learning to'do you'in a worldof 'do this'

Learning to ‘do you’ in a world full of ‘do this’

Do you.

This is one of those things that is incredibly easy to say, especially to others.  In fact, it is also incredibly easy to say to ourselves.  However, saying it means nothing, it only means something if you actually do do you.   And in a world full of standards, influencers, and societal pressure, it is also incredibly to think you are doing you when really you are simply going the flow.

What makes it harder is that if you sit back, your life will go on.

You will go through the days, and you will progress. You will graduate from school, you will get a job, you will move away from your parents.  You can do it all without effort because time doesn’t stop  and your body keeps getting older.   You can easily go through your entire life passive without doing it for yourself and to your capacity because that is simply how time works.

Our world makes it easy to get comfortable,

but not in the way that we are doing what is best for us.  Rather in the way that it is comfortable and feels right because we are doing what is put before us.  Our society makes it easy to feel okay doing the normal.  Our minds make it easy to take the back seat of our own lives and go with the flow.  And our culture makes it easy to follow pre-paved paths that end in success, but leave passion and ourselves behind.

When really we are born for something so much more.

The truth is that once you realize you own every second of your life, it all changes.

Your life is your life and each and every choice you make paves the road ahead of you, so make sure you choose for you.  

Don’t fall into what is placed in front of you, build something new and step into it.

Don’t take advice as an answer, instead take it and formulate your own move.

Don’t seek the easy move, seek the right move.

Don’t hang on to something that is weighing you down.

Don’t get stuck in the past, all  you have is now and the future.

Don’t sit back and let your life continue without you.


Make hard choices, don’t back away from them.

Make your dreams become realities.



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