Self Love: Stop Saying, Start Doing

Self Love: Stop Saying, Start Doing

Life Lessons I Wish I Knew Earlier

One thing I have been struggling with lately is the difference between saying and doing.  When you say you are taking a nap, it isn’t true until you actually lie down, close your eyes, and sleep for a period of time.  It is the same idea with all thoughts and actions.  I can say I love myself, but do I actually?  How am I showing myself that I do?  This has been on my mind for quite a while, so today I want to share 3 practices I wish I learned earlier(!) that truly do make us honor ourselves and show that self love FO REAL.

Self Love Practice #1

Give only when you are full

We are a generation of good-ists; we always want to give give give. We tend to always care what people think of us so we are always offering, and being the person there for everything and everyone.  But, far too often, we focus so much on this constant giving to others and working to satisfy others that we lose ourselves and ignore what we need in the process. Taking care of yourself is absolutely NOT selfish– in fact, it is your number one priority.

You, me, we– all need to focus on filling ourselves with what we need before moving to others.  When we don’t do this, we compromise our happiness, and often times, our health.


how to show self love


Self Love Practice #2

Set attainable goals, not past-reach goals

I do believe in shooting for the stars however, I believe this only for the long run.  Think about it this way: if you are constantly setting daily goals that you cannot reach, what does that do to your confidence and eagerness to keep moving towards your goals?  Little to nothing.  There is no rush of confidence or acknowledgement of progress when you fall short regularly.

Instead, yes go ahead and set a long term shooting for the stars goals; but, in the meantime, set mini goals that you know for a fact that you can accomplish.  Even more importantly, celebrate these accomplishments.

One of the best things I have done for myself is wake up each morning, roll over, and write a goal down for the day that I know I can accomplish and that will set me further on the path to reaching my longer term goal.  I do this before I even leave my bed.

how to show self love


Self Love Practice #3

Treat yourself like you would a best friend, not your worst enemy

Over the past year, I have been analyzing what I say to myself, and DAMN, I am not nice to myself.  If I treated a friend like I treat myself, they would not be a friend for long.  And, I know I am not the only one who does this.  We are all our own worst enemy, but why?  Why do we criticize every ounce of our being? What purpose is there in it?  No reason, and none.

The mentality I have adopted is if I wouldn’t say something that I am thinking about to myself to my best friend about her, I will not say it to myself.  Simple as that.


how to show self love


I have more tips and practices coming for you all soon, so keep checking back and in the mean time be sure to follow my FACEBOOK page where I am posting more ~daily~ tidbits.

Stay strong, stay fit, stay beautiful

colby triolo

PS. A few more personal training spots have opened up since school has ended for me! Head over -> here <- for details, would LOVE to help you reach your goals.

self love practices

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Life is too short for bad coffee

Life is too short for bad coffee

Why you don’t deserve to settle

To keep the name authentic, I did in fact sit down to right this directly after I brewed a horrible pot of coffee.  I was in an awkward situation because I had used my last bit of almond milk in the mug that was tainted with that pot of coffee so I was tempted to suck it up and drink it but instead realized that seriously life is way too short to be drinking bad coffee just because you are out milk especially when your daily coffee is something you look forward to.  So, I dumped it.

Where this blog post comes from is why I was brewing that coffee.  I was brewing that coffee because I was fed up with one too many things around me and needed an hour to sip and be surrounded (and filled?) with something that never failed to make me feel happy and relaxed.  While sitting there with my fresh, perfectly brewed cup ‘o joe I realized that I needed to stop settling.


life is too short for bad coffee

Making peace with a sh!tty world

Now more than ever I am realizing how easy this world makes it to be stepped on and torn down.   As I grow older I see how hard it is to find people that are truly good people to, and for,  you.  We are surrounded by people who are one way streets.  People who are only there when it is convenient for them.  And people who expect the world but aren’t willing to give the world.  We are surrounded by people who are easily influenced by the crowd to stray from what they know is the right thing to say or do to someone.  And, we are surrounded by people who don’t realize the impact and negative effects they have on many people as a result of their actions.

