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Self Love: Stop Saying, Start Doing

Self Love: Stop Saying, Start Doing

Life Lessons I Wish I Knew Earlier

One thing I have been struggling with lately is the difference between saying and doing.  When you say you are taking a nap, it isn’t true until you actually lie down, close your eyes, and sleep for a period of time.  It is the same idea with all thoughts and actions.  I can say I love myself, but do I actually?  How am I showing myself that I do?  This has been on my mind for quite a while, so today I want to share 3 practices I wish I learned earlier(!) that truly do make us honor ourselves and show that self love FO REAL.

Self Love Practice #1

Give only when you are full

We are a generation of good-ists; we always want to give give give. We tend to always care what people think of us so we are always offering, and being the person there for everything and everyone.  But, far too often, we focus so much on this constant giving to others and working to satisfy others that we lose ourselves and ignore what we need in the process. Taking care of yourself is absolutely NOT selfish– in fact, it is your number one priority.

You, me, we– all need to focus on filling ourselves with what we need before moving to others.  When we don’t do this, we compromise our happiness, and often times, our health.


how to show self love


Self Love Practice #2

Set attainable goals, not past-reach goals

I do believe in shooting for the stars however, I believe this only for the long run.  Think about it this way: if you are constantly setting daily goals that you cannot reach, what does that do to your confidence and eagerness to keep moving towards your goals?  Little to nothing.  There is no rush of confidence or acknowledgement of progress when you fall short regularly.

Instead, yes go ahead and set a long term shooting for the stars goals; but, in the meantime, set mini goals that you know for a fact that you can accomplish.  Even more importantly, celebrate these accomplishments.

One of the best things I have done for myself is wake up each morning, roll over, and write a goal down for the day that I know I can accomplish and that will set me further on the path to reaching my longer term goal.  I do this before I even leave my bed.

how to show self love


Self Love Practice #3

Treat yourself like you would a best friend, not your worst enemy

Over the past year, I have been analyzing what I say to myself, and DAMN, I am not nice to myself.  If I treated a friend like I treat myself, they would not be a friend for long.  And, I know I am not the only one who does this.  We are all our own worst enemy, but why?  Why do we criticize every ounce of our being? What purpose is there in it?  No reason, and none.

The mentality I have adopted is if I wouldn’t say something that I am thinking about to myself to my best friend about her, I will not say it to myself.  Simple as that.


how to show self love


I have more tips and practices coming for you all soon, so keep checking back and in the mean time be sure to follow my FACEBOOK page where I am posting more ~daily~ tidbits.

Stay strong, stay fit, stay beautiful

colby triolo

PS. A few more personal training spots have opened up since school has ended for me! Head over -> here <- for details, would LOVE to help you reach your goals.

self love practices

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Life is too short for bad coffee

Life is too short for bad coffee

Why you don’t deserve to settle

To keep the name authentic, I did in fact sit down to right this directly after I brewed a horrible pot of coffee.  I was in an awkward situation because I had used my last bit of almond milk in the mug that was tainted with that pot of coffee so I was tempted to suck it up and drink it but instead realized that seriously life is way too short to be drinking bad coffee just because you are out milk especially when your daily coffee is something you look forward to.  So, I dumped it.

Where this blog post comes from is why I was brewing that coffee.  I was brewing that coffee because I was fed up with one too many things around me and needed an hour to sip and be surrounded (and filled?) with something that never failed to make me feel happy and relaxed.  While sitting there with my fresh, perfectly brewed cup ‘o joe I realized that I needed to stop settling.


life is too short for bad coffee

Making peace with a sh!tty world

Now more than ever I am realizing how easy this world makes it to be stepped on and torn down.   As I grow older I see how hard it is to find people that are truly good people to, and for,  you.  We are surrounded by people who are one way streets.  People who are only there when it is convenient for them.  And people who expect the world but aren’t willing to give the world.  We are surrounded by people who are easily influenced by the crowd to stray from what they know is the right thing to say or do to someone.  And, we are surrounded by people who don’t realize the impact and negative effects they have on many people as a result of their actions.

