3 Tips To Better -Be Yourself-

3 Ways To Better “Be Yourself”


Be yourself.  We hear it all the time, but how do we actually do it?

As crazy as it is, I think being yourself is one of those things that is easier said than done.  Maybe for you, I’m wrong and you constantly kill the being yourself game, in that case …  keep it up warrior! But, if you are like me, and that isn’t the case, or maybe you just want to challenge yourself to be more of yourself then this if for YOU.

Because …. well YouMakeYou, am I right?

Three changes you can make to better “be yourself”

One: do not stop or try to change your feelings, FEEL THEM as they are, accept them

I must credit my lovely best friend Gen (IG @regeneration_fit) for this one.  If you are feeling a certain way, then you are feeling a certain way.  There is absolutely no sense, or benefit, in trying to change how your mind and body is feeling.  When we accept our feelings as they come we are listening to our bodies and can in turn choose to grow from them instead of fight to change them.

A few months ago I was talking to Gen and said the words “I am so upset but I know I shouldn’t be, so I am trying to act like I am okay”.  She immediately stopped me in my tracks and said “If you are feeling that way then you need to take ownership of that and FEEL that way, not try to cover it.  Once you admit to yourself that it is okay to feel how you want to feel, then you begin to take steps to overcome it”.  Those words still stick with me today.


be yourself


Two: get deep with yourself

What? Yes, get deep with yourself, get real with yourself, heck get real deep with yourself.   I am a serial surface scratch-er when it comes to my own thoughts and feelings.  What do I mean? I mean that I rarely ever will sit down with myself and walk through my emotions or go into detail about what I want or try to find the roots of anything.  But of course, I do this with every other aspect of my life besides myself.

I speculate that I am scared of the truth sometimes, or probably more accurate: I am scared of vulnerability.  However, the safest person to be vulnerable with is yourself.  So dig deep, figure out the roots of your goals, the roots of your emotions, and you will be more in tune and more likely to honor your true self!

Three: slow down

We live in a world that moves, and moves rather quickly, we get into routines and we push through days a majority of the time without thinking. We have our routines, we get it done.  But, when we get accidentally attached to the speed of moving time, we lose control.

We begin to do the same things day in and day out, and the aptitude for listening to our bodies and minds decreases.  So, take some time, even 10 minutes a day, to remove yourself from the moving runway of the world and be alone.  Focus on re-positioning yourself in terms of how you feel and where you want to be.


be yourself


Which of these sticks out most to you? I challenge you to first implement that and then over the next week, add in the other two.  And, as always, I am in this with you, so be sure to DM me on IG@colbylivesfit with your progress, realizations, or general questions!

Catch ya next week!

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