We ARE surrounded by all of these things


and it is so easy to fall into the trap or self-blame and self-pity.  Like when you are the person always there for your friends, but not once has anyone asked you how you are doing.  Or like when you make time in your busy schedule for a friend and they blow you off for a reason so minuscule it doesn’t deserve the title, reason.  Or like when you wouldn’t bat an eye before helping a friend in need, yet that one time you needed someone, there was no one.

The point of what I am getting at here is that all of those things are bad coffee.  That’s it.  And as hard as it is to say, and maybe read, life is too short for bad coffee,

the sink is right there and you can dump what you need to.

 pour the coffee


(READ🙂 I am not saying to go dump anyone or anything who has ever negatively impacted you.  But I am saying that (ALSO READ:) there is one sole thing in this world that you have full and utter control over and that is your mind and your thoughts; what you think affects how you feel and how  your life goes on.  These things, and many more, will happen, they are inevitable– that’s life man, it’s sh!tty, but in the end it is you who decides if you will give these things power to affect you.

Trust me, I know that is easier said than done, but you don’t deserve to settle.  Those people, or events, that make you feel like you are drinking a bad cup of coffee– they don’t deserve even near you giving them the power to enter your life and affect it so negatively.

You have to do what you have to do to find your happiness and live your life.

Because this is it, this is your life, not a bad friend’s life, not a bad cup of coffee’s life.  This is your life. Wake up, smell that fresh pot of beautifully roasted coffee and live the day for you.

If it means dumping the pot, or throwing the whole damn machine out all together, so be it.  I just went to 7-11, probably the most expensive place one can purchase almond milk ($5 a gallon wuht). But ya know– I am content AF sitting here sippin my joe and that is all that matters.

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Reasons to Smile When Life Isn’t Perfect

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colby triolo

PS. The coffee that I brewed that didn’t suck was Drip Brew. Seriously why do I ever try to switch it up.

Drip Brew: Single Purchase (‘youmakeyou’ 10% off)

Drip Brew Subscription (‘ymy’ 10% off) <– highly recommend, these beauts get delivered right to mah door for like $13/month


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why you don't deserve to settle

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Reasons to Smile When Life Isn’t Perfect

Reasons to Smile When Life Isn’t Perfect

Why is smiling so great?

Because smiling is more than a simple facial movement; rather, it can change the entire emotional state of your mind and body.  I’m not kidding, I’m about to go all science on you so get ready.

Here is how smiling makes you happier…

When you smile you contract muscles in your face– let’s call them smiling muscles.  These smiling muscles, only when contracted, begin a positive feedback loop through our bodies that once in the brain, solidifies the feeling of happiness and joy structurally.  It gets better.  Your brain not only is aware of the fact that you are smiling but actually keeps track of  it.  Meaning, the more and more your brain is acquainted with this smiling pattern, the more it rewires your entire thought process to break it’s natural tendency to lean on negative patterns.

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Essentially, the more you smile, the more likely you are to think, and be, positive during un-smiling times.

That is what the whole ‘YouMakeYou’ journey is based on… engraving positive patterns into your brain to deter from the negative ones, resulting in you being able to take life head on from the best mental state possible.  And of course, to leave you with these positive patterns that foster you to accomplish your goals and dreams, whatever they may relate to.

Trust me, I know there isn’t always a reason to walk around with a wide-toothed smile on your face, life can be rufffff.  But, I’ve got you covered with a list of things that can make you smile whenever, wherever you need that extra uumph.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more HAPPINESS BOOSTERS.

Reasons to smile today, right now

Say “HI!” to your knee out loud

Press play, that is all

Peanut butter.  Full jar.  Just you and a spoon.

Cancelled lectures

“You’re beautiful, seriously”

When a panda is born it weighs 3-5 oz. and is 7 inches long, and actually the cutest thing ever, exhibit A…


baby panda


When you tickle a rat, they laugh, but in such a high pitch tone you actually need special equipment to hear them.