We ARE surrounded by all of these things


and it is so easy to fall into the trap or self-blame and self-pity.  Like when you are the person always there for your friends, but not once has anyone asked you how you are doing.  Or like when you make time in your busy schedule for a friend and they blow you off for a reason so minuscule it doesn’t deserve the title, reason.  Or like when you wouldn’t bat an eye before helping a friend in need, yet that one time you needed someone, there was no one.

The point of what I am getting at here is that all of those things are bad coffee.  That’s it.  And as hard as it is to say, and maybe read, life is too short for bad coffee,

the sink is right there and you can dump what you need to.

 pour the coffee


(READ🙂 I am not saying to go dump anyone or anything who has ever negatively impacted you.  But I am saying that (ALSO READ:) there is one sole thing in this world that you have full and utter control over and that is your mind and your thoughts; what you think affects how you feel and how  your life goes on.  These things, and many more, will happen, they are inevitable– that’s life man, it’s sh!tty, but in the end it is you who decides if you will give these things power to affect you.

Trust me, I know that is easier said than done, but you don’t deserve to settle.  Those people, or events, that make you feel like you are drinking a bad cup of coffee– they don’t deserve even near you giving them the power to enter your life and affect it so negatively.

You have to do what you have to do to find your happiness and live your life.

Because this is it, this is your life, not a bad friend’s life, not a bad cup of coffee’s life.  This is your life. Wake up, smell that fresh pot of beautifully roasted coffee and live the day for you.

If it means dumping the pot, or throwing the whole damn machine out all together, so be it.  I just went to 7-11, probably the most expensive place one can purchase almond milk ($5 a gallon wuht). But ya know– I am content AF sitting here sippin my joe and that is all that matters.

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colby triolo

PS. The coffee that I brewed that didn’t suck was Drip Brew. Seriously why do I ever try to switch it up.

Drip Brew: Single Purchase (‘youmakeyou’ 10% off)

Drip Brew Subscription (‘ymy’ 10% off) <– highly recommend, these beauts get delivered right to mah door for like $13/month


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Dear Confused Millennial Part 2

Dear Confused Millennial Part 2

Dear Confused Millennial,

its okay to be scared


<  —

Part 1: My Letter to you

< —


In part 1, we acknowledged that it is hard, it can even be terrifying to have uncertainty  and confusion about our futures.  And then, I told you the number one thing we can do to make this uncertainty easier for us.

The best thing you can do, the best thing we can do, is let go of the fear and the worry, let go of the future and be in the now, say YES to what we were put here to do… LIVE.  Be in the very moment, and do what your heart desires at every given opportunity.  Because when we do that, we unknowingly are allowing our futures to fall into place.  — part 1

Today is all about actually DOING this: saying ‘yes’, living for the moment, listening to our bodies & our hearts.

sleeping giant state park

On top of the world

As a confused millennium myself, I know this can be extremely hard, to say the least, so here are my top tips for you.

How To Live In The Moment & Chase Your Happiness

The moment you have right now is the only one you can change. 

Live in the very moment.  You can’t change the future until you are there and you can’t rewrite the past.  So, live in this very moment and do not let your worries about the future affect your now.

Forgive and forget the past.

Do not beat yourself up about what has happened in the past.  Hear me when I say that everything happens for a reason. You went through what you did for a reason, instead of letting it bring your present down, use it to build you up.

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Stop trying to predict the future, create it instead.

If your heart is telling you to pursue something, but you are thinking to yourself  “oh, well that’s not what my family would expect me to pursue” or “I don’t know if I have the skills for that”, shut your thoughts down and TRY.  For gosh sake, you don’t know until you try, stop trying to predict the future, and create it instead.  Now, I don’t mean go out and do something that puts yourself or others at harm.  Rather, I mean stop letting your fear of not satisfying others get in the way of doing what you truly and utterly desire to do.

When you fall down, get right back up- mentally, and physically.

Honestly, falling down is GOOD; you learn many lessons, you develop a deeper understanding, you become a tougher being.  The only way falling down becomes negative is when you stay down and lay there like a sad puppy.  No, no, no.  Respect yourself to laugh it off, get up and come back stronger.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Again, respect yourself enough to not make excuses. Sh!t happens, it does.  Don’t waste time making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself, decide what your heart wants, and take it.

Confused millennial, let’s do this.

