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Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

Patience is a Virtue // Monday Minute

30 Day Blogging Challenge #27

Cliche, I know. It hurts.

But, it’s true.

In many studies regarding the failure in pursuit of goals, it has been established that the main cause of the failure… is frustration with the speed at which the journey is going.  As humans, we like things now, we like things on the spot, we like things to come into existence essentially as soon as we want them.  But, we can’t.

The problem is that is not life.  Life moves along however life wants to move along and we can’t change that.  Sure, you can work hard and more diligently towards a goal you may have, and yes that will bring it to you sooner, but almost nothing is instantaneous.  

More importantly nothing worth having comes that easy. 

Most often the glory in an end result is rooted in the journey.  The journey is where you grow, where you learn, where you change.  Why would you want to cut that short?  Trust me, when I have a dream, I cannot wait for it to be reality, but at the same time, the trek to get there is just as important, if not more.

We have to learn to be patient.  

Yes, the end result is important.  But, the journey is just as important.


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The Benefits of Breaking Routine

The Benefits of Breaking Routine

30 Day Blogging Challenge #16

It was about a year and a half ago, but maybe some of you remember my the challenge I did on YouTube “A Challenge A Day” where simply for a month I uploaded a video with one change I made in my normal routine each day.  Whether it was taking my bike to the grocery store instead of driving, taking a new route to work, or working out at night instead of the morning, I looked for one small thing in my monotonous routine that I could change daily to see what would happen.


And what did happen?

I was happier.

I learned a lot about myself.

I felt refreshed.

I was forced outside of my comfort zone which in the end pushed me as a person, gave me new experiences, and resulted in new opportunities.

I began to change and adapt.  When living in a normal routine day after day, you know what you are going to encounter on a hourly basis, by taking even the slightest side step away from the usual routine you are presenting yourself with the opportunity to learn and observe new and more effective ways of accomplishing things, and more importantly, you are allowing yourself to become aware of what may be holding you back.

Don’t get me wrong– routine is great, having a plan is great. But when we have a routine, it is easy to get bogged down and let life unwillingly pass us by.  I cannot tell you the number of times I got into my car in high school and the next thing I knew it was 45 minutes later and I was in the parking lot– I drove the same route for nearly 3 years that I lost all sensation in the task.

Some of you know that I am training for a marathon … I run almost everyday, but yesterday I decided to take a break, go to the gym and do a workout like I used to with little to no running and it felt GREAT; my endrophins were boosted more than normal, and I felt more productive than ever.

That is why I am writing this article, because I know how easy it is to get caught up in your normal routine without realizing that anything is wrong.  It is comfortable to be in routine, and we, as humans strive for comfort.  But if we live the same way everyday all of our lives, how are we to grow?  How are we to learn about ourselves? How are we to know ourselves and what we like?

Here is my challenge for you:

Everyday for the next week, change one small aspect of your daily routine.  Whether it be a new route to school/work, your coffee order, saying hi to a new person, or the order in which you plan your day, take the challenge to change your day and observe how your body and mindset reacts.

Remember, nothing is permanent–if you make a change and you don’t like it, you can change back, it’s that easy.




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Have the Courage to Fail // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #2

Have the Courage to Fail // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #2

Today is day two of my 30 day blogging challenge, thanks for stopping by! Now it’s time for some real talk.

Real talk.  I fail.  I fail, a lot.

But, do you what I do not fail at? Trying. 

Sure, if given the choice I would never make the conscious decision to fail, but I would always make the decision to have the courage to fail. 

There is a negative conation built up around the world ‘fail’ that I want to tear down for you today.

Failing is not bad. 

Failing is not embarrassing. 

Failing is not something you should fear.

 Instead, failing means you are living.  And, not only does it mean you are living, but it means you are living true to what you want to be.  When you have the courage to fail, it means that you want something so badly you are not afraid of what happens if you try.  That is heart. That is commendable.

This goes back to my post on ‘fear’ from this past summer— FEAR stands for ‘false expectations appearing real’.  Essentially, the fear you have of something is a scenario that you have made up in your mind, it hasn’t happened yet, so you are afraid of what you are imagining.  But, why?  Why do we let thoughts scare us so much?  There is no hard evidence of things we fear happening, there is just the thought of them happening.  This, in a tough love sort of way, makes fear a waste of time.

choose success

Transfer back to failure. When you have the courage to fail you are denying fear of failing, you are denying the ‘what-ifs’ and the ‘but’s’ and opening countless doors to the possibilities and real life results instead of letting thoughts of what could happen if you failed hold you back.  You are experiencing life in its raw form, not it’s imagined form.

The most impactful mistake one can make is to never start something.  If you let the fear of failure halt you before you even start,  you are robbing yourself of the experience, the result, and anything that was to happen along the way.  It is not fair to yourself to steal that.

When you have the courage to fail you have the opportunity to reach entirely new levels you couldn’t have before.

Think of a monkey.  To climb a tree, it must jump.  If it had the fear of falling, it would stay on the ground forever.  Whereas, if it had the courage to fail, it would eventually, maybe after a few falls and mishaps, reach the top of the tree, perching itself atop the highest branch, taking in the beautiful world around it.

Do you want to take in these views? Or, do you want to sit on the hard ground, shadowed by the greater trees?

Sure, failure is scary. But the opportunity of a whole new world and perspective is on a greater scale, more beautiful.

I challenge you to have the courage to fail, to say “BRING IT ON”  because without this courage, you will never know what you are capable of.

Here’s the thing…. if you have the courage to fail, yes then failure is an option, but if you refuse to attempt something because of the fear of failure, failure is the only option. Which is better?

Let failure be an option, and if it happens… it happens! I guarantee you that with every success story comes an endless number of failures.  Some of the biggest lessons comes from failure. But without the courage to fail, there is no story to even tell.

Let failure be an option, let it happen.  Have the courage.  And, experience the amazing places you will go.

dr seuss


See you tomorrow!



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