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7 Thoughts That Changed My Life

7 Thoughts That Changed My Life

Six months ago,

a lot changed.  I quit being Instagram famous, and I temporarily moved to a new city.   Both of those things, along with much else, made me become more of my true, and happiest self.


I quit being IG famous


It’s not that I was ever unhappy,

it’s just that I was never living my true happiness.  And, as beautiful as it is now, that honestly scares me sh!tless because I didn’t know that I wasn’t happy before now.  While I genuinely think a big portion of me digging deeper into becoming who I am as a person had to do with leaving the spotlight of 35,000 Instagram followers.  I owe a massive thank you to the incredible people who came into my life over the past half year.

So, thank you for being the person I am for other people, but haven’t learned to be for myself.

You know exactly who you are, and I can’t even begin to express how much you mean to me.   A majority of these lessons were learned from you…

With all of the sappiness out of the way and though I usually wait until the end of a school year for a “what I learned” recap; if you can change someone’s perspective on something, why wait? #amiright SO  . . .

7 Thoughts That Changed My Life in 2k17

1. Some doors slam on you, some doors you quietly close; but either way, they are meant to be shut.

Believe me.

2. Feel your feelings.

This one.  This one is gooood. If you’re sad, be sad. If you’re pissed, be pissed. If you are jumping for joy, freakin’ jump for joy.  There is absolutely nothing productive in masking your emotions, or more importantly, there is nothing productive in acting like you are okay when you are not okay.  You are feeling certain things for a reason, so feel them.  Own your body, own your mind, never bury emotions, that is when they cause trouble.

3. You may be torn apart, but you will be built back stronger, and more beautiful than ever.

And, that’s okay.

4. Don’t forget about yourself.

This is one of my weaknesses.  In the end, it’s you and your life.  You’re the one who owns it, you’re the one who lives it.  Remember that.

5. Pressure is a privilege.

I wrote a lot about this one the other day on Instagram: you have pressure and stress because you are talented enough to posses something that causes it.

6. Actions speak louder than words.

Oldie, but good-ie. This applies to so much: saying you’re sorry has much less meaning than showing it, saying you want to accomplish something has much less meaning than working to achieve it.

7.  Not everyone will get you.

But, that shouldn’t change you.  That shouldn’t change anything about you, or how you act.

&& bonus 8. Life is more than you realize.

It may seem like the end of the world.  You may be wondering how on Earth you are going to make it through.  But, life is more than right now.  10 days from now, 10 weeks from now … this will all be a blip in your memory.  You will forget the struggle, and the hard times, and you will be left with beautiful memories and your incredible self formed through all of those hardships.


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What’s In My Gym Bag | Summer edition 

What’s In My Gym Bag | Summer edition 

Hello, it’s me!

Yes, I am back, back again. Yeah she’s back, back again… OK I’m done.  But, YES, the past few months have been an absolute whirlwind for me with everything from moving, to deleting my IG (blog post on this coming in a few days), to starting  a full time Engineering job.  Sadly, blogging had to take a backseat for a bit.  For someone who is type A x 1000, it was extremely hard to say the least to let something I 1. love and 2. use to build a community essentially fall off the face of earth for a few months.  But, I 100% had to in order to get my roots set with everything new happening, find myself and where I need to be mentally, as well as physically, and reduce stress and anxiety.

To put it bluntly, yes I had to take time to do everything for myself.  Which is one hundred percent OK, and it is what I preach, so it would only make sense if I followed that, right?

Now, for what you came here for.

I promise some more #juicy posts will be coming in regularly, starting with an explanation on why I changed Instagrams, but today let’s start FUN.

What is in my gym bag? Summer edition.

Because, well, it’s summer! Also, be sure to scroll to the end for a special video 😉

Quest Beyond Cereal bars

Also, must clarify … my gym  bag is *also* my life bag, AKA it goes everywhere with me… to the point where I have permanent brush burn on my arms from where I rest the handles sometimes.  Slide into those DM’s for  proof.

Quest Beyond Cereal Bars

Quest Beyond Cereal bars

I like dez very much for a few reasons. One, they remind me of those cereal granola bars, but have protein, no sugar, and in my opinion taste better.  Two, with my digestive system issues, I don’t do so hot with protein only bars, so these are the perfect combo of protein, but not too much protein, still with fiber, and a few carbs mixed in there.