Here’s a fun little savable image you can use to remind yourself of these tips regularly.  Feel free to PIN to share & help me enter the pinterest scene. >> Colby on Pinterest


how to live in the moment



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dear confused millennial



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Dear Confused Millennial Part 1

Dear Confused Millennial Part 1

Begin your journey to conquering your mindset at the end of this blog post!

You don’t need to know your future, it’s OK.

It’s my spring break #SPRINGBREAK2k17 AM I RIGHT?! Lol JK, I should be in London by now but yours truly isn’t allowed on planes at the moment because I got a concussion on one a few weeks ago LOL GO ME YES CLASSIC.   Honestly though, I am just as content, if not more right now because I get to spend the weekend with one of my favorite humans, Alison (from Daily Moves and Grooves), in Boston frolicking my little heart out.

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That intro really has nothing to do with this post, I really just wanted to express my love for Alison.  This post is actually something I have been wanting to write for a while as I feel  like lately I am going through a mid life crisis. Yes, I’m 20.  No, it’s not actually mid life, but confusion about my future, and my present has been something I haven’t been able to get off my mind, so this is my attempt at establishing peace not  only for myself but for all the millennium out there.

Dear confused millennial,

I know it’s hard.  I know it’s confusing.  I know it’s scary.

I know you want to know how you will be successful, how you will live out your years.

I know you want to know who you are, who you want to be.

I know you look around yourself and see people who know what they want to do, people who are chasing their dreams, and people who look satisfied.

I know you look ahead and sometimes can’t picture yourself doing anything because you have no clue as to what to attempt to picture.

I know you want happiness, and success.  I know you want love and prosperity.

I know you want your life to be in place, and your future to be in place.

I know that it scares, no terrifies you,  that you feel lost especially when you look around and everyone else seemingly has it together.

I know these things because I am there too, heck, take a deep breath, everyone is there.

But, I also know that at this point in your life, right these very years, through all of the confusion and lost feelings, there is one thing that will undoubtedly lead you to your answer.

And, that one thing is loving the mother frickin sh!t out of yourself, saying YES to chasing your happiness on all levels, no matter what they may be.

The best thing you can do, the best thing we can do, is let go of the fear and the worry, let go of the future and be in the now, say YES to what we were put here to do… LIVE.  Be in the very moment, and do what your heart desires at every given opportunity.  Because when we do that, we unknowingly are allowing our futures to fall into place. 

When we honor ourselves and the present moment we are becoming who we are born to be.

Sure, we like to feel safe, have a plan, and know what is to come.  But, when we do things because we are focused on creating a future, we often miss the key pieces to the puzzle of happiness and self-fulfillment which in the end will be the base to our success.

Here is proof,

I created this YouMakeYou community after I healed myself from 2 years of severe chronic pain resulting from two intense concussions.  I saw 20+ doctors, all who promised to make me better, but instead time after time again, they left me feeling hopeless, either not helping or sometimes worsening my pain.  One day, in a bouts of the worst pain I had felt in months, I took matters into my own hands and began to heal myself through my mindset and mind/body thoughts and actions.

Chasing my happiness, loving myself even at my worst, and taking the immense power that we all have to control our own lives saved my life, and that is what I want you to decide to do today.

By loving yourself, respecting yourself, and chasing your happiness you open the doors to becoming what you are meant to become.  By doing these things you are putting yourself in the most open position to honoring the true journey of which you are meant to follow, whether or not you know what that journey is or not. Hey, you may surprise yourself!

Focus on being in the now, saying ‘yes’ to living, saying ‘yes’ to YOURSELF, and the rest will fall into place.  Trust yourself. It will be  OK.


> PART 2,  with action steps, coming WEDNESDAY 4/5 🙂



PS. I want to help you  conquer your YouMakeYou journey? Check out my 21 Day Power Up! I am offering 25% off during this dear confused millennial series with the code: letsdothis 

dear confused millennial

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I Hit A Mental Wall, Here Is How I Got Over It

I Hit A Mental Wall, Here Is How I Got Over It

I hit a mental wall today.  Actually, I hit a mental wall about three days ago but had to keep pushing that wall away until after my physics exam last night.

