on the go protein hacks

Protein Hacks – On the go!


Protein yummmm.

Hello my wonderful fit fam!

As you may have caught from my last blog post (yesterday– wow look at me!) I have begun training pretty intensely to reach my goal of CrossFit regionals in the next 2 years.  One of the major changes I have made is working with Dom, a nutrition coach, to ensure I’m not only eating the right amount, but at the right times, and of the right macronutrients.  I’ve been working with Dom for about a month now  and one thing has been very evident… 

I struggle to get enough protein.

on the go protein hacks

For one, I am not a huge ‘bar’ girl, I do not really consume protein bars.  For another, I can’t seem to get on board with the whole protein baking thing…. people are throwing protein powder in everything they cook these days and TBH I think that’s weird.  So HERE WE ARE, struggin’ to get my protein in with a busy student life.

Over the past month, I have finally begun to hit my protein numbers.  Today, I want to share with you some protein hacks I have found that are

  1. portable AFFFFF
  2. easy
  3. delicious

on the go protein hacks


I have been enjoying these on the go smoothies / yogurt drinks lately because the temperature of them is cooooool and refreshing (peep you store them in the fridge).  They are also incredibly easy to throw into the side pocket of your bag and go.

Click here for more info.

  • Cottage cheese
    • Hey, lactose intolerant …. hi click me!
    • Obsessed.
    • Favorite additions: seeds and nuts.
  • Tuna
    • You can now buy them in pouches! ie. you don’t have to carry a can opener around (in case you currently are)
    • 20g protein per pouch.
  • Eggs ( of any form)
    • When I am in a rush, sometimes I throw a few eggs or egg whites into a mug, microwave them as I get ready, and then viola! You have fully cooked eggs you can tote around campus.
  • Turkey/cheese rollups
    • Organic turkey + cheese + roll that baby up
  • Ground Turkey + veggies of some sort
    • veggies add volume!
    • personal favorites: riced cauli or broccoli

NOW, it’s your turn! Share your favorite on the go protein hack with me in the comments or shoot me an IG DM.

on the go protein hacks


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