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I Hit A Mental Wall, Here Is How I Got Over It

I Hit A Mental Wall, Here Is How I Got Over It

I hit a mental wall today.  Actually, I hit a mental wall about three days ago but had to keep pushing that wall away until after my physics exam last night.

My mental wall

was a lot.  It was end of semester finals stress.  It was living situation stress. It was the gradual losing myself  and my values since school has started.  It was the fact that I’ve put up barriers around myself and refuse to let anyone in.  It was the fact that I haven’t been able to run since my marathon due to an overuse injury in my knee.  The wall was a lot.

There is always time for yourself.

I woke up today and realized that I need to start taking my own advice–honoring myself, my mind and my body.  Despite the fact that I still have 3 more exams to go and 2 more projects, honestly despite any deadline I might have, there is always time to honor myself, I know this. And, I preach this.  But, over the past month I have been letting life pull me away from this, I have been letting life drag me along without allowing me to hold onto myself.

The thing is, that ^ is so easy to let happen, I’ve witnessed it first hand, I didn’t realize what was happening until about 3 days ago when I took a second to stop and breathe.

Colby Triolo

After trying to push that wall along with me for 3 days, my mom’s voice popped into my head….

Remember, there is a door on every wall.

She said this to me right before my marathon, and boy did I hit many walls that day, but this applies to more than just the running wall, this applies to any wall.  Walls don’t discriminate, walls don’t have some sort of methodological way to decide if they want to give you a door or not, they just do. End of story.

So, today I decided to drop everything for a few hours and find that door.  I left my school brain behind which was tough, but I knew it would be there when I got back, and more importantly, I knew I would be much more refreshed therefore able to easily make up for the lost time.  Heck, my focus had become non-existent anyway!

Here is what I did (PEEP: me time post)

How I got past my mental wall:

10 am

I got in my car, and I drove, I got on the main highway near me that I knew ended up near some trails, and I drove.  For me, even simply driving for hours on end would do well; I plug in my phone, blast my happy playlist, and spend time thinking. However, I knew I wanted to move.

10:30 am-12:00 pm

I arrived at Taughannock Falls State Park which is essentially a multitude of hiking trails through the woods surrounding waterfalls.   I got out of my car and spent about an hour or so hiking the Rim Trail.  It was stunning, it was peaceful, it was refreshing.  But most of all, it gave me the much needed time to unplug from the world and just think.  It gave me time to mentally work through the immense pile of everything that was upsetting and challenging me but that I had just pushed aside out of rushing through my days.

Funny story about unplugging…I literally and physically unplugged.  On the hike back up, I pulled out my phone to call my dad and then reached into my coat pocket for the headphones I always kept there.   However, they weren’t there so I assumed I left them in my car.  Little did I know.. I walked a few minutes further up the hill and my headphones were lying on the ground in the middle of the trail. LOL talk about unplugging.

Somewhere in the midst of my hike I found the door in the wall, and climbed through it.  I felt refreshed, I felt alive, I felt like me again.

Colby Triolo

Call me crazy, but I love being alone.

Yes I love my friends to death, but ever since going away to college last year the one thing that I have missed most is the ability to be alone with myself.  I need that time, I enjoy that time.  Honestly, I could sit in a dining hall all by myself and be completely fine with it.

Not only do I enjoy being alone but after today I realize that I need to be alone sometimes.  Hiking through the trails with not single sense of another being around me gave me the long needed ability to work through a lot.


On the drive back I was feeling so light and unstressed I decided to stop at a local cafe for a (treat yourself because 5 fucking dollars) latte and crossword puzzle hour.  This may not sound like a lot, but looking back over the past 5 months, I don’t think I could pinpoint a time where I just

did something to do something,

where I did something of little to no life/school progression value because of the sheer stress that taking a break causes me.  For me, stopping for coffee just to do so is a big step.

Coffee Time

Now, after my little self meeting adventure, I am back in the library, Thai food on my left, tea on my right, best friend across from me singing every lyric of every damn song he is listening to, and studying for finals.

Sure, I could be like the usual me freaking out about every second missed in the library, but I am not.  I am more productive right now because of how I spent my morning than I have been all year.

And, most importantly, I feel happier and more in tune with myself.  No, I didn’t magically cross through that wall in a few hours, it will take time, but I have a great start on the road to where I want to be.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself,

when things aren’t going the way they should.  Don’t be afraid to take a step back and evaluate where you are.  Don’t be afraid to say AYO PEACE to the world for a few hours and only care about yourself.