My mental wall

was a lot.  It was end of semester finals stress.  It was living situation stress. It was the gradual losing myself  and my values since school has started.  It was the fact that I’ve put up barriers around myself and refuse to let anyone in.  It was the fact that I haven’t been able to run since my marathon due to an overuse injury in my knee.  The wall was a lot.

There is always time for yourself.

I woke up today and realized that I need to start taking my own advice–honoring myself, my mind and my body.  Despite the fact that I still have 3 more exams to go and 2 more projects, honestly despite any deadline I might have, there is always time to honor myself, I know this. And, I preach this.  But, over the past month I have been letting life pull me away from this, I have been letting life drag me along without allowing me to hold onto myself.

The thing is, that ^ is so easy to let happen, I’ve witnessed it first hand, I didn’t realize what was happening until about 3 days ago when I took a second to stop and breathe.

Colby Triolo

After trying to push that wall along with me for 3 days, my mom’s voice popped into my head….

Remember, there is a door on every wall.

She said this to me right before my marathon, and boy did I hit many walls that day, but this applies to more than just the running wall, this applies to any wall.  Walls don’t discriminate, walls don’t have some sort of methodological way to decide if they want to give you a door or not, they just do. End of story.

So, today I decided to drop everything for a few hours and find that door.  I left my school brain behind which was tough, but I knew it would be there when I got back, and more importantly, I knew I would be much more refreshed therefore able to easily make up for the lost time.  Heck, my focus had become non-existent anyway!

Here is what I did (PEEP: me time post)

How I got past my mental wall:

10 am

I got in my car, and I drove, I got on the main highway near me that I knew ended up near some trails, and I drove.  For me, even simply driving for hours on end would do well; I plug in my phone, blast my happy playlist, and spend time thinking. However, I knew I wanted to move.

10:30 am-12:00 pm

I arrived at Taughannock Falls State Park which is essentially a multitude of hiking trails through the woods surrounding waterfalls.   I got out of my car and spent about an hour or so hiking the Rim Trail.  It was stunning, it was peaceful, it was refreshing.  But most of all, it gave me the much needed time to unplug from the world and just think.  It gave me time to mentally work through the immense pile of everything that was upsetting and challenging me but that I had just pushed aside out of rushing through my days.

Funny story about unplugging…I literally and physically unplugged.  On the hike back up, I pulled out my phone to call my dad and then reached into my coat pocket for the headphones I always kept there.   However, they weren’t there so I assumed I left them in my car.  Little did I know.. I walked a few minutes further up the hill and my headphones were lying on the ground in the middle of the trail. LOL talk about unplugging.

Somewhere in the midst of my hike I found the door in the wall, and climbed through it.  I felt refreshed, I felt alive, I felt like me again.

Colby Triolo

Call me crazy, but I love being alone.

Yes I love my friends to death, but ever since going away to college last year the one thing that I have missed most is the ability to be alone with myself.  I need that time, I enjoy that time.  Honestly, I could sit in a dining hall all by myself and be completely fine with it.

Not only do I enjoy being alone but after today I realize that I need to be alone sometimes.  Hiking through the trails with not single sense of another being around me gave me the long needed ability to work through a lot.


On the drive back I was feeling so light and unstressed I decided to stop at a local cafe for a (treat yourself because 5 fucking dollars) latte and crossword puzzle hour.  This may not sound like a lot, but looking back over the past 5 months, I don’t think I could pinpoint a time where I just

did something to do something,

where I did something of little to no life/school progression value because of the sheer stress that taking a break causes me.  For me, stopping for coffee just to do so is a big step.

Coffee Time

Now, after my little self meeting adventure, I am back in the library, Thai food on my left, tea on my right, best friend across from me singing every lyric of every damn song he is listening to, and studying for finals.

Sure, I could be like the usual me freaking out about every second missed in the library, but I am not.  I am more productive right now because of how I spent my morning than I have been all year.

And, most importantly, I feel happier and more in tune with myself.  No, I didn’t magically cross through that wall in a few hours, it will take time, but I have a great start on the road to where I want to be.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself,

when things aren’t going the way they should.  Don’t be afraid to take a step back and evaluate where you are.  Don’t be afraid to say AYO PEACE to the world for a few hours and only care about yourself.