Memes, go look at some memes

Long showers

Free food, ow owwwww

Sunsets on the beach

I can’t wink, but this cat can…

cat winking


Pay day, wooo!

Fresh notebooks

Unexpected package deliveries

You reached a free drink on your rewards card, hollllllaa

A friend buys you ice cream

A friend buys you … really, anything

Chugging a glass of ice water after a workout

Because dogs stare out the window longer than soap opera actors do

Sometimes people, or animals, forget the screen door is closed

I’m a victim of  ^, picture that

If you wanted to, you could contact anyone your heart desires is 2 seconds flat

The smell of coffee

Laying in bed, with a bag of popcorn, and Netflix

Chocolate.. or if you’re weird like me, vanilla

There is only one you in the world.

And, you are the best you there is.


Hey, you….

dog smiling


yes, you! If that didn’t work, did this?

Shine on, keep smiling fam.

Peep, I put this in convenient save-able form for you.  Pin away friends!

reasons to smile today


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Healthy and Happy Back to School Tips

Healthy and Happy Back to School Tips

Healthy And Happy College Livin’

Winter break is coming to a close and back to school is quickly approaching.  If you are like me, and the millions of other students in the world you probably made some sort of  ‘live healthier’ ,  ‘get organized’, or other mental and physical health new years goal.   And, good news is that if you start off this next semester on the right track, you will reach those.  That is why I am here today, I want to share with you some of my best tips to help you stay healthy, happy, and focused as the next semester begins.

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college fitness

How to stay healthy in college (& happy, too)!

Make a loose plan at the beginning of the semester.

As soon as you can, figure out when your big exams are and write them down.  Essentially, try to get a bigger picture of the semester ahead so you can plan and decrease the stress of last minute work.

healthy college tip 1


Prep those meals.

Whether it be at the beginning of the week or before each day, MEAL PREP.  Find what works for you and make it a habit.  You can check out CollegeFit for tons of college friendly recipes, and there are some more on my Instagram.  For me, I like to make overnight oats(recipe) before I go to bed the night before for breakfast.  Or, sometimes I’ll make a big egg souffle at the beginning of the week. And, in terms of lunches and dinners, I pick a new protein each week.  Then, I cook it up on the weekend and vary the flavorings and additions per day.

Life prep.

Start fresh each semester: get a nice planner, get some fresh notebooks, clean out your laptop, get some new pens and pencils.  And, do whatever else you need to do to enter this new semester with confidence and preperation.  One thing I love to do is set a few “new semester resolutions”.  For example, this semester I aim to sit closer to the front of the class, get to know my professors, and recap each lecture with a few bullet points right after each class.

Keep a clean space.

I know I sound like your mom right now, but keep your room clean, make your bed and keep you desk clear.  When you have a messy work space first off you waste time trying to find things and cleaning space to work at.  And second off, you are going to be less productive.  It’s very similar to the motto look good, play good.  You need to instill that “I got my shit together attitude” and then you will.

Turn that phone off.

Make a pact right now to turn your phone on silent and not look at it during class.  You will be surprised at how much more information you retain and how much easier finals studying is when you paid full attention during class.  PLUS, you have the rest of the day to use your phone.

no phone in class


Notebook > Laptop

Trust me, as a computer science major, I don’t like to say this, but when you hand write your notes instead of typing them, you will be more engaged and have a better grasp on the material.  In addition, you don’t have the ease of surfing other websites.

That’s all I have for you right now, but I plan to share more tip, recipes, and workouts this semester regularly to help you maintain the healthy and happy college living atmosphere with ease, so STAY TUNED.  Now, go clean your room, buy yourself some fresh new notebooks, and step into that first day of classes with confidence.



healthy and happy in college

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Perfection Revisited

Perfection Revisited

30 Day Blogging Challenge #29

One major thing I’ve learned during this blogging challenge– I like to word vomit.  I really do. It’s fun.

Let’s go back to my little ~chat~ on perfection.  The notion of perfection isn’t real, what is real is you.  As a society we build these walls, and we build these canvases of so-called standards that are impossible to live up to.

