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Recovery: The Building Blocks

Recovery: The Building Blocks

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Let’s talk recovery.

This is *incredibly hard* for me to admit, but I did not start taking “care” of myself post workout until this past Summer.  The most specific I could explain my post workout nutrition was something along the lines of  “I ate whatever meal was next in the day whenever I got home”.

It wasn’t until I started getting competitive and more serious about my CrossFit goals that I turned to factoring recovery into my days.  And, BOY, is there a difference.

There is so little in this world that you CAN control, so if you have the opportunity to control something.. you should.  Recovery is one of those things.

I cannot stress enough the importance of recovery now that I have personally been at both ends of the spectrum.  It is tough to get incredibly specific about how to recover because each person will respond differently to amounts, and type of recoverys, along with the fact that it varies for specific exercises.  However, there are building blocks, and that is what I want to share with you today.

Building Blocks of Recovery


Nutrition is broken into 2 parts: post workout nutrition, and general nutrition principles.  

    1. Post workout nutrition
      • Again, this will change between specific goals and from workout type to workout type but no matter what the importance of carbs and protein will be present.   Research is always changing, but what I go with now is to consume a 3:1 ratio of quick digesting carbs to high quality protein within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.  Some people may also say the window to consume this is as long as your workout was.  Either way, this serves to refuel your body with nutrients in order for it to have the building blocks to 1. not eat away your muscle 2. repair your muscles  and 3.  keep your metabolism boosted.
    2. General Nutrition Principles
      1. With all of the fads, diets, and speciality foods on the market today, it is so easy to get caught up and confused.  Forget all of those and focus on the basics … Eat whole foods. Not too much.  Not too little. Mostly plants.  Shop from the perimeter of the store. (from Ben Bergeron)


post workout nutrition

Healthy Choice Power Bowls


Sometimes living life so on the go makes nutrition difficult.  I often settle for a protein shake and fruit, but if I have time to plan ahead, or shop ahead, I choose whole foods.  I recently discovered these Healthy Choice® Power Bowls at Walmart that I have been LOVING for super quick, on the go post workout nutrition.  Here are some quick facts about them:

1. Modern health attributes

2. Kitchen-level ingredients

3. Bold flavors.

4. Antibiotic Free Chicken OR  All Natural USDA Choice Beef .

My favorite? Adobo Chicken Bowl.  The flavor and texture on the chicken is #ONPOINT, and the rice and veggies are just what I need post workout.

ACTUAL proof of me eating on the go…

post workout recovery

Mobility / Mobility

  •  Move your body.  I know how hard it is some days when you have a killer workout to keep moving, especially when all you want to do is lay down and relax. But, getting your blood flowing through walking and other active recovery is extremely important.
    • Make it your goal to spend 10 minutes a day doing these things.



  • DRINK  UP! When you are not hydrated, all of your metabolic functions are at a disadvantage.
  • When I teach spin, Spinning (the company) recommends that  “for every minute you are on the bike, you should drink that in ounces. ”  So, for a 50 minute workout, try to drink an extra 50 ounces of water.
  • smartwater is my go to because I am sketched out by drinking water from the sink LOL, anyone else? But, more seriously, here is an excerpt from smartwater than is the main reason I love them ….

while other premium waters look back to their source or add gimmicky claims, smartwater looks forward… a smarter water, purposefully designed: vapor-distilled for purity, inspired by the clouds, with just the right amount of electrolytes for a uniquely clean taste. our sleek packaging reflects the quality that’s inside the bottle – it’s modern, minimalist and iconic, making it the choice of influencers and those in the know, and delivers the authentic style and substance that the “never-settler” craves

post workout

Like how does that not speak to you? DRINK UP!


  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Again, if you can control it, control it.  I know how busy and packed life can be,  but learn how to prioritize, learn how to plan, and learn how to do those things regarding sleep.  During sleep your body repairs itself.  So… without sleep, when does your body repair itself?


Peep inside the Power Bowls below! Both the smartwater and Power Bowls were purchased at Walmart, see bottom of post for deets.  You can get  $0.75 cash back with  -> this.