You deserve it.


PS. Confused at where to start? Start my 21 Day Power Up that is on sale for only $6 right now!

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My Plea to Our World

My Plea to Our World

Give yourself permission to feel okay. This is why we love when other people love us – because it lets us flip the mental switch that gives us permission to be happy, proud, excited or content.

-Brianna Wiest

I don’t necessarily want to talk about this quote today, but I stumbled upon it and thought it was too true to not be shared.  This blog is really just me taking a study break (PEEP have you read… How To Survive Finals Week) and updating you on my life slash probably going to go on an inspirational rant at one point (update: yes, I did).

First things first, my BOSTON-ites, as a means to decrease my stress and increase my happiness, the day after my last final I will be coming up to Boston to frolic for a few days.  I want all of your restaurant, gym, and things to do suggestions, comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram!

Second things second, get a whiff of this one.. is that the right term? I know it’s something like that.

Yesterday, I was driving to Ithaca Bakery to change up  my study location.  On the way there I was coming to an intersection when I noticed a car stopped in the middle.  At first I thought they were just waiting to turn, or something like that, but after about 10 seconds of no movement I started to get worried so I inched closer as if I was going to go around her.  However, what I saw was not what I expected– the driver, an elderly woman, was completely unconscious at the steering wheel.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, it took me a few minutes to get my bearings.  As a 20 year old girl, Computer Science Engineering Major, I have absolutely no medical knowledge, but I knew I had to do something.  I backed up and stopped my car behind her, pulled out my phone, and called 911.

As I was talking to the dispatcher, what I saw happen was one of the most depressing and alarming situations I have ever witnessed.  I watched at least 20 grown adults, men and women, slow their car, notice the passed out woman behind her wheel in the middle of the intersection, and drive away.  They drove away.  Not kidding, they drove away like nothing was wrong.  I can’t even fathom how one could think that is okay.  Sure, I get it, maybe they were in a rush, maybe they didn’t know what to do.  But, honestly there is no rush large enough to risk someone’s life.  And if not knowing what to do was their excuse… I had absolutely no clue in hell what to do, but I knew what not to do which was to drive away.

For me, the initial situation was incredibly alarming but the way I saw the world handle it was even more alarming.

After talking to the cops and getting the go-ahead to continue on my way (I do not know how the woman ended up, but I do knoww she is alive) I was only able to drive a mile or so before I had to call my parents because I was so unstable about the whole situation.

I don’t mean for this to be a sad post, I really don’t.  I want this post to be a wake up call, a plea for us to meet our souls again.  I truly do believe that each and every person is good, honest, and beautiful in their own way.  However, I also believe that goodness gets buried and torn down by society, by social standards, by beliefs that are pushed upon us.  I believe that we often don’t realize how much we lose our true selves until it is too late, until there is an elderly woman in a life or death situation and we ignore it.  So, this is my plea to each any everyone of you taking the time to read this today..

Please be yourself.

Please stay true to your values.self-love

Please don’t be afraid to let yourself shine.

Please don’t let society tear you down.

Please don’t get trapped in beliefs that are pushed upon you.

Please love yourself, your true self.

Please be honest.

Please honor yourself and your values over anything or anyone else.

Please be strong.




PS. My 21 Day Power Up journey is on sale for just $6 for a limited time, join me to achieve the most powerful mindset of your life.

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Self Love

Self Love

During one of my finals study breaks the other day (PEEP: How to Survive Finals Week), I was going through some of my old photos on Instagram.  I was looking at the photos, but even more I was reading the captions and I realized… holy shit my self love has been seriously lacking since going away to college– I stopped taking time to myself, I stopped doing things that truly made me happy because I thought I didn’t have time, I’ve surrounded myself with many of the wrong people.  To put it simply, I’ve really neglected myself.

From a combination of the tone of voice in my old captions, the smile on my face in the photos, and the way I treat my body now compared to two years ago, it hit me like a train– I need to start treating myself better.

So, self love, let’s talk about it.

