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Total Body Stairs Circuit and Quest Nutrition at Target

Total Body Stairs Circuit and Quest Nutrition at Target

On a quest to ____.

Before you continue reading, head over -> here <- and comment what you are #OnAQuest to.  Me? I am on a quest to becoming the most full and complete version of myself I can possibly be.  That may sound weird but lately I have taken a few steps back and come to realize that before I can achieve any of my objective  goals I need to find and become my true and utter COLBY self.

So tell me, what are you on a quest for?

Here’s some exciting news


quest nutrition target


Maybe you’ve seen on Quest Nutrition’s IG, or possibly my IG story ;), but BIG NEWS: Quest bars are now sold at Target in their new 4-pack boxes.   And, if you know me in even the slightest way by now you know these are my go to protein bars, so I immediately had to go check it out (& buy a few boxes of course). I went to my local Target in Ithaca, NY. and then of course struggled with which ones to pick out.  I settled for two that I haven’t had in a while: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chunk!


quest nutrition target

quest nutrition at target


While typing this I realized they are also on Target’s website for the same price as in store  ($8.99 for 4-count box).  Check that out here.

My favorite way to eat Quest Bars?

Honestly, I used to make the most intricate and out of the box recipes from Quest Bars, check out their stockpile of recipes, but then

  1. I hit college and my time went out the window and
  2. I realized that I actually truly enjoy eating Quest Bars in their plain ‘ole form.

Though, I will admit, I do enjoy cutting them up into pieces and baking them into cookies once a month or so. BUMP: try that!!

And then of course, I enjoy them after a workout of course! Dun, dun, dun.. you didn’t think I would leave you without a workout, did you?  Here is a fun (yes, fun)….

Total Body Stair/Stadium Workout

If you like this work out, checkout -> EasyFit -> Workouts you can do anywhere, anytime ($2.50)

True story: I did this workout two times since filming it, MAY be my new favorite! I’ve been loving challenging myself to get out of the gym lately.  Now, head to your local target (tar-jayyyyyy anyone?) pick up your favorite box of Quest Bars and go KILL this workout because YOU.MAKE.YOU.

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