.  Check the times out here.

* Best Body Weight Class: Janji Pop-up Triple Threat Tabata

Deal: FREE first class with code “328 newbury” on the MoveWith app

My Experience: This was unique.  It took place in the back of the Janji running store on a turf surface.  It was an hour long class hosted by Laura Greichen who teaches workouts in many locations.  She was one of the most kind, energetic, and fun while also challenging coaches I have experienced in group fitness.  The class was 8 rounds of tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) followed by abs at the end.

This class was a perfect balance of body weight strength training and body weight cardio.  I am sitting here typing this the day after I took Laura‘s class and I am noticing how sore my back is, which is hard for me to usually make sore without weights.

I recommend checking out the Janji store as well, they make performance running apparel that gives back.  In fact, the proceeds from the workout I attended all went to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Triple Threat Tabata @Janji

Triple Threat Tabata @Janji

Healthy Food in Boston:

Now that we’ve got your workouts covered, it’s safe to talk food options.  I don’t want to label this “Best Healthy Food is Boston” solely because I didn’t have a chance to try even close to all the restaurants so it wouldn’t be fair, however, the healthy eating places that I am choosing to share with you were pretty dang good.  Note: I’m keeping out the ones that weren’t spectacular.

* Favorite post-workout munch: Mother Juice

MENU HIGHLIGHTS: overnight oats, customize-able toast (gf), fresh cold pressed juices, chia seed pudding

WHAT I GOT: C++ juice: carrot, pineapple, ginger, orange & Cin-ful toast — gf toast, almond butter, honey, apples, cinnamon 

* Favorite mid-day meal: Sweetgreen

This is the ‘Chipotle of Fresh Foods’ in my opinion.  You build your own bowl full of healthy options including pears, sweet potatoes, hummus, protein, veggies, etc.

Build your own bowl

Build your own bowl

* Favorite coffee spot: Wired Puppy Cafe

Great atmosphere, endless drink options, healthy snacks and treats.


*Favorite dessert / night snack: Juliet’s

Cafe by day, fine dinning by night.  I made the mistake(?) of walking in late at night to do some work thinking it was a full blown cafe when instead I was surrounded with people eating dinner and drinking wine.  The ladies at the front desk quickly eased my tensions and brought me to a table in the back they reserved for ‘cafe users’ at night.  Even better I was able to order vegan carrot cake and a pot of chamomile tea.

Vegan Carrot Cake

Vegan Carrot Cake


I hope you enjoyed this guide, and if you try anything mentioned, be sure to say that Colby sent you! Thanks for reading and HAPPY ADVENTURING.




Now tell me, how you ever been to Boston? If so, what is your favorite fit find? If not, what is number one on your list when you do go?

& remember, you make you!


PS. Check out my new ADVENTURING IG@coolbeansblog.

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