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Finals Week Survival Guide – Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Finals Week Survival Guide – Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

Your finals week survival guide

The dreaded, and sadly unavoidable finals week is creeping up on us like none other.   Could I even call myself a healthy living and college blogger if I didn’t provide you with a Finals Week Survival Guide? No, no I could not.  So, put in those headphones, buckle down, and  soak up these innovative ~survival tips~.

Before we get to the good stuff.  My top 3 favorite study snacks… ONE TWO THREE GO: Quest Bars, Pop Corners, Scones.

Change your mindset

There is a lot  to say about how thoughts affect our lives.  Have you ever heard the saying “bad things happen in threes”? They usually do #amiright ?! But, research has proven that they do happen in three because we are expecting them to.   Now, apply that mindset to finals.  I think I can fairly say that we dread finals week, we think finals week is going to be hell, we will not sleep, we will not eat, or anything of the like.  We all think these things, and engrave them into our brains so low and behold they come true.

I can tell you right now that if you don’t convince yourself this is going to be an awful week or that you won’t be able to have time to eat, sleep, or workout, these things will not come true. You don’t need to put yourself at that disadvantage so change your mindset into one along the lines of “you can do this” and “a week from now you will be done” and it will be significantly easier– that is the what the whole YouMakeYou mindset is about.

Make a loose schedule

Get a blank, unlined piece of paper.  Make it into a mini one week calendar view.  And, not only write down your actual final exam dates and times, but also write down a loose schedule of when you will study what and how long.  Most importantly, and this is the next major point….

Schedule ‘me time‘ / time to veg

You. need. this. I can’t say it enough.  Your brain needs to rest, you need to rejuvenate, and you need to honor your true inner happiness in some way.  READ -> Taking a Break: How & Why You Should


finals week survival guide


Find, or create, a playlist

This is a great way to keep yourself focused and going.  Make sure you build, or find, a good one so you have something to look forward to.  I LOVE Afternoon Acoustic by Spotify.

Switch up your location frequently

Try out new study spaces every other day, or even every day.  You will be surprised at how your focus and attention is significantly better. Plus, maybe the new location has #bangin coffee, or delicious vegan scones (yes, this happened to me). Don’t be afraid to go off campus either– Barnes and Noble is so refreshing for me!


Get that heart rate pumpin’, shake out those stiff legs, and brew those endorphins.  If you don’t have full hours to spare, check out EasyFit which is an eBook I wrote wit tons of short, effective, and anywhere workouts ($2.50) You don’t need a lot of time, you can even PLAN it into your day (re #1).

Suggestions: workout galore.

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finals week survival guide


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It’s The Little Things Thursday #3

It’s The Little Things Thursday #3


First off, I need to apologize this is being sent out friday instead of thursday.  But, the reasoning is actually one of my ‘little things’ so I guess that makes it semi-okay?

What’s not semi-okay right now is the fact that I decided to type this outside and my laptop is black and its 90 degrees so my fingers are practically burning off.  DEDICATION AT ITS FINEST YMY FAM, DEDICATION RIGHT HERE.

If you read my recent post on my Top Tips to Stay on Track  , I mentioned some things like recognizing the small things and setting daily goals. For me, doing my weekly It’s The Little Things post helps me with just that; it reminds me to acknowledge even the smallest accomplishments and always be searching for positive vibes in my life.  I talk more about this in the first installment so feel free to read that, but in hopes of not losing your attention, here are this weeks Little Things that gave me happiness.

Dunkin Donuts Almond Milk Latte’s : I have had many almond milk lattes in my life, just never from Dunkin until about 2 days ago…. THEY ARE ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD.


exhibit A

carriage house

exhibit b

Fit University Trip: I went to Boston over the past weekend to spend time with Fit University (Nina, Holly, Sarah, thanks for being wonderful hosts) I guess this is more of a big thing,  but I enjoyed every second I had there.  I was surronded by extremely like-minded people, ate delicious healthy food, and had incredibly fun workouts ( I actually got to host one for Boston students).  DRUMROLL please…. it went so well that I got the go ahead to start a Fit University chapter at Cornell!!!! If you are a student here, make sure to like us on FB and follow us on IG where I will be updating you more and more as the semester approaches with details.

I slept till 11:30 today… : This is so strange, but I cannot remember the last time I slept past 8am, it must have been YEARS ago.  I am not even that sleep deprived, granted I do workout starting  between 6:30 and 8 each morning, but I enjoy that! I guess my body just needed  day off of that.  Not going to lie, I feel like I’ve wasted my entire day… and I didn’t get this posted in time (SORRY #YouMakeYou fam) but I also have had such a different morning (afternoon, I guess?) than usual and I am enjoying it .


Almond milk: I feel like a pure genius for this one, and I know you are all going to read this and be like ‘Colb, come on, really?’ BUT I started drinking a glass of almond milk every night when I get hungry after dinner instead of making a snack.  I have no idea why I have never thought of doing that until now, up until this point I have only had almond milk in recipes, or in cereal, but drinking it alone… AHHHHHHH!

I want to know:

What little thing made you happy today?

Have you ever drank almond milk by itself?


XOXO Colby

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