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7 Thoughts That Changed My Life

7 Thoughts That Changed My Life

Six months ago,

a lot changed.  I quit being Instagram famous, and I temporarily moved to a new city.   Both of those things, along with much else, made me become more of my true, and happiest self.


I quit being IG famous


It’s not that I was ever unhappy,

it’s just that I was never living my true happiness.  And, as beautiful as it is now, that honestly scares me sh!tless because I didn’t know that I wasn’t happy before now.  While I genuinely think a big portion of me digging deeper into becoming who I am as a person had to do with leaving the spotlight of 35,000 Instagram followers.  I owe a massive thank you to the incredible people who came into my life over the past half year.

So, thank you for being the person I am for other people, but haven’t learned to be for myself.

You know exactly who you are, and I can’t even begin to express how much you mean to me.   A majority of these lessons were learned from you…

With all of the sappiness out of the way and though I usually wait until the end of a school year for a “what I learned” recap; if you can change someone’s perspective on something, why wait? #amiright SO  . . .

7 Thoughts That Changed My Life in 2k17

1. Some doors slam on you, some doors you quietly close; but either way, they are meant to be shut.

Believe me.

2. Feel your feelings.

This one.  This one is gooood. If you’re sad, be sad. If you’re pissed, be pissed. If you are jumping for joy, freakin’ jump for joy.  There is absolutely nothing productive in masking your emotions, or more importantly, there is nothing productive in acting like you are okay when you are not okay.  You are feeling certain things for a reason, so feel them.  Own your body, own your mind, never bury emotions, that is when they cause trouble.

3. You may be torn apart, but you will be built back stronger, and more beautiful than ever.

And, that’s okay.

4. Don’t forget about yourself.

This is one of my weaknesses.  In the end, it’s you and your life.  You’re the one who owns it, you’re the one who lives it.  Remember that.

5. Pressure is a privilege.

I wrote a lot about this one the other day on Instagram: you have pressure and stress because you are talented enough to posses something that causes it.

6. Actions speak louder than words.

Oldie, but good-ie. This applies to so much: saying you’re sorry has much less meaning than showing it, saying you want to accomplish something has much less meaning than working to achieve it.

7.  Not everyone will get you.

But, that shouldn’t change you.  That shouldn’t change anything about you, or how you act.

&& bonus 8. Life is more than you realize.

It may seem like the end of the world.  You may be wondering how on Earth you are going to make it through.  But, life is more than right now.  10 days from now, 10 weeks from now … this will all be a blip in your memory.  You will forget the struggle, and the hard times, and you will be left with beautiful memories and your incredible self formed through all of those hardships.


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