I want to share with you an incredible woman that I have been following for quite some time on Instagram.  She inspires not only me, but thousands of other girls in terms of self love, happiness, and empowerment (& of course finding your own fit is mixed in there)– very similar to what I preach!

self love

Her name is Stephanie Schultz, she is the Social Media Coordinator for several of Blogilates/POP Pilates channels.  She assists Cassey Ho with many other projects and teaches her own classes in the evenings at her local gym.  In addition, she runs her own blog and Instagram, dedicated to not only what I mentioned above but also to overcoming an eating disorder.  When speaking about this she said 

I want to inspire people to believe that they can get through any struggle.

& I could not agree anymore, You Make You #amiright?!  Steph embodies the YMY mindset perfect and I am beyond thrilled to be introducing you to her as well as her inspiring story today.  I have been following her for a few years now, but over the past few months her self love and daily posts have been something that I truly look forward to and that have had such a positive impact on my life.

self love

She began her journey to overcoming her ED about 4 years ago.  Because she had been doing Blogilates workouts, Cassey had posted her “before and after” story on the main Blogilates page.   That moment was when her journey to self-love began.  Despite her transformation, she knew it was simply physical: on the outside she was changed, but on the inside, she knew that she was restricting food and over-exercising.  She knew she had to start treating herself better. She knew there was more that mattered.

“Self-love is looking at it from a different viewpoint. Self-love is about loving your mind, body and soul unconditionally. It’s about listening to your body and respecting it. It’s about acknowledging that your body may change but it still deserves love. It’s about listening to who you are as a person and doing things that make you happy. It’s about loving yourself through all your mistakes and having the courage to get back up.”

Coming from me, someone who has had many similar issues in the past, admitting the truth is one of the hardest steps there is to take.  But, more importantly– it is also the BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT step you will ever take.

Take it from Steph and I, we have been there, we know what it feels like.  We know what it feels like to be trapped, we know what it feels like to feel stuck, but we also know what freeing ourselves feels like– it is worth it. 

Self-love is worth it.

The journey to self-love isn’t easy, however, you know what I say: Nothing worth having comes easy. One of the best pieces of advice Steph has ever gotten is to take you struggles, and your sadness and turn them into something positive.  I couldn’t agree more.  With everything that happens to you, you have two options: let it hold you back, or let it propel you forward.  And, do you know what is incredibly empowering? The decision between the two is yours.  As Steph said,

“Of course, you’re allowed to be sad and upset – express your emotions, but don’t ruminate on them, BUILD THEM. Turn it into something more positive so you can help yourself and more importantly help other people become stronger too.”

She even admits that she was afraid to show her true self, that for years she was holding back who she truly was.  However, eventually she was able to tear down the wall she had with herself and that was when her dreams started to become reality.  She wrote this incredibly empowering blog post on turning self hate to self love.

The reality is, that this happens a lot.  We are all our own biggest enemy, sometimes we don’t even realize it.  I am my biggest enemy and I’ll be the first to admit it– but, the beauty is that becoming your biggest cheerleader instead of the former is as simple as a change in mindset.  It is you simply making the decision that you are done holding yourself back.  It is the simple decision that you are ready to own the life that you dream of.

I believe in you, the key is that you need to believe in yourself.

Feel free to join my 21 Day Power Up, on sale for just $6 for the next week , which focuses on just that– becoming the person, mind and body, that you have always dreamed of.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. 

self love

Here are some fun facts about Steph:

Three things that make you happy without fail: peanut butter, family and friends, teaching POP.

I like to wake up to a fountain of peanut butter. But for realzzzz I could eat this for every meal (sometimes I do 😂) This is 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup egg whites and 1tbsp of PB and it just melts so nicely 😍 The trick to add more volume is to add water. I add just enough water to cover the oats before adding the egg whites and microwave it. Then I add the egg whites, microwave for about 30 seconds – STIR. This adds volume too. Then microwave for 40-45 more seconds. Carbs ✔️Protein✔️Fats✔️ I eat this about 2 hours before I workout and it keeps me full and gives me energy until lunch 💥💪🏼 p.s I have a new blog post linked in my bio 😘 It's all about a comment someone made to me and I couldn't help but speak up aka rant in my blog 😂❤️ #breakfast #oatmeals #peanutbutter #oatmeal #flexibledieting #foodporn #pbaddict #fitness #reciple #macros

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One piece of life advice:  Over a year ago my dad was diagnosed with cancer and since then I have looked at family in a whole new light. We take the people we love for granted, but I try really hard not to anymore. They are the special people who make life so good for us. Every time I see my dad, my heart fills with love and joy.  

