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Sleeping Giant State Park Adventures and Hiking

Sleeping Giant State Park Adventures and Hiking

Sleeping Giant State Park

Hamden, Connecticut

Park Information

On the way home from Boston, MA, I stopped at Sleeping Giant State Park to frolick.  OK, yes I actually mapped my GPS straight to the park instead of home, but I don’t regret it for a second.  Despite the inclement weather– it started to rain, snow, sleet (?) on the journey down the mountain — the view from the top was incredibly captivating.  And, honestly the views along the 1.5 mile journey from the base to the lookout tower were also gorgeous.

Trail Details

The trail, unknowingly at the time by me, starts directly across from Quinnipiac University.  There are outhouses at the bottom which I was #blessed to see after 3 hours in the car.  From there, there are multiple trail options.  I took the one that winds along the side of the mountain and ends at the Sleeping Giant Lookout Tower.  The tower is beautiful; it is made of stone, and winds about 4 times before spitting you out virtually on top of the world.

Check it out:

Hint: Click the photos to see them  larger, especially the panoramas.

Has anyone else ever hiked this mountain?  Or, any other mountains nearby that you recommend?

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