Healthy Choice Power Bowls


I think this is the first time I’ve ever closed without either telling you to go workout or love yourself hehe .. GO RECOVER!

colby triolo

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post workout recovery



Healthy Choice Power Bowls found in frozen section of Walmart, other options:

  • Cuban-Inspired Pork Bowl
  • Chicken Sausage And Barley Bowl
  • Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl

Healthy Choice Powerbowls

smartwater found in the drink (shelf stable) section of Walmart


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Motivation Monday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #6 

Motivation Monday // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #6 

Happy Day 6 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! I’m really enjoying this so far, I hope you are too. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think, what do you want to read about?! Did you catch yesterday’s post on the Science of Happiness?

But, more importantly happy Motivation Monday…. this post was almost inevitable  #amiright?  I literally speak in motivational quotes.  You make you.

Have you ever just wanted a massive all-inclusive  list of empowering quotes?  That’s what I’m here for today… to share with you my all time favorite motivational quotes. But, that’s not all, I have a challenge for you.  

Choose your favorite one(s) and recite it to yourself at three different times each day for the next week. Screenshot it, set it as your background, set and alarm in your phone… do whatever you have to do to make your quote a part of your life for the next week and see what happens.

This is called the law of attraction– like attracts like, the more you think something the more you attract it. YOU MAKE YOU, get it 😉


The only difference between try and triumph is a little umph. 

These mountains you are carrying, you were only meant to climb. 

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. 

Strong is what happens when you run out of weak. 

Far too often we are so busy hiding in fear that we cannot chase our dreams. 

Failure buries us, but seeds are also buried, that is how they come alive.  

You have  got to want it, not kind of want it. 

Run your life, don’t let your life run you. 

Don’t lose power by thinking you don’t have any. 

Be one of a million, not one in a million. 

Don’t look back and ask ‘why?’, look forward and ask ‘why not?’

Clear your mind of can’t.

You’ve got to want it more than you are afraid of it.

Have the courage to fail.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

There are cracks in everything, that is how the light gets in.

What is a motivational quote that always gets you going?  I challenge you to post a picture of that quote on Instagram with the #YouMakeYou today!



PS. Start your 21 Day Power Up with me today!


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The Science of Happiness // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #5

The Science of Happiness // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #5

Here is your Sunday morning paper.

Here is me giving you proof that You do Make You.

Here is the science of happiness.


We all know that happiness is one of the most important things out there, but far too often, we fail to chase it, we fail to focus on it, we fail to make time for it. It’s a plague.

Happiness is  far from out of our control, in fact research has shown that 40% of happiness results from intentional activity. What does that mean? That means that you can decide nearly half the amount of happiness you experience every day.

Here is the hiccup.  A researcher at Duke published a paper stating that more than 40% of our daily actions result from habits, not from decisions.  That is why we fail to chase happiness. The other 60% of happiness comes from 10% circumstantial and 50% genes.The other 60% comes from 10% circumstantial and 50% genes.

So how do you make ‘happiness increasing’ thoughts and actions into habits rather than decisions we have to constantly make?

There are major three keys to this.  Eric, from Barking Up the Wrong Tree, breaks them down.

