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stadium workout

Total Body Stairs Circuit and Quest Nutrition at Target

On a quest to ____. Before you continue reading, head over -> here <- and comment what you are #OnAQuest to.  Me? I am on a quest to becoming the most full and complete version of myself I can possibly be.  That may sound weird but lately I have taken a few steps back and come to realize that before…

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tabata workout

Fat Burning Anywhere Workout + Protein Shake

Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere Workouts that make your entire body cry while keeping that heart rate up.  Those are the workouts I do like.  Okay, maybe not so aggressively, I would like to be able to walk within a few days, but you get the point.  Total body workouts like the one you will see below are my…

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Total Body Anywhere Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #26 It’s Sunday, I think it’s time for another workout.  It also is exactly a week for my first marathon, the Philly Marathon, so I  think it is only fair to include some running 😉   One, Two, YOU MAKE YOU.   As always, if you like this workout be sure to check out this link!  AMRAP…

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Colby Triolo

Sunday Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #19 Best way to start a lazy Sunday?  Get your blood pumping! With daylight savings we got an extra hour of sleep last night so we have an extra hour of energy to do this workout, that’s how it works right? Set this timer for 45sec work 15sec rest. Go through the following exercises  for a…

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colby triolo

Sunday Funday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #12

Sunday ~fun~day is upon us! Except if you are a student… it’s more like Sunday try-to-finish-all-the-work-I-put-off-until-now-why-did-I-do-that day.  But, every day needs a little bit of fun so whether today is situation A: relaxing, or situation B: demonstrated above, I want to share a quick total body, anywhere workout with you to do today. Ready? Set a timer (click here) for… round…

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