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Healthy and Happy Back to School Tips

Healthy and Happy Back to School Tips

Healthy And Happy College Livin’

Winter break is coming to a close and back to school is quickly approaching.  If you are like me, and the millions of other students in the world you probably made some sort of  ‘live healthier’ ,  ‘get organized’, or other mental and physical health new years goal.   And, good news is that if you start off this next semester on the right track, you will reach those.  That is why I am here today, I want to share with you some of my best tips to help you stay healthy, happy, and focused as the next semester begins.

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How to stay healthy in college (& happy, too)!

Make a loose plan at the beginning of the semester.

As soon as you can, figure out when your big exams are and write them down.  Essentially, try to get a bigger picture of the semester ahead so you can plan and decrease the stress of last minute work.

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Prep those meals.

Whether it be at the beginning of the week or before each day, MEAL PREP.  Find what works for you and make it a habit.  You can check out CollegeFit for tons of college friendly recipes, and there are some more on my Instagram.  For me, I like to make overnight oats(recipe) before I go to bed the night before for breakfast.  Or, sometimes I’ll make a big egg souffle at the beginning of the week. And, in terms of lunches and dinners, I pick a new protein each week.  Then, I cook it up on the weekend and vary the flavorings and additions per day.

Life prep.

Start fresh each semester: get a nice planner, get some fresh notebooks, clean out your laptop, get some new pens and pencils.  And, do whatever else you need to do to enter this new semester with confidence and preperation.  One thing I love to do is set a few “new semester resolutions”.  For example, this semester I aim to sit closer to the front of the class, get to know my professors, and recap each lecture with a few bullet points right after each class.

Keep a clean space.

I know I sound like your mom right now, but keep your room clean, make your bed and keep you desk clear.  When you have a messy work space first off you waste time trying to find things and cleaning space to work at.  And second off, you are going to be less productive.  It’s very similar to the motto look good, play good.  You need to instill that “I got my shit together attitude” and then you will.

Turn that phone off.

Make a pact right now to turn your phone on silent and not look at it during class.  You will be surprised at how much more information you retain and how much easier finals studying is when you paid full attention during class.  PLUS, you have the rest of the day to use your phone.

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Notebook > Laptop

Trust me, as a computer science major, I don’t like to say this, but when you hand write your notes instead of typing them, you will be more engaged and have a better grasp on the material.  In addition, you don’t have the ease of surfing other websites.

That’s all I have for you right now, but I plan to share more tip, recipes, and workouts this semester regularly to help you maintain the healthy and happy college living atmosphere with ease, so STAY TUNED.  Now, go clean your room, buy yourself some fresh new notebooks, and step into that first day of classes with confidence.



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