Major Key via GIPHY

  1. Anticipation: There is beauty (&happiness) in having something to look forward to. Don’t have something?  That is where YOU come in.  Schedule something.  It is as simple as that.  Research shows that people who experience joyful anticipation are more likely to experience pleasure not only in looking towards the event, but in experiencing the actual event when it arrives  This works contrastingly as well, those who more often dread something in the future have less happiness in the present moment and even less happiness in the moment of the specific event.  Give yourself something to be excited for—not only do you increase your happiness when it comes around, but you have more happiness before it arrives. It is a win-win.  Remember how excited you were for your high school prom?  Remember how awesome the week leading up to it was, how a smile would slide onto your face on random occasions when thinking about it?  That is what you deserve everyday. Schedule something you are excited for.
  2. Recollection: It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the fast wave of life and simply flow through each day. It is crucial to pull yourself up, to take a breather, and most importantly catalogue what is going on.  What is making you feel good?  What is dragging you down?  Are you where you want to be? Are you ‘playing it safe’ because you are comfortable?  What is your life dream, are you chasing it?  It is crucial to make the conscious effort to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis, otherwise you will look up from a place you haven’t moved from because you are just comfortable, and years will have passed by.  Recollect to yourself on a daily basis.  Your past plays a substantial role in your present.  It is unavoidable, but also can be used to your advantage.  On a similar note, Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize winner, has shown that your brain consistently remembers two sole things about an event: the emotional peak, and the end/outcome.  What does that mean? YOU get to create your memories.  In any given situation, fight to make the emotional peak one of happiness and the end one of happiness as well.  For example, on a daily basis, fight to have one amazing moment, and then end on a happy note at night.
  3. Gratitude: this one is simple— gratitude, scientifically leads to optimism, optimism, scientifically leads to happiness. Trust science.  Be grateful for your morning coffee.  Be grateful for your morning walk to work.  Look for what you can be grateful for every hour and you will be more optimistic, and when you are more optimistic, you will be happier.


Now, let’s talk about some smaller scale things you scientifically do to affect that 40% of happiness you do control.

Turn your already daily habits into happiness boosting activities. 

Morning coffee? Instead of pouring it in a to-go cup and guzzling it down on the way to work.  Pop a squat, put down your phone, and drink that coffee while doing nothing other than savoring it.

Daily dog walk?  Instead of catching up on voicemails or speed walking to get it over with, take in your surroundings, stroll, enjoy the moment and the beauty of nature.


That is all. Well said.

Do something every day that makes your heart sing.

Whatever that may be, do it, even if it is only for 5 minutes.  Think you are too busy? You are never too busy for happiness.  Schedule it in. Read, run, drink wine, eat chocolate.

Find the positives.

Not every day will be perfect, you will face adversity.  I could tell you to find the bright side to every situation because optimism amiright? But, let’s be real—sometimes that is impossible.  Life can be just as rough as it can be beautiful.  However, studies show that those who aim to find the lesson or benefit in any situation are not only happier as a whole, but mentally stronger.  Aim to find the meaning in tough times.


I want to know, what is one thing you could do every day that makes you happy? Mine is drinking tea in bed at night!

Always remember, YOU MAKE YOU.



PS Join me on your journey to conquering the YMY mindset.



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Why we don’t take our own advice … and how to start.

Why we don’t take our own advice … and how to start.

You have one life to live.  THIS life.  Decide what you want, and take it.  The power is yours.  How many times have you read that line from me? Many.  And yes, it is true.  I full heartedly believe in self-empowerment and have experienced firsthand the grand power the mind holds.   However, there are a lot of things that I want, that I do not believe in myself, or make the moves to achieve.

Talk to him about it, tell him how you feel.

Stop eating your entire weight in cereal on a weekly basis.

Knuckle down and spend the time to accomplish it.

This is advice I would give you.  More importantly, I would believe these statements and empower you with all I had to do the same.  However, if I told myself these things—actually I do tell myself these things—I wouldn’t believe the validity or see the answer in them. I don’t believe them when it is me on the receiving end.

No, I am not a fraud.  I am just a human, and as humans we struggle to take our own advice.  It is not that our advice is false, because it is not, it is simply that when we give ourselves advice, we find a way to believe we are an exception and our minds work to justify why the advice doesn’t apply to us.  It is frustrating.  It really is. It is like a plague—the person we should trust the most, we often trust the least.

