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Tips To Balance a Busy Life

Tips To Balance a Busy Life

30 Day Blogging Challenge #23

Do you know the days when you feel like you were hit by a bus full of shit to do, when you have so much on your to do list that you don’t know where to start? Those days, yeah they happen, that’s life, it’s great.

I wrote and entire eBook on how to successfully balance health and happiness especially while in college (PEEP only $2.50 here) but I want to share a few tips with you today because it is just one of those weeks.  And when times get tough, blog it out.  That’s how it works right?

In all seriousness, if you could get through life scotch free, you deserve an award, no– you deserve more than an award, you deserve a country named after you.  As far as I’m concerned, that is impossible and that’s the first thing I want you to remember when you start to get overwhelmed.  

Realize this is temporary.  A week from today you will be looking back from a better place.  You will look back and see how strong you were to make it through, you will realize that you have conquered a challenge.  Remember that.  Everything is temporary, and everything is OK in the end– if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

OK Colby, cool, I can’t just ignore the issue at hand and focus on the future. TRUTH.  So, here is what you can do in the moment:

  •  Not sure how you are going to get everything done?  Schedule, prioritize, knuckle down, and schedule breaks.  Work one hour, give yourself 5 minutes to relax, repeat.  In the long run, the time off will come in handy, it keeps your mind at ease and body refreshed.
  • Most importantly, don’t overdo it.  Decide how long something should take, and then take that amount of time to do it.  Have to bring a dish to a friends house for a get-together? It is OK to buy something instead of spending an hour baking it. <– Overdoing it when you are stressed is not going to help.  This applies to everything including studying, writing papers, etc.  Don’t let the perfectionist side of you take over, not everything has to be done to more than needed.  Yes, that is coming from a perfectionist. 
  • Make a mental, physical, and academic health priority goal at the beginning of each day.  You will probably get more than these things done, but at least you can start with both a plan AND a balance.  — Ellen Slater, MyUncommonEveryday
  • Try to let go of perfectionist urges, and learn to practice self-compassion, in short “treat yourself like you would a good friend”. — Hannah Heitz, Craving Happy
  • Change your perception on stress.  Read this.  That is all.

Comment below– what is your number one tip for dealing with stress?

See you tomorrow, YOU MAKE YOU!


Want more? Check out this $2.50 eBook with tons more tips on successfully balancing health and happiness. 


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Priorities – My Olympic Thoughts

Priorities – My Olympic Thoughts

Two thoughts I always have while watching the Olympics:

It would be so cool to be competing there.

I can’t even imagine what those athletes had to give up to get to that point.


Don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect every single one of the Olympians.  But, that’s not for me.  I have different priorities– I love fitness, I love athletics, but I also love being spontaneous with my friends, I love lying on the beach for hours on end, I love traveling the world, I love running YouMakeYou®, I love well.. a lot of things. 

My priorities are happiness, self-love, and empowering others to do the same.  So, I make a sincere effort to do what fosters those priorities.

I have not always been like this.  I can honestly say that it is hard to know and respect your boundaries.  I spent years of my life swept by  main stream society and doing things just because I thought I should.  The worst part?  I didn’t even realize this was the case.  It is easy to mold directly into society, it is easy to…

be one of a million instead of one in a million.

Bunch of pencils

In our world today it is easy to become part of the crowd: to do what is the ‘norm’, to be like your friends, to want to be like everyone else.  It is understandable.. everyone wants  to fit in.

However, this is the root of many problems.

When we do this we are ignoring our priorities.

Do you want to go on a diet and workout to the point of exhaustion because you actually want to or because you want to have the body of someone else?

Do you want to spend hours a day on Instagram or Twitter  because you actually enjoy it or because you feel like you have to for your audience?

Do you want to order that salad at dinner because you actually want it or because society has labelled it as a ‘good food’?

Get the idea?  Priorities are EVERYWHERE.  And as the sole creator of your life, it is so incredibly important to know what yours are and respect them.  Going back to my inspiration for writing this post, the Olympics, to be an Olympic athlete you have to give up a lot.  But for some people, their priorities ARE going to the Olympics so it is soul-fully okay for them to give up these things.  Now, to bring this back to a relate-able level, everything you do should in some way, shape or form reflect your priorities.  You have ONE life to live, YOUR life, you do not, and should not,  have to do anything just because  you think you should.  YOU are the sole person you should strive to satisfy.

I see this a lot on Instagram, especially in the fitness world.  Far too often, people revolve their lives around restrictive eating and rigid workout routines when there is no reason for doing so.  They are not training for any sort of competition, they want to look a certain way, or strive to be something they have seen on social media.  They lose sight of their priorities and fitness becomes their life when it was just meant to be part of their life.

Now, I don’t want to offend anyone.  Yes– my priorities are happiness, self-love, and empowering others but that does not mean that yours have to be as well.  Your priorities are defined by YOU.  Whatever they may be, I just ask you to stay true to them, never conform for society, and never lose sight of yourself.

Be one IN a million, not one OF a million.


I want to know:

What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? Mine is gymnastics.

Summer or Winter Olympics? Summmmmmmer.


xoxo, Colby

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