Three, they keep me full.  Which is honestly  so hard for me to say about bars.  Four, I found these guys  at 7-Eleven!  What? YEP.  I can grab them anywhere, it makes it so easy  to just pop into the corner 7-Eleven (participating locations), grab a Quest Beyond Cereal Bar with a super cheap coffee and head off to work.

Should  I add the bonus of not having to  go  into a supplement store and be overwhelmed by the store clerk chirping your ears off about some health benefit of something or another?

Click here for a delicious & simple macro-friendly recipe I made with these (coming 7.13.17)

I cannot tell you the number  of times Quest Beyond Cereal Bars (& their 7-Eleven inhabitance– again, participating locations ) have saved my mornings.  Check ’em out, check ’em out.  Plus, you’re going to want a few for the super easy breakfast recipe at the end of this post 😉

Makeup remover wipes

I never paid much attention to skin care (face palm) until this summer.  However, taking your makeup off before a workout works wonders on the skin.

Nuts | current choice -> cashews

What’s your go to nut? Comment below!

Jump rope

In case I get held up at work and miss a workout class.  Or, decide that it’s to darn gorgeous out to go workout inside.

outdoor workouts


Phone charger

No explanation needed.

Spare socks and sports bra

I don’t really have an explanation for this.  Sometimes I get an  urge to workout later in the day after I’ve already gone to CrossFit, and who wants to put  on a damp pair of socks or sports bra from that morning?

That’s all I got  for ya! I guess my bag is pretty boring,

plus I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the band-aids, Gas-x (emergencies ok), allergy medicine, and hair brush I have in there 😀

Now time for the extra good stuff:

Simply Crispy Breakfast Pizza

4 ingredients. bomb macros. watch to find out how!


Let’s connect on IG: @colbylivesfit





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Finals Week Survival Guide – Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Finals Week Survival Guide – Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Your finals week survival guide

The dreaded, and sadly unavoidable finals week is creeping up on us like none other.   Could I even call myself a healthy living and college blogger if I didn’t provide you with a Finals Week Survival Guide? No, no I could not.  So, put in those headphones, buckle down, and  soak up these innovative ~survival tips~.

Before we get to the good stuff.  My top 3 favorite study snacks… ONE TWO THREE GO: Quest Bars, Pop Corners, Scones.

Change your mindset

There is a lot  to say about how thoughts affect our lives.  Have you ever heard the saying “bad things happen in threes”? They usually do #amiright ?! But, research has proven that they do happen in three because we are expecting them to.   Now, apply that mindset to finals.  I think I can fairly say that we dread finals week, we think finals week is going to be hell, we will not sleep, we will not eat, or anything of the like.  We all think these things, and engrave them into our brains so low and behold they come true.

I can tell you right now that if you don’t convince yourself this is going to be an awful week or that you won’t be able to have time to eat, sleep, or workout, these things will not come true. You don’t need to put yourself at that disadvantage so change your mindset into one along the lines of “you can do this” and “a week from now you will be done” and it will be significantly easier– that is the what the whole YouMakeYou mindset is about.

Make a loose schedule

Get a blank, unlined piece of paper.  Make it into a mini one week calendar view.  And, not only write down your actual final exam dates and times, but also write down a loose schedule of when you will study what and how long.  Most importantly, and this is the next major point….

Schedule ‘me time‘ / time to veg

You. need. this. I can’t say it enough.  Your brain needs to rest, you need to rejuvenate, and you need to honor your true inner happiness in some way.  READ -> Taking a Break: How & Why You Should


finals week survival guide


Find, or create, a playlist

This is a great way to keep yourself focused and going.  Make sure you build, or find, a good one so you have something to look forward to.  I LOVE Afternoon Acoustic by Spotify.

Switch up your location frequently

Try out new study spaces every other day, or even every day.  You will be surprised at how your focus and attention is significantly better. Plus, maybe the new location has #bangin coffee, or delicious vegan scones (yes, this happened to me). Don’t be afraid to go off campus either– Barnes and Noble is so refreshing for me!


