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Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Are you ready to hit it? Literally HIIT it.

aka high intensity interval training

HIIT workouts are my all time favorite form of workout especially when I am short on time and have stress I want to get out! There is nothing quite as satisfying as pounding through a killer 20-30 minute workout and feeling exhausted, yet incredibly accomplished at the end.  So, that feeling is exactly what I want to give you today.  After you complete the workout, or screenshot it for later, BONUS POINTS IF YOU PIN IT, be sure to scroll down and read about Quest Nutrition’s new Beyond Cereal Bars, PROTEIN CEREAL BARS, what? Yes, my two favorite things.  And, to make it even better, there is a waffle flavor. Nuff’ said.

FullSizeRender - Copy

Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Bar – Waffle

The workout:

bodyweight hiit workout

The goods:

Some of you may have seen on my instagram, but a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to work at The Arnold Health and Fitness expo with Quest Nutrition where we were featuring the newest Quest family addition: Beyond Cereal Bars.  Of course, when I got home the first thing I did was find out where you all, and myself hehe, could find them.  As you know, it’s hard to find products as soon as they are released.  Luckily, The Vitamin Shoppe had them, as well as their online site, BOOM.  Actually, I just noticed, free shipping online, so if you are #lazy like me, you can order there and don’t have to go to the store.



The Vitamin Shoppe, NJ


Beyond Cereal Bars

The biggest reason I LOVE these besides the fact that I am obsessed with cereal so it is a dream come true, is that I often don’t feel like having a full protein bar that can sometimes sit heavy in your stomach.  However, due to my sensitive stomach I am not comfortable with many other brands than Quest Nutrition.  Therefore, I often opt for half a bar or a few bites so I can still get my protein in.  But, these Beyond Cereal Bars are the perfect snack able size, not to mention a #BANGIN texture.  I mean, did you see that photo at the top?!

Beyond Cereal Bars



Here are the facts:

  • FLAVORS: chocolate, waffle, cinnamon bun
  • 110 calories
  • 4g fat, 3g (net) carbs, 12g protein
  • COULD VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON, but I am lactose intolerant and I am *fine* to eat these

Check them out for yourself here!



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