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Total Body Stairs Circuit and Quest Nutrition at Target

Total Body Stairs Circuit and Quest Nutrition at Target

On a quest to ____.

Before you continue reading, head over -> here <- and comment what you are #OnAQuest to.  Me? I am on a quest to becoming the most full and complete version of myself I can possibly be.  That may sound weird but lately I have taken a few steps back and come to realize that before I can achieve any of my objective  goals I need to find and become my true and utter COLBY self.

So tell me, what are you on a quest for?

Here’s some exciting news


quest nutrition target


Maybe you’ve seen on Quest Nutrition’s IG, or possibly my IG story ;), but BIG NEWS: Quest bars are now sold at Target in their new 4-pack boxes.   And, if you know me in even the slightest way by now you know these are my go to protein bars, so I immediately had to go check it out (& buy a few boxes of course). I went to my local Target in Ithaca, NY. and then of course struggled with which ones to pick out.  I settled for two that I haven’t had in a while: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chunk!


quest nutrition target

quest nutrition at target


While typing this I realized they are also on Target’s website for the same price as in store  ($8.99 for 4-count box).  Check that out here.

My favorite way to eat Quest Bars?

Honestly, I used to make the most intricate and out of the box recipes from Quest Bars, check out their stockpile of recipes, but then

  1. I hit college and my time went out the window and
  2. I realized that I actually truly enjoy eating Quest Bars in their plain ‘ole form.

Though, I will admit, I do enjoy cutting them up into pieces and baking them into cookies once a month or so. BUMP: try that!!

And then of course, I enjoy them after a workout of course! Dun, dun, dun.. you didn’t think I would leave you without a workout, did you?  Here is a fun (yes, fun)….

Total Body Stair/Stadium Workout

If you like this work out, checkout -> EasyFit -> Workouts you can do anywhere, anytime ($2.50)

True story: I did this workout two times since filming it, MAY be my new favorite! I’ve been loving challenging myself to get out of the gym lately.  Now, head to your local target (tar-jayyyyyy anyone?) pick up your favorite box of Quest Bars and go KILL this workout because YOU.MAKE.YOU.

colby triolo

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total body stadium workout







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Fat Burning Anywhere Workout + Protein Shake

Fat Burning Anywhere Workout + Protein Shake

Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Workouts that make your entire body cry while keeping that heart rate up.  Those are the workouts I do like.  Okay, maybe not so aggressively, I would like to be able to walk within a few days, but you get the point.  Total body workouts like the one you will see below are my go to’s when I am limited on time but want to get in that effective burn.  I’ve written a whole EasyFit eBook ($2.50) on workouts like this as well if you want to check that out.  Short, intense, effective workouts are honestly some of my favorites, I mean what is not to like?  Share some of your workouts like these below or on Instagram with #YMYHealthyCollege so we can all interact with each other and share ideas.


Let’s Workout

Below is my workout for you this week!  Once you are finished, be sure to check out the Bananas and Cream post workout shake at the end of this post to refuel.

As always, check back weekly for more, or browse the FITNESS tab now (fun fact: I am a certified personal trainer).

Intense Total Body Tabata Workout

time: 30-ish  minutes equipment: nothing

total body tabata workout


Post-Workout Refuel

Bananas and Cream Protein Shake

Premier Protein Bananas & Cream 30g Shake

In line with my quick, anywhere, anytime workout theme of the week, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you one of my most recent discoveries: Premier Protein Bananas & Cream on the go shake that has recently been brought back.  I always have one in my backpack to guzzle down #PWO so I don’t have to speed home to shovel down the first thing I see, #HangerProblems ?  Premier Protein Bananas & Cream shakes have 30g protein, 5g carbs, 3g fats, and only 1g sugar.  You can learn more and/or purchase here.  In terms of flavor, I LOVE it.  I am not a huge banana flavor-y person, so the fact that it isn’t too overpowering, and just the right amount of vanilla-y makes it incredible.



Bananas and Cream Protein Shake

Nutrition Facts


So, tell me!

What is your go to quick workout?  

What is your favorite protein shake flavor?!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Premier Protein through my ambassadorship with FitFluential.  All opinions are my own.


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Total Body Anywhere Workout

Total Body Anywhere Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #26sunday workout

It’s Sunday, I think it’s time for another workout.  It also is exactly a week for my first marathon, the Philly Marathon, so I  think it is only fair to include some running 😉




As always, if you like this workout be sure to check out this link


.25 mile run -> 15 squats -> 15 incline pushups -> 30 russian twists -> 20 walking lunges -> 15 dips -> 1 min plank

This can be done anywhere, anytime.  If you don’t have a treadmill, run for 2-3 minutes each round.

See you tomorrow, You Make You!


Workouts Galore


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Sunday Workout

Sunday Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #19

Best way to start a lazy Sunday?  Get your blood pumping! With daylight savings we got an extra hour of sleep last night so we have an extra hour of energy to do this workout, that’s how it works right?

Set this timer for 45sec work 15sec rest.

Go through the following exercises  for a total of 4 rounds.

  1. Step Back Lunges (L leg 2 rounds, R leg 2 rounds)
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. 2 Squat + 2 Squat Jumps
  4. Push-ups
  5. Plank
  6. Squat and Kick
  7. Side to Side Plank Hops
  8. Crossover Lunges
  9. Dips

That’s it! You can do it anywhere, anytime.  If you enjoyed this workout, be sure to check this out for a bunch more.

Happy Sunday, see you tomorrow.

xoxo YouMakeYou,



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Sunday Funday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #12

Sunday Funday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #12

Sunday ~fun~day is upon us! Except if you are a student… it’s more like Sunday try-to-finish-all-the-work-I-put-off-until-now-why-did-I-do-that day.  But, every day needs a little bit of fun so whether today is situation A: relaxing, or situation B: demonstrated above, I want to share a quick total body, anywhere workout with you to do today.


Set a timer (click here) for…

round 1: 45s work, 15s rest… round 2: 30s work, 30s rest… round 3: 20s work, 10s rest.

Here are your exercises:

  1. Sumo Squats
  2. Squat Jumps
  3. Pushups
  4. Squat and Kick
  5. Triceps Dips
  6. Lunge Jumps
  7. Shoulder Taps
  8. Commando Planks
  9. Bicycle Crunches
  10. Plank Hold


That’s it! You can find more similar workouts here.  ENJOY!

xoxo You Make You,




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