When did our world become one of comparison? When did our would become one of putting more glory on other people than on ourselves? When did we lose the importance of self love? When did we begin to live for other people’s ideals?

It’s sad.  It’s really sad.  I wrote about this a bit in my blog post — pretty sure I should just start calling them blog rants — called You Are Not Selfish I focused in on the misconception that putting yourself first is in no way, shape, or form selfish.  And that when we are born, we are born with the right to own our lives and control them– nobody else has that right in terms of your life.

I get really frustrated when I see our world conforming to social ideals that have been engraved into our brains.  When the reality is, what makes the world beautiful is the diversity we give it.  What makes the world grow is each and every person adding their own unique contribution.

Nobody in the world is better at being you than you are.  So, I have one question…

Why on Earth would you give up the immense power you are given to create yourself?

I know it is much easier said than done, but you should not feel pressure to do something because it is cool, or because everybody is doing it. You should not change your feelings about something because the people around you disagree. You should not hide from chasing your dreams because you are worried about what others will think.  Most importantly, you should not live your life for others.

 You should live your life for yourself.  

We all are given one life to live, why waste is chasing outside satisfaction when you can spend it finding happiness and inner peace?

Perfection is you.  You are perfection.  You have it already, there is no need to chase it, because then— you are running from it.




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Tips To Balance a Busy Life

Tips To Balance a Busy Life

30 Day Blogging Challenge #23

Do you know the days when you feel like you were hit by a bus full of shit to do, when you have so much on your to do list that you don’t know where to start? Those days, yeah they happen, that’s life, it’s great.

I wrote and entire eBook on how to successfully balance health and happiness especially while in college (PEEP only $2.50 here) but I want to share a few tips with you today because it is just one of those weeks.  And when times get tough, blog it out.  That’s how it works right?

In all seriousness, if you could get through life scotch free, you deserve an award, no– you deserve more than an award, you deserve a country named after you.  As far as I’m concerned, that is impossible and that’s the first thing I want you to remember when you start to get overwhelmed.  

Realize this is temporary.  A week from today you will be looking back from a better place.  You will look back and see how strong you were to make it through, you will realize that you have conquered a challenge.  Remember that.  Everything is temporary, and everything is OK in the end– if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

OK Colby, cool, I can’t just ignore the issue at hand and focus on the future. TRUTH.  So, here is what you can do in the moment:

  •  Not sure how you are going to get everything done?  Schedule, prioritize, knuckle down, and schedule breaks.  Work one hour, give yourself 5 minutes to relax, repeat.  In the long run, the time off will come in handy, it keeps your mind at ease and body refreshed.
  • Most importantly, don’t overdo it.  Decide how long something should take, and then take that amount of time to do it.  Have to bring a dish to a friends house for a get-together? It is OK to buy something instead of spending an hour baking it. <– Overdoing it when you are stressed is not going to help.  This applies to everything including studying, writing papers, etc.  Don’t let the perfectionist side of you take over, not everything has to be done to more than needed.  Yes, that is coming from a perfectionist. 
  • Make a mental, physical, and academic health priority goal at the beginning of each day.  You will probably get more than these things done, but at least you can start with both a plan AND a balance.  — Ellen Slater, MyUncommonEveryday
  • Try to let go of perfectionist urges, and learn to practice self-compassion, in short “treat yourself like you would a good friend”. — Hannah Heitz, Craving Happy
  • Change your perception on stress.  Read this.  That is all.

Comment below– what is your number one tip for dealing with stress?

See you tomorrow, YOU MAKE YOU!


Want more? Check out this $2.50 eBook with tons more tips on successfully balancing health and happiness. 


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Let’s Talk Passion

Let’s Talk Passion

30 Day Blogging Challenge #21

Ready to word vomit in 3, 2… 1.

I preach all of the time to live your passion– to know what you want and to take it.  From that comes the question, how do you find your passion?  Sure, you can google ideas, you can take some personality quizzes, you can ask friends, but here’s the truth…. you don’t look for passion, passion finds you.  

