I quit being IG famous

I Quit Being ‘Instagram Famous’, here’s why . . .

It’s time to get real

Most of you know me as Colby from @be.happyhealthyfit on Instagram, and maybe some of you don’t.  That’s the goal 😉 For those of you who are new to me, I previously had an ‘Instagram Famous’ account with over 35,000 followers.  I had it for yeaaarrrrs. However, at the beginning of the Summer, I made the somewhat abrupt, though to me it wasn’t, announcement that I was leaving that account, and you could find me on @colbylivesfit if you wanted to stay in touch.  Little did anyone know, besides the few that I confided in outside of Instagram, I had been debating doing this for almost 2 months.


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Now that you have the background, let’s get to what you actually want to know

Being ‘Instagram Famous’ began to seep into my real life in the worst way.   I was constantly focused on pleasing my audience, and whatever companies I was doing work for.  Often, I would plan parts of my days around making sure certain photos were taken, certain things were posted, certain people were appeased to, and the worst, certain numbers were reached. But, it get’s worse.

It was a lot of work, and not the fun kind of work.

I honestly hated what I was doing, but I felt trapped because of expectations to companies and my audience.  And, of course the big one I felt trapped by: I had spent so much time building a community and a name for myself, how on Earth could I just delete everything?

I hated what I was doing because the content wasn’t mine anymore, it was @be.happyhealthyfit’s, and she was expected to do, post, and say certain things.  Yes, it was health, happiness, and fitness I was posting; but, I wasn’t posting what I wanted to post. I was posting what I knew people wanted to see, and what I was expected to post.   I am sure you are thinking, OK, then why wouldn’t just post what you wanted to post?  Because, of the numbers.  I was addicted to the numbers, and they would plummet if I changed anything.  Even more, I started to feel like crap about myself because when I did post what I truly wanted to the engagement was either minimal, or negative. There’s more…

I felt like a fraud,

because while, yes, the content was mine and I was 100% honest the whole time, I was holding back what I truly wanted to share.  And, the next reason was the backlash.  When I started my account, back in high school, I was a completely different person; therefore, my content was also different.  As a result, a majority of my audience, and sponsors, were people who expected those types of things, are were pretty darn clear they wanted to see those types of things.

It doesn’t do the mind well to have people express clear dis-interest in where your heart really is.

So, I would avoid that and stick to what I knew people wanted to see.

I got stuck in the mindset of pleasing people; I would post for the highest engagement, because yay for high engagement.  Looking back, I felt like I was putting on a mask each time I logged in, but I didn’t see that until I stepped away.  I saw a happy, healthy, fit Instagrammer who was somewhat good at what she did.  But, that was the social media veil.  One, that I see far too often, but never thought I would fall under.

The reality is I was preaching health, and happiness but I wasn’t letting myself fully be those two things as long as I held on

Not only was I scared to lose something I put so much of my life, and story into; but, I was scared I was going to be identity-less if I left it.  And, I think that is why I held on so long.  I was scared I would lose myself, when really I had already lost myself, I was holding onto something I wasn’t and it was affecting more than just my social media life.  Once that hit me, I realized I needed to let go.

The truth is that nothing lasts forever.

We are in a constant state of change.  Some things stay around longer than others.

But, for you to become your full, destined self, sometimes you need to let go of what you were, to become who you are meant to be.  

Life is more than numbers, any numbers.  Life is more than social media.  Life is about being real, being real with YOURSELF, with others.  Life is about letting go when you need to let go to hold onto your true self.



SO! Now, you can find me in my full, honest, real, happy, healthy, fit SELF @colbylivesfit .

I would love to hear your input on this, or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

CHEERS to being YOU.

colby triolo

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Barbara Walker

Colby, do what you need to be you and be happy. Unless you intend it for business, don’t feel the need to drag the rest of us along with you.

I love you so much. Proud of you for being authentic and doing your own thing girl. You are such a light in this world!! I’ll follow your journey always <3

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