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Eating Clean & Living Strong YOUR Way


Full workout plan & healthy ‘base recipes’ for breakfast, dinner, and dessert with directions on how to make them work/taste good for YOU.

Product Description

A full guide to help YOU MAKE YOU in your health journey.  Everyone’s journey is different so the purpose of this guide is to give you the tools to find what works best for your own unique health & fitness lifestyle.

It comes with tons of  recipes (including never fail base recipes- breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, desserts) a full workout plan, product suggestions, and more.

The Full Training Plan is designed to show you that there is more to working out than simply lifting or doing boring cardio.

Never Fail Base Recipes that help you to establish YOUR OWN healthy lifestyle and what works best for YOU. The base recipes give you a canvas that always works, but also gives you the chance to add what you prefer! (breakfast, meals, snacks, desserts)

All recipes GLUTEN FREE


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