Yes, I am going all Engineer on you again.  Here is the scientific reasoning:

As yourself, you know everything: your thoughts, your emotions, your background, your desires, your everything.  Therefore, any decision becomes a subjective one, and you lose the ability to rationalize your thinking.  Everything you suggest to yourself is affected by your emotions and the questioning of your mind.  Think about it like this… when you ask someone to give you advice, all they have to their knowledge is the hard facts you supply them with.  Sure, you could let your opinion be heard, or your emotions come out, but the ‘advice giver’ is easily able to dissect the facts from the feelings and spit back to you an objective, rational answer.  However, if you were to sit in a room with yourself, you not only have the facts running around, but you have your emotions and desires tainting them, pulling them left and right, twisting them up and down, eventually causing you to lose sight of the basic scenario, and the rationality of the situation.  We often find a way to convince ourselves that we are the exception to our own advice or the advice doesn’t apply to us.  This is a figment of our emotions.  Concurrently, this is our internal struggle to look deeply inward and be ‘harsh’ on ourselves.  Emotions cause us to hesitate to delve deeper into these feeling, and to push past them and get to the truth on the inside. We feel emotions and we stop—we don’t want to go deeper.  We don’t want to dissect them.  We don’t want to be ‘harsh’ and bring ourselves back to reality.  This is why we take others advice more easily than our own.  1. They don’t feel the emotions we feel, therefore they have the ability to objectify the decision rationally and 2. They aren’t afraid to be full heartedly real with the truth.

OK, cool, that was demoralizing.  No, that was not the point—those are just the facts.  This happens to everyone and it is OK.  Being human is OK.  More than OK, actually.  But, here are some tips I have discovered to help you defeat this barrier between yourself and.. well yourself.

Bounce of of others.  Give yourself advice, and then “double check” it with a friend.

Write it out.  Write out the situation and then read it as someone looking in.  Respond how you would if a friend were coming to you with the same situation.

Stop being so harsh on yourself.  Do you know the saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated”? Well, it works both ways.  TREAT YOURSELF the way you would treat others.  We are far too often incredibly harsh on ourselves in our minds.  However, 9/10 times the things we say, or think, to ourselves we wouldn’t say to another person.  There is no need for this.

Stop saying “I should” and just do.  A simple change in word choice can make a world of difference.

Whatever your ‘but’ case is, flip it. Usually the thing keeping us from taking our own advice is the ‘but’.   I should talk to him but I am nervous he isn’t interested. No, flip it. I am nervous he isn’t interested but I should talk to him because I am not positive.  I should apply for another job because I am not happy but I don’t want to offend my co-workers so I won’t.  No. I don’t want to offend my co-workers but I should apply for another job because I am not happy. Get the idea?


We have one life to live, THIS life, YOUR life.  Decide what you want, and take it.  TRUST YOURSELF to get you there.


Xoxo, Colby

P.S. If you can’t find me on Instagram, I have updated my name to be.happyhealthyfit !


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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

You know me… all about setting goals.  I set a goal every morning when I wake up, I set a goal at the beginning of each week, I set a goal before I do pretty much anything.  It keeps me focused and gives me an end result to work for– this is something I spend a few days focusing on in the 21 Day Power Up: a step by step mindset makeover to conquer your YMY journey.

So, today whilst (is that the proper usage? not actually sure, but sounded fancy) lying on the beach I decided I wanted to make a summer bucket list…. for the one last week I have left at home. LOL. #Ambition
When you realize you only have a week left….



Watch the sunset. #classic

Watch the sunrise. #StillClassic

Skinny dip in the ocean.

Drink all smoothies all day.


Run every morning and jump in the ocean directly after.

Read a book cover to cover without moving my butt from where it started.

Ignore my phone and technology for an entire day.  #BeOneWithTheUniverse


Spend an entire day with each of my parents. 


OK. Yeah, I’m going to stop there and get started on these. THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!  I want to know:

What is one thing you want to do before you go back to school?


For more challenges, make sure to like YouMakeYou on Facebook, I post a challenge every Wednesday.


xoxo, Colby

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Life Lessons Learned on Vacation

Life Lessons Learned on Vacation

There is always something you can learn.  In my opinoin, the difference between an event and an experience is your decision to take that event and see what you can gain from it, what you can trasform it to.  Every moment, every event, every thing has the abiliy to me more than it is— it is just up to you to decide to let it be and your desire to make it more.

You are the connection between instance and experience. 