You may stumble upon it when trying something new, but you can’t go out searching for it, that’s not possible.  You can’t round a corner, pick up a rock, find a hidden tunnel and happen upon your passion.


Passion finds you. 

The issue is in perception and priorities.

Trust  me, you know your passion– you know your happiness.  There is a reason you are waking up every morning.  But are you prioritizing it?  There is a subconscious misconception that when you find your passion life becomes glitter and rainbows, so when it is not– we push it aside, we treat it as just another thing. That is the problem, passion is not going to overtake your life, it will just be.  Passion is going to make you happy and feel alive but it will not be your entire living soul– it coexists with your life.  Do not brush it aside because you are not reaching that fantasy land of unicorns, and chocolate rivers.

When you get lost in something, that is your passion.  I started my college career as a Chemical Engineer.  I did well, but that was it, I would never even play with the idea to do more than I had to.  And, an all nighter? I would never consider that.  Then, I found Computer Science of which I would happily stay up till 4am everyday if I had to in order to work on code, I am constantly pushing the boundaries and researching on my own to expand my horizons, when I am upset I pull out my computer and coding it was calms me down.  That is passion. It found me and I let it in.  

But, I know that the joyous feelings that I get from staring at screen for hours on end, coding until I can barely see anymore aren’t 24/7 feelings.  I know this.  I know that life happens.  I know there will be days that I want to end by 5pm because they are going so badly, I know there are days where I will want to hide in my bed all day.  That is life, life fucking sucks.  But, I don’t allow that to change my perception on my passion.  I don’t allow myself to question if I have passion for something because the feelings aren’t there every second of everyday.

Here’s the other issue.  Priority.

I can’t tell you the number of times my friends, or family, have come to me telling me that they need to find their passion.  Yet the truth is I have seen each and everyone of them be enthralled by the same thing over and over, and I have seen something make them truly happy.  The truth is that they don’t need to find their passion because their passion has already found them. They just haven’t accepted it.  Most of the time they have ran from it because they have some faulty and absurd definition in their head about what success is; they are scared if they did something it wouldn’t make others happy or proud, they are scared if they did something against the grain it wouldn’t be accepted.  These societal created definitions have caused them to build a concrete wall between them and their passion.  

But, the passion is there.  Your passion is there.  And trust me, as Mark Manson says “If you have to look for what you’re passionate about, then you probably aren’t passionate about it at all”.

Trust me– there is a reason you are getting up and living each day, there is a reason you are doing everything you are doing, your passion is buried there.  Instead of going out and searching for it,

let your passion find you.

You Make You,


21 Day Power Up

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Your Monday Challenge

Your Monday Challenge

30 Day Blogging Challenge #20

I have been blogging everyday for 20 days now… what.


Honestly, it has been tough, there have been days where the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write because there were a million other things on my to do list.  But, blogging makes me happy, therefore, as a self-loving gift to myself– I do it.  Just like I talked about in The Science of Happiness and Why We Don’t Do What We Love & How to Start, making time even when you don’t have it to spend time on yourself does make you happier.  And, as a result of that happiness, the rest of your life is boosted.

So on this beautiful motivation Monday I want to motivate you to write down three things that make you smile from the inside out, and vow to do each one at some point this week.

Maybe you schedule them into your day, maybe you do them when you are most stressed, maybe you do them everyday.  It is completely up to you what you do and when you do them, but make sure they get done, it’s happiness we are talking about here!

& Of course, who would I be if I didn’t send a little Motivation Monday your way :



See you tomorrow, YOU MAKE YOU!


PS. If you want to take this to the next level, join my 21 Day Power Up with over 30 people who have started over the past week!

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You’re Not Selfish

You’re Not Selfish

30 Day Blogging Challenge #18

Far too often we are so busy hiding in fear that we cannot chase our dreams (yes– I’ve said this before). What is one of the biggest fears we collectively have? Others.  

We fear what people will think of us.

We fear if what we do will make others happy.

We fear what will happen if we ‘stray from the norm’.

