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effective morning person

How To Be an Effective Morning Person

How to make your mornings effective I don’t know why but I have never really classified myself as a morning person before; however, I full heartedly have always classified myself as not a night person.  Honestly, I see zero productivity in any hour past 10/11pm.  Yes, hello.  My name is Colby and I am a 20 year old grandma.  TBH, both…

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overeating at night

How I Overcame Overeating at Night // Healthy in College

I gained 20 lbs. from overeating at night RELATED: Staying in Tune With Yourself One of my goals with meals is to eat what I truly want  to while still maintaining some sort of healthy consciousness. I have not talked about this on here before; however, my first two years in college were challenging in the way that I fell hard as…

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dinner left overs

Quick Protein Packed Breakfasts // Healthy in College

5 protein packed breakfasts you can make in under 5 minutes Bonus: Follow my College Healthy Living board on Pinterest! Do you know those mornings that seem to move faster than light itself?  Those days when you are sprinting frantically around your apartment trying to shovel food down, remember all your books, put your shoes on, and chug coffee at…

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