Let's talk fitness--

I am a certified personal trainer and Spinning instructor.  I am a marathon runner, and I lift.  I do CrossFit and I hike.  I just about do it all, so peruse this page and workout with me.

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I want to help you reach your goals!

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I offer Online Personal Training and currently have a few empty spots.  Contact me at to begin or chat further.

How it works: 

As your personal trainer I will be available to chat whenever and be checking in with you periodically to help track your progress. I charge $30 per phase. phase is typically 3-4 weeks depending on how we both think you are progressing.  Each phase contains a full detailed workout plan including strength and cardio based on your specific goals and restrictions.

I want to train with you! 

Other options: 

I have created workout eBooks as a one time purchase below as a less personal form of training.

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