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Let’s Talk Passion

Let’s Talk Passion

30 Day Blogging Challenge #21

Ready to word vomit in 3, 2… 1.

I preach all of the time to live your passion– to know what you want and to take it.  From that comes the question, how do you find your passion?  Sure, you can google ideas, you can take some personality quizzes, you can ask friends, but here’s the truth…. you don’t look for passion, passion finds you.  

You may stumble upon it when trying something new, but you can’t go out searching for it, that’s not possible.  You can’t round a corner, pick up a rock, find a hidden tunnel and happen upon your passion.


Passion finds you. 

The issue is in perception and priorities.

Trust  me, you know your passion– you know your happiness.  There is a reason you are waking up every morning.  But are you prioritizing it?  There is a subconscious misconception that when you find your passion life becomes glitter and rainbows, so when it is not– we push it aside, we treat it as just another thing. That is the problem, passion is not going to overtake your life, it will just be.  Passion is going to make you happy and feel alive but it will not be your entire living soul– it coexists with your life.  Do not brush it aside because you are not reaching that fantasy land of unicorns, and chocolate rivers.

When you get lost in something, that is your passion.  I started my college career as a Chemical Engineer.  I did well, but that was it, I would never even play with the idea to do more than I had to.  And, an all nighter? I would never consider that.  Then, I found Computer Science of which I would happily stay up till 4am everyday if I had to in order to work on code, I am constantly pushing the boundaries and researching on my own to expand my horizons, when I am upset I pull out my computer and coding it was calms me down.  That is passion. It found me and I let it in.  

But, I know that the joyous feelings that I get from staring at screen for hours on end, coding until I can barely see anymore aren’t 24/7 feelings.  I know this.  I know that life happens.  I know there will be days that I want to end by 5pm because they are going so badly, I know there are days where I will want to hide in my bed all day.  That is life, life fucking sucks.  But, I don’t allow that to change my perception on my passion.  I don’t allow myself to question if I have passion for something because the feelings aren’t there every second of everyday.

Here’s the other issue.  Priority.

I can’t tell you the number of times my friends, or family, have come to me telling me that they need to find their passion.  Yet the truth is I have seen each and everyone of them be enthralled by the same thing over and over, and I have seen something make them truly happy.  The truth is that they don’t need to find their passion because their passion has already found them. They just haven’t accepted it.  Most of the time they have ran from it because they have some faulty and absurd definition in their head about what success is; they are scared if they did something it wouldn’t make others happy or proud, they are scared if they did something against the grain it wouldn’t be accepted.  These societal created definitions have caused them to build a concrete wall between them and their passion.  

But, the passion is there.  Your passion is there.  And trust me, as Mark Manson says “If you have to look for what you’re passionate about, then you probably aren’t passionate about it at all”.

Trust me– there is a reason you are getting up and living each day, there is a reason you are doing everything you are doing, your passion is buried there.  Instead of going out and searching for it,

let your passion find you.

You Make You,


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