I love life.  I love the world.  I love the pure idea that there is endless amount of knowledge to gain.

This is very new to me.  I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I spent 2  years in utter agony and closed off from the real world , but when I say I believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’ I really do — the following being one of the reasons.  I have learned to live every moment like it’s my last.  More importanly, I have learned to savor and find the beauty in eveything that presents itself because I know the beauty exists.

One of the reasons I started YouMakeYou®, and the 21 Day Power Up was because I want so badly to share this with the world: how to experience life in the way that caters best to YOU and allows YOU personally to thrive.  We all get one life to live, and it is exactly what we decide to make it.  We have this great power, and oppurtunity, to construct whatever life we dream of, we just have to take that power and stop sitting by and watching.

I am writing this from my balcony in Cannes, France where I have been with my best friend the past week.  My vacation is where  I was trying to reach before I got sidetracked by my thoughts — classic LOL.  But, yes— this past week has been ‘vacation’ for me, however I still allowed my mind to do what it does best: engage, embrace, and learn.  I want to share with you some of the life lessons (OK I’ll admit some are not that momentous) I have learned this vacation!

B l o g g i n g 💞✨ I've grown to love #blogging so quickly it's insane, probs because I have too many thoughts to keep in my head or I feel like I communicate what I think better 🙈 either way it's a new hobby but ALSO more importantly ⭐️ so many new changes for #YouMakeYou 👉🏼 starting wiiiiiith there will be weekly posts on Facebook (search @youmakeyouarmy ) with weekly challenges, conversational topics and more to make it more of a #community 👫 check it outttt! 🤗 • •• • • • • • • #ontheblog #blogger #fitfluential #fitfam #fit #fituniversity #fitufam #nicefrance #healthyliving #healthychoices #healthylife #lifestyle #fitgirls #crossfit #hiit #motivational

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  • Running with a partner is refreshing.  I am training for a marathon, so I run quite a bit, but I usually just get up and go by myself.  On day 4 here, my best friend’s brother came and asked to go for a run so I reluctanly said yes, we weren’t at that level to laugh and deny yet ya know? But, we ended up going 4+ miles, talking the entire time, it honestly felt like 2!
  • Espresso.  I like espresso.  And baguette. I like that, too.

  • You don’t have to rush. If there is no reason to be speed walking, or in a rush, why be?  In America, we are just so fast moving, I constantly find myself moving at a quick pace when there really is no reason to be.  Take some time to relax and enjoy the moment whenever you can.  It puts the mind at ease and it is refreshing.

  • I don’t think we planned a single day while I was here, and that is something I have never done.  I am, as you know, defition of type A, I plan every single day of my life like none other.  But while here, we would wake up and be wherever, whenever it panned out.  If I found myself with some free time I would decide to blog, or read, but I never planned these things out… I think this is also refreshing every once in a while— you never get upset or frusturated when you ‘miss a plan’.  There is a sense of relief and ease.


  • One of the coolest, for lack of a better word,  things we did while here is have dinner with a family from England.  Honestly, I was so intrigued by how differently they were structured and how they thought.  I think there is so much knowledge and englightenment to gain by even taking a few minutes to meet someone new.


  • The amount of cheese & dairy they eat here is astonishing.  Oh, and they do not understand the concept of lactose-intolerance.  Hence why I have begun to love espresso.  Avez-vous le lait de soja ou des amandes? (insert laugh here)

    post 6 mile breakfast

I want to know: 

What is your favorite vacation you have ever been on?

Do you like espresso?


Always remember, YOU MAKE YOU

xoxo, Colby

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YouMakeYou rooted in Disney?

YouMakeYou rooted in Disney?

