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Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

30 Day Blogging Challenge #27

Cliche, I know. It hurts.

But, it’s true.

In many studies regarding the failure in pursuit of goals, it has been established that the main cause of the failure… is frustration with the speed at which the journey is going.  As humans, we like things now, we like things on the spot, we like things to come into existence essentially as soon as we want them.  But, we can’t.

The problem is that is not life.  Life moves along however life wants to move along and we can’t change that.  Sure, you can work hard and more diligently towards a goal you may have, and yes that will bring it to you sooner, but almost nothing is instantaneous.  

More importantly nothing worth having comes that easy. 

Most often the glory in an end result is rooted in the journey.  The journey is where you grow, where you learn, where you change.  Why would you want to cut that short?  Trust me, when I have a dream, I cannot wait for it to be reality, but at the same time, the trek to get there is just as important, if not more.

We have to learn to be patient.  

Yes, the end result is important.  But, the journey is just as important.


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