Our hearts are with you and your dad, Steph!

Ideal breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal, ½ cup egg whites, pinch of cinnamon, cooked. Top it with a HUGE blob of peanut butter. YUMMMM

If you could give a young entrepreneur one piece of advice what would it be: Other people won’t always understand your work, your goals and your passion. They will question why you choose to go down this route instead of getting or doing a “typical” job. Don’t let that stop you. Be confident in what you love and keep working towards your goals. It takes A LOT of work and A LOT of passion but you need to have that drive if you want to be successful.

&& last but not least, what do the words ‘YOUMAKEYOU’ mean to you: It means that YOU are capable of shaping yourself and your life. YOU have a lot more in you than you think. You are smarter, stronger, and more confident than you can ever imagine. You are powerful and YOU have the ability to shape yourself any way you want to.

YES, YES, it does! Now, my one question for YOU is, what will you do today to shape the life that you want?



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Saturday Happiness // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #11

Saturday Happiness // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #11

Happy weekend, fam! Happy day 11 of my 30 day blogging streak.  Happy almost Halloween. Happy I taught spin at 8am this morning after running 23 miles yesterday.  Happy almost time for Christmas music.

SO MUCH HAPPY.  I want to use today’s post to dial in on happiness.  I know I talk about it a lot, actually quite a few of this blogging challenge’s posts have been about happiness, but I want to take a step back from the scientific side and hop into the more first hand real world side.  I want to share some of my favorite things as of lately, and as I do so, I want you to think about what your favorite things in that category are.  I want you to dig deep and ask yourself if you are honoring these things that make you happy… are you in contact with them enough, do you deprive yourself of them? Don’ t be afraid to get real with yourself.  Don’t be afraid to chase happiness.

Favorite show: Scandal

Favorite breakfast: Egg whites, chicken, hummus, sriracha, (cherry tomatoes depending on the mood) (#what #savory #ok)

Favorite song: Shark in the water

Favorite song to run to: Run Boy Run

Favorite exercise: Squat & kick

Favorite beverage: Coffee.  Almond milk latte to be exact.

Favorite time to workout: Moring before breakfast and coffee.

Favorite outfit: leggings, long sleeve, scarf, vest.

Favorite snack: hummus + chicken, not weird, so good.


Now it’s your turn! Comment below some of your favorites 🙂


xoxo You Make You,


NEW workouts! 




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Why We Don’t Do What We Love & How To Start // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #9

Why We Don’t Do What We Love & How To Start // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #9

After 9 straight days of blogging I can honestly say that I love it. But, you know what? I knew that I loved blogging before but I never made it large part of my life.  Worst of all, I am aware of that.  Even more worst of all, this happens to almost everybody in the world.  We know what makes us happy, we know what we love, and we don’t do it.

Here is a great post by The Tiny Buddha where he writes about the human  psychological need to resist that takes over each and every one of us, “There are infinite reasons why we make excuses not to do what’s important to us, and the more important something is to us, the more likely we’ll resist it.” This is why far too often, we do not do what we love.

The closer something is to our heart, the greater we subconsciously let fear take over because it has greater potential to hurt.

I won’t lie– I am a victim of this.  It took me almost 2 years to start blogging regularly despite how much I knew I loved it and wanted to do it.  My fear was of time commitment, but what I didn’t realize that I was the one creating the issue.  Sure, time commitment could be a problem, but I don’t need to let it be.  I don’t have to spend hours blogging everyday, I just have to blog.

On the same caliber, there is the …

fear of failure, fear of what others think, fear of difficulty, fear of not living up to what you think it may be, fear of leaving a comfortable place… fear. That is what it comes down to, fear.

Fear is more prominent when it comes to doing what we love because it is so close to your heart.  You literally want something so badly it hurts.  

We build it up so big in our minds that we become overwhelmed, and we run back to a place of comfort.  Who likes being uncomfortable #amiright?

Right.  But, wrong.  Right?

