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How I Overcame Overeating at Night // Healthy in College

How I Overcame Overeating at Night // Healthy in College

I gained 20 lbs. from overeating at night

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One of my goals with meals is to eat what I truly want  to while still maintaining some sort of healthy consciousness.

I have not talked about this on here before; however, my first two years in college were challenging in the way that I fell hard as a victim to overeating at night.  I was trying so hard  to maintain the same mindset I had in high school of eating so healthy , so clean and so strict all of the time.  And, while that worked for me in high school, when I came to college,  my mind was tired of it.

However, I still continued to force myself to stick to my rigid rules.  Because of this, my body, I didn’t realize for too long, was revolting.

I would follow my ‘rules’ all day, push all my desires out of my mind, and then when the sun went down boom, I would find myself overeating at night, every night.  I would eat foods I didn’t even want and foods I had been craving for a long time.

And, I would eat a lot of them.

It was a vicious cycle.  And, I never really put together that the reason I was losing control at night was because I was depriving myself during the day.  It was a vicious cycle that happened pretty much daily.  Each day I would wake up and say “OK, I ate like sh!t last night, so I am going to eat perfectly today”, and I would…. until I was home at night, and it would happen again.  A vicious, vicious 2 year long cycle.

The freshman 15 happened, and so did the sophomore 10.

I thought it was a result of the stress of school, and there was nothing I could think of to fix that so it just kept happening, until I realized it wasn’t stress.  I don’t remember the exact point when I realized it had more to do with how I was treating myself in terms of food, but #blessed that I realized at all.

For me, my go to overeating at night food was cereal.

It would be bowls and bowls of it, the funny part is that I don’t even like cereal that much.  But, I think it makes me feel safe because it is from my childhood and is something my mom and I eat together when I am home.  So, after pushing my food desires out of my head all day, I would be exhausted and reach time after time again for more cereal.

Then, I started listening to my body and my cravings.

Once I stopped depriving myself when the sun was up,

I was totally fine at night.  Instead of denying my body of foods I thought were bad (note: no foods are bad, everything in moderation is OK), I was listening to my body and therefore it rewarded me with not going ridiculous with the food at night.   What is weird to me is that now, though I am not eating such clean and ‘healthy’ foods during the day, and am eating whatever sounds good, I am actually healthier as a whole.


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I no longer eat excessive amounts of foods that I really don’t want but can’t stop myself from eating.

No longer am I constantly thinking about what I can eat, and when I can eat next.

I no longer let food control my mood.

All because I listen to my body and give it the nourishment it deserves and wants- whatever that may be.  For example, the other day I wanted carrot cake and a cappuccino for lunch.  A year ago I would have pushed that immediately out of brain and ended up eating 4  bowls of cereal at night.  However, I’ve gotten to the point where I, with little struggle, can sit down and eat carrot cake and drink a cap for lunch.


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I know it is hard to change how your brain works,

but it is possible.  You have to fully commit yourself, You Make You, right?!  When you do something for 21 days consecutively, it becomes a habit.  I challenge you for the next 21 days to change the way you think about something, or go about something, that is negatively impacting your life, and see where you end up.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, I created a 21 Day Power Up, that assists you step by step with the process of rewiring your brain to your advantage!







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