Honestly, I teeter on the edge of saying we fear each other.  Can you tell me the last time you did something for yourself? Can you tell me the last day you didn’t wonder what someone thought about you or something you did?  Can you tell me the last time you didn’t do something because you were scared of what someone would think?  Can you tell me the last time you said ‘fuck you’ to the world and didn’t allow others to enter your thoughts and decisions?

Can you?


Being a college student, I am immersed in this behavior.  Every day, every hour, I am surrounded by the worry of satisfying others; the self-questioning, the self comprise.

To put it in as few words as possible,  I see people living for someone else.

Putting aside the severe pressure of society to follow a stigmatized norm, I think there is an intense fear of coming off as selfish, and honestly I’m tired of it. It’s sad and it is killing our generation.

It is also a misconception, do you know what the definition of selfish is?

Selfish; lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

Being completely and utterly wrapped up in yourself to a point where you are inconsiderate of others, that is selfish.

Deciding you don’t want to go to an event because you aren’t feeling it, that isn’t selfish.  You are allowed to enjoy different things. 

Spending your time differently than those around you, that isn’t selfish. Your happiness is what matters most.

Not being able to be there for everyone’s dilemmas all of the time, that isn’t selfish.  You need to take care of yourself first. 

Being or not being friends with someone your other friends aren’t/are, that isn’t selfish.  You choose what/who is apart of your life.

Getting rid of something negative in your life despite any outside influence that may be present, that isn’t selfish.  You deserve more than negativity.

Taking time for yourself, that isn’t selfish. It’s your life. 

Deciding to stop being the sounding board for everyone else’s problems, that isn’t selfish. It’s not fair to you, you deserve more. 

Not following the ‘social norm’, that isn’t selfish. We need more of that in this world.

Saying ‘screw this’ and completely uprooting to put yourself and your happiness first, that isn’t selfish.  This is your life, nobody else’s.

Following your dreams, even if they don’t line up with those around you perfectly, that isn’t selfish, 

That is self loving. 

That is what you were put here to do.

You have one life to live.


The question is, will you make it the one you want?

You are the sole person in control.



see you tomorrow xoxox,


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Maintainable Steps To A Successful Morning // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #14

Maintainable Steps To A Successful Morning // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #14

You spill your morning coffee, and it’s all downhill from there. You are late for work, you get yelled at by a co worker, you forgot your lunch, you can’t focus….

Me ^

It’s the domino effect.

lol done^

The first few hours of your day set the stage for the remainder of your day. Today, I want to share with you 5 do-able steps to setting your day up for success. When you are done reading, leave a comment below with your favorite part of your morning routine, I want to know!

Wake up, slay, repeat.. your guide:

  • Open your blinds. Let the natural light in. Studies have shown that our eyes and brains function more optimally with natural lighting. Benefits also include: the increase of Vitamin D which boosts overall wellness, the regulation of our circadian sleep patterns, and a decrease in your energy bill!
  • Spend 2-5 minutes giving yourself one goal for the day. What is one thing you can do today that is a small step towards your goals.
  • Smile What are you excited for today? What is one thing you are grateful for? Think about these things. Look at a quote, read an inspirational passage — do something that makes you smile.
  • Make someone else smile. Send a friend a good morning text, you will no question brighten their day.  Compliment someone. SMILE at someone, they will smile back. Encouraging others is key to having a positive outlook on life.
  • Move. I always workout in the morning because it not only releases endorphins, but also wakes me up to conquer the day. If you don’t have time to workout, just MOVE— go for a walk, stretch, do some jumping jacks.
  • Recite your affirmations/goals. Spend just a few moments grounding yourself. What are your goals? What are you grateful for? You can make a sort of motto out of this to continually remind yourself throughout the day as well. Can you guess mine?;) You Make You !!!
  • Check in with YouMakeYou Obviously 😉

Spare just a few minutes each morning to go through these steps and your entire day will be set up for success.  Now, what is your favorite part of your morning routine? Comment below!

See you tomorrow…

xoxo You Make You,

Colby Triolo


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