Get that heart rate pumpin’, shake out those stiff legs, and brew those endorphins.  If you don’t have full hours to spare, check out EasyFit which is an eBook I wrote wit tons of short, effective, and anywhere workouts ($2.50) You don’t need a lot of time, you can even PLAN it into your day (re #1).

Suggestions: workout galore.

colby triolo

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finals week survival guide


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Must Haves for Mind and Body Health

Must Haves for Mind and Body Health

What are my must-haves for overall health?

I will be honest, I have never been one for a daily self care routine.  Or, really any daily routine for that matter.  Why?  Daily routines just never stick for me, and more importantly, I love love trying new things and hate doing things repetitively.  There is only one thing I do each day to promote overall mind and body health and that is set a goal at the beginning of each day that I can accomplish in the following 24 hours.

Of course though, I do have certain go-to products & ways to keep my mind and body health in check.

Today I want to share some of them with you.

Digestive health : OLLY Quick Melt Probiotic Sticks

OLLY Quick Melt Probiotic Sticks are my favorite way to get probiotics in because they are little #portable probiotic sticks that you pour directly onto your tongue and they dissolve quick.  Yes, they taste delicious.  But, more importantly they pack 10 billion live active cultures.  Not only are these probiotics proven to help your digestive system, but your immune system, as well.

Probiotic sticks on the go

Why do I choose OLLY ?  These are portable #HelloCollegeLife  #AlsoDon’tNeedToRefrigerate, tasty, not in pill form, helps digestive system and also helps to maintain overall health.

DEAL: While supplies last you can get a free trial of the same OLLY Quick Melt Probiotic Sticks that I use! Click here. 

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Late night snacking: tea & greek yogurt bowls

For me, late night snacking is a killer.  I am constantly up late at night trying to finish school or blog work and I GET HUNGRY.  However, I have learned over the years that eating late at night is not so hot for my waist line, and also kills my stomach the next day.   The ways that I have learned to satisfy this late night hunger while maintaining my mental and physical health is to turn to a good tea mixed with coconut milk (optional) and/or a protein packed snack.  One of my favorite protein packed snacks is a greek yogurt bowl.  You can find some others in my CollegeFit eBook ($2.50 here).

RELATED: Healthy and Happy Back to School Tips

Mental health: candles, a happy playlist, & a clean room

This one may seem a bit odd, but when my stress is through the roof I like to take a step back, light a candle, put on an uplifting playlist (peep some songs), and spend a few minutes cleaning my room (or just laying down and thinking).

RELATED: Taking a Break: How & Why You Should

Morning pick me up: coffee blended with coconut oil and cinnamon

Don’t knock it before you try it.  That’s all I have to say.  DIY: brew coffee, pour into a blender, add 1 TB coconut oil, a pinch of cinnamon, blend.

Achy muscles: turmeric anything

Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory compounds that help with muscle recovery and preventing injuries.  Here are some simple recipes.   Personally,  I love turmeric tea.

Oily skin: 1 mashed banana  + 1 T honey + few drops lemon juice

This homemade face mask works wonders on oily skin.  Another bonus is that these are 3 ingredients you probably have in your house.  DIY: mix the ingredients together, apply to your face, let sit for about 15 minutes, rinse, and moisturize.


homemade face mask recipe


Dry skin: handful of oats, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1 egg white

Weird, I know, but this easy to make face mask is a serious combatant to dry skin.  In addition to tightening and moisturizing, the texture from the oats provides great exfoliation.

Busy, but hungry morning: toast + (greek yogurt, cinnamon, blueberries) or + (avocado, sriracha)

There comes a morning for everybody when you have zero time but are #hangry.  Whether you overslept your alarm, or just plain don’t have time for breakfast, my go-to is 2 slices of toast with super quick toppings.  My favorite combos are avocado and sriracha (trumor has it, peanut butter added to this is amazing… have you tried that?  Let me know.) or a spread of greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and blueberries.

Now, tell me! What is your go to product or trick for overall health and wellness?

If you are looking to make some changes this upcoming year, be sure to check out my 21 Day Power Up that walks you through how to conquer the most powerful mindset of your life and assist you in reaching yours goals.


PS. Did you catch the deal to receive  a free trial of OLLY Quick-Melt Probiotic Sticks? If so, click the photo below.

olly probiotic sticks on the go

I want a box!

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