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stop settling

Life is too short for bad coffee

Why you don’t deserve to settle To keep the name authentic, I did in fact sit down to right this directly after I brewed a horrible pot of coffee.  I was in an awkward situation because I had used my last bit of almond milk in the mug that was tainted with that pot of coffee so I was tempted to suck…

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how to live in the moment

Dear Confused Millennial Part 2

Dear Confused Millennial,   <  — Part 1: My Letter to you < —   In part 1, we acknowledged that it is hard, it can even be terrifying to have uncertainty  and confusion about our futures.  And then, I told you the number one thing we can do to make this uncertainty easier for us. The best thing you…

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its okay to be scared

Dear Confused Millennial Part 1

Begin your journey to conquering your mindset at the end of this blog post! You don’t need to know your future, it’s OK. It’s my spring break #SPRINGBREAK2k17 AM I RIGHT?! Lol JK, I should be in London by now but yours truly isn’t allowed on planes at the moment because I got a concussion on one a few weeks…

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healthy eating in college

A Day Of Eats // Healthy in College

What do I eat in a day? What does a 22-credit student, small business owner, fitness lover, part time job haver eat in a day?  As you learned in my last post on How I Overcame Overeating at Night, I try to switch up what I am eating daily in tune to what my body is feeling that day.   A…

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How To Run a Marathon If You’re Not a Runner

Can you run a marathon if you’re not a runner? Yes, yes, YES you can run a marathon if you aren’t a runner. You can do anything you want to as long as your mindset is set right, that is the beauty of this world. Hi, my name is Colby, and I ran two marathons 48 days apart and I…

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6 Life Lessons You Need To Hear (in under 5 minutes)

  6 Incredible Life Lessons You Need To Learn I’m going to make this quick because let’s be honest… I wish I learned these quicker. 1. Conforming to society will not satisfy YOU. Society will push a certain weight, a certain style, a certain attitude, a certain job, a certain anything, but hear me out right now: if you are doing something simply…

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Tree Stump

I Hit A Mental Wall, Here Is How I Got Over It

I hit a mental wall today.  Actually, I hit a mental wall about three days ago but had to keep pushing that wall away until after my physics exam last night. My mental wall was a lot.  It was end of semester finals stress.  It was living situation stress. It was the gradual losing myself  and my values since school…

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be true to yourself

My Plea to Our World

Give yourself permission to feel okay. This is why we love when other people love us – because it lets us flip the mental switch that gives us permission to be happy, proud, excited or content. -Brianna Wiest I don’t necessarily want to talk about this quote today, but I stumbled upon it and thought it was too true to…

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getting back on track

Getting Back on Track

30 Day Blogging Challenge #28 I have a marathon in 5 days. 5 days, holy shit.  Do you want to hear something brutal? From November 02 to November November 12, I was physically not able to run.  What do I mean? I mean I was put onto an antibiotic for an overseen stomach infection that got out of hand.  The antibiotic I was…

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Let’s Talk Passion

30 Day Blogging Challenge #21 Ready to word vomit in 3, 2… 1. I preach all of the time to live your passion– to know what you want and to take it.  From that comes the question, how do you find your passion?  Sure, you can google ideas, you can take some personality quizzes, you can ask friends, but here’s…

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