Time to flashback to childhood. Did you know YouMakeYou® and Disney have a lot in common? Okay, maybe the Lion King wasn’t screaming “YOU MAKE YOU” from atop the mountain, but Disney did have some pretty worth-while ‘you make you’ centered ideas.alladin

Check these out:

Pocahontas: “You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you.  But, if you walk in footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn from things you never knew you never knew.”  YOUMAKEYOU® translation:  This is a HUGE part of the YouMakeYou® army, all in all, you are the one, the only one, in control of your life; however, there is always something you can learn or inspiration you can acquire from this community.   Yes– we all have different end goals, but the process and mindsets we have are similar throughout the journey.  Share! It is inspirational.
The Lion King: “O Yes, the past can hurt.  But, the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it”  YOUMAKEYOU® translation:  no journey is perfect; there will be bumps in the road, there will be challenges, but those challenges are what create change. At every moment, you can either let it make or break you, but the decision is completely yours. One of the many things I focus on in the 21 Day Power Up is turning hiccups into stepping stones.
Tangled: “No, I won’t stop. For every minute of the rest of my life, I will fight.  YOUMAKEYOU® translation: if you want something, it is yours to take, you just have to have the will to do so.  You are the sole creator of your own life and you have the power to do anything, achieve anything, and decide what affects you.  Take that power. 

Cinderella^^: YOUMAKEYOU® TRANSLATION: faith in yourself IS all you need.  Realize that your life is completely paved by you, and take advantage of that.

Buzz in YouMakeYou
Toy Story: “To infinity and beyond!” YOUMAKEYOU® translation: There is absolutely no limit to what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself. (cliche, but SO true).
Dumbo: “The very things that held ya down are gonna carry ya up, and up, and up!” YOUMAKEYOU® translation: This one is close to my heart. For two years I let chronic migraines and pain pull every aspect of my life down. And, when I decided that was enough, I took that pain and put it into a fight.  Now, I’m carrying myself UP UP AND UP!!!!  You can do the same.
Aladdin: “But, OH, to be free! To be my own master.  Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world”  YOUMAKEYOU® translation: GUESS WHAT? You.are.your.own.master. You have all the treasures in the world, it is simply up to you to take them.
Hunchback of Notre Dame^^ : YOUMAKEYOU® translation: One of the main reasons I wanted to start the YouMakeYou army was that I far too often see people unhappy and just letting life pass them by without trying to change anything, or people having goals but doing little to achieve them.  We all need to know that we get one life to live, and WE GET TO CONTROL THAT LIFE. Make a change, follow your dreams, believe in yourself and all that you want to be.
(inspired by BuzzFeed article)
Want to begin your YouMakeYou® journey? Start your 21 Day Power Up.
Or, want to read some more similar blog posts?

I want to know?

What is your favorite Disney movie?  Mine is Cinderella.

Always remember, YOU MAKE YOU
xoxo, Colby Triolo

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It’s The Little Things Thursday #5

It’s that time of week again, but this time I am coming at you all the way from Cannes, France.  Or, maybe for some of you it’s closer?  Anyone?!

So bonjour ou bon soir?  Je ne sais pas.  But, I do know that I am lying in bed typing this, all energy drained by the sun, stomach bloated by all the french treats, and listening to 4 french men run around my apartment trying to fix the power that went out.  Quite a happy place right now, quite a happy place…

On a more actually happy note, it is time to recap some of the little things that made me smile over this past week! Why do I do this?  I do this because I believe in the incredible power of happy thoughts and happy vibes.  I believe, and have seen the benefits, positivity even in the smallest doses; like celebrating small accomplishments and recognzing even the littlest positive moments…

This is one of the many things you will focus on in my 21 Day Power Up— not only reaching your goals, but aligning your life to be overall more positive.  


Before you read mine, I want you to scroll down to the comments and tell me what one thing that made you smile today is!  Try to make this a daily routine.


Dinner with a beautiful  view from my apt in Cannes, France

Spending a week with my best friend, Nicole, after not seeing her all summer!

Lactaid— and it abling me to eat this….. profiteroll?

Morning runs! Yes— I love them.

The fact I was able to literally order a watermelon on the beach the other day…


XOXO Colby

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25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

One of my biggest fears of social media is that you lose the personal connection.   I want my wonderful YouMakeYou® community to know exactly who I am and what I stand for, and vice versa.