OK that confusing– simpler terms.. we DO like to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do what we love.

I’ve talked about fear before, I won’t keep giving you that spiel over an over, but what I will say to you is that fear is not tangible.  Fear is a thought of something that hasn’t happened yet but you afraid of it happening.  Why should a thought rule your life?  It shouldn’t and YOU are the one who can change that.

The first step you have to make in deciding to do what makes you happy is to realize that YOU are the one stopping you from doing so.  SURE, there is the fear of what other people may think, but those people aren’t physically stopping you, it is the fear in YOUR head stopping you.  And, guess what stops that fear? YOU.

Take small steps. Most often, you have built something big up in your head.  Realize that it will not happen overnight, nor should it! Rome wasn’t built in a day, ya feel?  We often think that we need to do a lot to be a lot, but we do not.  Does blogging make you happy? START WITH FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY, you don’t have to pop a squat, build a blog, and write write write, no.  Start with small steps.  Do you want to be a computer scientist? Go online, code for a bit every now and then.

JUST DO IT. Nike #yafeel.

Last but not least, delete the word can’t from your  mind.  The moment negativity becomes present in your mind, your entire psychology is shifted and you make it that much harder for yourself.  Moreover, YOU CAN because #YouMakeYou.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

See you tomorrow!


Colby Triolo

21 Day Mindset PowerUp

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Changes I’ve Made That Have Changed Me // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #7

Changes I’ve Made That Have Changed Me // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #7

I don’t know why I keep bobbling back and forth between deep, serious blogs and lighthearted easily read blogs.  It’s like my indecisiveness with lattes and black coffee… every other day its the opposite.  I’m a woman with many interests, ya know?


I’m sitting in my favorite cafe on campus, thinking about how much I’ve changed over the past two-ish years in college.  I don’t know what spurred me to do this, but it excites me.  I find it so easy to get wrapped up in the speed of life and the comfort of routine.  This is actually one of the changes I have made.  Before college, I was always so routine based.  I knew what I liked, I knew what I had to do, I found what worked for me, and I kept doing it. I didn’t like last minute changes, I didn’t like other people affecting my plans.  With the monotonous schedule of school I, more often than not, did the exact same thing every day.  I grew to love my routine to the point where I couldn’t fathom making a change any  given day.  After going away to college, I have begun to not live without a schedule, but live without a rigid routine.  I say ‘yes’ to things I would have said ‘no’ to before out of refusal to leave my routine.  I enjoy spontaneity.  I am able to learn so much more about myself and experience the world greater than before just because I am open to it.  By simply giving up my type-A schedule based mindset, I have begun the have some of the best experiences of my life.

This isn’t the only change I have made with myself over the past few years…

+ I stopped guzzling down my coffee from a to-go mug and started waiting to drink a cup until I have time to sit down and enjoy it.

+ I started making time, even when I “don’t have it” , to do things that make me happy.

+ I stopped spending time on people who don’t spend time on me.

+ I gave up the fear of failure and started trying things I didn’t think I would be successful at.  run

+ I stopped getting rattled when I couldn’t make it to the gym.

+ I stopped washing my hair every time I showered, no joke this is a thing, you’re not supposed to. 

+ I started doing things for me and stopped feeling selfish about it.

+  I started respect-fully not spending time with people who bring me down.

+ I started making a large effort to spend time with those who bring me up and make me happy.

+ I stopped apologizing unnecessarily.

+ I stopped eating food I don’t actually  like.

+ I stopped doing things because I thought I should and started doing things because I wanted to.

+ I started establishing and recognizing what is important to me.

+ I gave up the belief that I had to be doing work every second of every day.

+ And, I gave up the belief that life is a race to what you will become.


If I was to wrap all of these changes up in one point, it would be that I started to get to know and trust myself, and I realized that the most important thing for me, and for you in your life, is to let yourself be the center of your life.  It is not selfish.  We all have one life to live, we can’t waste is concerned about what others think, we can’t waste it hiding in fear, we can’t waste it programmed to a routine of comfort, we need to spend it chasing our own happiness. 


I want to know, what is a change you have made lately? Comment below!

See you tomorrow!



21 Day Power Up: a step by step guide to conquer your YMY mindset — 


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