You deserve it.


PS. Confused at where to start? Start my 21 Day Power Up that is on sale for only $6 right now!

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Taking a Break: How & Why You Should

Taking a Break: How & Why You Should

Click, shh, relax.

Those are the last words I heard before I hit the ground. The last words I heard before my life became a devastating torture zone.  The words that made me nauseous for a long time.  But, also the words that taught me one of the most important lessons of my life.  To take break.  If you’ve read my story that I recently had the courage to finally post, you know that my life was paused for over two years.  So, when I talk about a break.. clearly two years is long… that is not what I am talking about.  But, those two years are what taught me the incredibly precious lesson of relaxing.   So, take it from someone who learned the hard way: up until my life was taken by chronic migraines and fogginess, I was go go go, I didn’t know what it was like to stop.  In my mind there was always something to be doing, always something I could be doing to better myself and push my life forward.  But being forced to stop every thing taught me it was OK.  It was more than OK, it rebooted my entire life.  I am typical type A, just like I know many of you are as well, so I want YOU to continue to read this post… I promise it will benefit you.

I didn’t know what it was like to take a break, ‘why waste time?’ was essentially my motto, until I was forced to.  && as awful as it was, I feel gratitude each day for what it has taught me.  Now, I make it a part of my weekly ritual to incorporate me time even on my most busiest days.


What is me time?

This is the name I have given to simply taking time off in a way that recharges and re energizes me individually.  It is short bursts of time where I focus on myself and nothing, or nobody, else.  No, it is not selfish.  This is one of the many things I focus on in my 21 Day Power Up.  Everyone deserves time for themselves– HECK, it is YOUR life, you take all the time in the world you want to make yourself happy.



Why should YOU have me time?

  • Recharge: Your body is a machine.  So is a car.  If a car goes, goes, and goes without stopping, it will eventually burn out and need some serious assistance.  Whereas, if you were to constantly stop and fuel it, you’d be good to go! Same with your body.  To be in it for the long haul, you need to stop and fuel.
  • Absorb: Everything you’ve accomplished and been through has so much less meaning when you zoom by it to the next thing.  Stop and take in the journey and be proud of what you have conquered along the way.
  • Evaluate and Realign: Life is one big journey.  One that YOU create and have the power to alter in any direction you choose. By taking breaks to absorb ^ and appreciate where you are, you can also realign your thoughts and actions in a direction that works best.  What works? What doesn’t work? What makes you happy? What is hampering your life?  These are the things that when you evaluate will help you gear your life in the best direction for you.  I help you work through this here.img_4406-1
  • Self Love: You know what’s f$ck!ng awesome? The fact that YOU are the best person out there at being YOU.  You have so much to celebrate about yourself, you DESERVE to take time to yourself.  You get ONE life to live, and that is YOUR life– nobody and nothing can change that. Show yourself some love, make yourself happy, and take the power to construct your life the way you want to.

How do I do this me time?  Your me time is YOUR me time.  I don’t want to tell you exactly what todo because everyone is different but I can give you guidelines.

  •  Make it doable.  This is especially for my fellow type-A friends.  I have found it easiest to incorporate me time when it doesn’t stress me out.  Short is PERFECTLY fine.  Sometimes I just spend 10-15 minutes sitting by my pool thinking about how far I’ve come and my gratitude. For some people your ideal me time may be a full day of pampering yourself every few weeks. That is fine as well.  Find what works for you– YOU MAKE YOU.
  • Do it for yourself. It is in the title.  Me time is ME time.  One thing I touch on in my 21 Day Power Up is overcoming the desire to satisfy others and surpass the concerns of expectations.   I also touch briefly on fear in this post.   You need to focus on yourself and what is most revitalizing to YOU.
  • It ranges: Some people may take a break by meditating, some may take it by cooking.  It ranges.  Find what puts your mind at ease, and do it.  Just make sure it a is break.  Don’t go telling me you take a break by working out if you’re training for something– training is not a break then.  Conversely, if you workout for pure enjoyment, yes– that is a break.
  • Reflect: One thing I always include in my me time  is a few minutes of reflecting in order to absorb, realign, and celebrate my accomplishments like mentioned above.


Moral of the story– don’t let your mind and body burn out.  TAKE BREAKS.  When I have trouble stepping away from the mainstream of life, I like to listen to this song:


I want to know:

What is your favorite chill song?

Do you like taking short breaks or long breaks?


xoxo, Colby

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