My story is out there for you to read, but it doesn’t give much insight to who I am on a deeper level today.  So when I found this survey on my great friend and massive blog inspiration, Alison’s, page I knew I HAD to do it, too!

If you have a blog, I challenge you to do it, too. Or, if not, answer a few in the comments below so I can learn something I don’t know about you!


25 things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I’m happiest when I am laughing until my stomach hurts with my friends.  Or, sitting on a beach… that too.. 
  2. especially if.. there is good  conversation involved.  I am in love with having intellectual conversations, or conversations where I can feel the passion the other person has about what they are talking about.
  3. I’ve always wanted to… hike to the top of a  mountain and have a romantic date with wine and carrot cake.  Is that too much to ask? No?  Good.
  4. My family and I … have an incredibly long lasting joke about the ‘partial pressure of oxygen’, we use it as the reason for everything. 
  5.   I was a terrible … dancer.  One time I froze in the middle of the stage in front of 300+ people and refused to move.  I was also in a tutu that my mom paid wayyyy too much money for, sorry Mom!
  6. My first job was … teaching a soccer camp.  Ball me, Blazer.
  7. I could probably eat Red Bean Sesame Balls every day. I don’t know the real name, but picture this: red bean paste surrounded by dough, fried and coated in sesame seeds. YES.
  8. I wish I could … graduate with 30 minors.  I am so intrigued by everything.  #KnowledgeHungry
  9. I was born on the same day as … Mitchell Musso, and Tom Hanks… which is more interesting, I don’t know, help.
  10. My all-time favorite films are … Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights?  I actually strongly dislike watching movies.
  11. I do a pretty mean… clean and press.  Probably my all time favorite exercise.
  12. I’m still mad … I can’t find a good Netflix series to get into.  Ya finish Friends and The Office and just nothing can stack up, ya know.  Suggestions!?
  13. I met my husband… LOL probably but I’m too independent to notice.
  14. I always knew I wanted … to be my own boss.  I have this massive burning in my heart to do something BIG– warning you now 😉
  15. I’m not afraid … to do my own thing.  I need my me time.  I actually love spending time alone just as much as I love being surrounded by people.
  16. I make the best … dairy free protein pancakes.  Every day, to be exact 😉
  17. I have absolutely no patience for… oblivious-ness.
  18. I always cry when …  I think about my past for a long time.
  19. I’m obsessed with coffee.  And scones.  Both. A Lot.  Yum.
  20. I spent 2 years … with a non-stop migraine.
  21. I wish… I was allowed to play ice hockey again, I miss being on the ice more than anything in the world.
  22. At age 5, I was deeply in love with… my babysitter.  I don’t even remember his name now but I’m pretty sure he was super cool.
  23. I believe if people…took the time to be present in every moment the world a better place.  I think our world today is so fast-moving and demanding that we lose the beauty of our present existence.
  24. I can’t stand… touching velvet, it goes right through me.   Just thinking about it makes me cringe.
  25. Whenever The Ellen Show is on, I watch because let’s be real, she is friggen amazing,  and a lifelong dream of mine is to make it on her show one day.colby on ellen

Did you learn anything new about me?  Now it’s your turn! I want to know:

I make the best…

I wish I could…

I’m happiest when….



XOXO Colby

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“Bachelorette” Workout Round 2

“Bachelorette” Workout Round 2

Last week’s “Bachelorette Workout” was such a hit that I just had to bring it back with an updated version for the … drum roll please…. HOME TOWN VISITS!

This one is updated to ensure that you not only get a wonderful workout in, but have fun while doing it.  I don’t know about you but last week’s episode flew by while doing the workout along with it and I felt so much better than I do when I typically slouch on the couch eating popcorn.  Also  the messages, DM’s, and Instagram posts I saw were hilarious!



Do you have a friend that watches the Bachelorette? Send them this right now an challenge each other together.  As my friends say..

“You make you, but WE MAKE WE!”

You didn’t think I would forget, did you?

Will you accept this rose?



I want to know: what are your favorite TV watching snacks?

xoxo, Colby


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