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Cardio Workouts To Kick You Into Pro Shape

Today I am bringing my wonderful blogging fam something a bit different! I wanted to switch up the workout scene a bit and hit you with a new challenge:  SPRINT CARDIO.  I know, it scares me too, but since you guys know I am more of a long distance gal  I turned to Hannah Gill for a guest post on this one.  Enjoy! And stay tuned for another switch up workout coming this weekend.

Five Proven Cardio Workouts by David Beckham

Guest post by: Hannah Gill

sprint workouts
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As many people know, soccer is a physically challenging and mentally demanding game that requires a high level of fitness from its players. The sport entails a lot of running at different paces, forcing athletes to not just train and hone their skills, but also develop their cardio.

In essence, an important element to a successful soccer player is a great level of stamina. Since they are expected to perform various tasks at an intense pace on the pitch, they have to have the ability to quickly recover and maintain a certain tempo throughout a typical 90-minute match.

One of the more recognizable names in soccer – and in all of sports – is David Beckham. Men’s Health reports how Beckham wasn’t one of those child prodigies and that – considering his small stature – he had to work extra hard in order to prove himself to his academy coach.

During his prime, the now-retired English midfielder was known as a set-piece expert who could score from almost anywhere on the field. Betfair Football, a European site that covers high-profile tournaments like the Champions League, even featured an article by Luke Moore documenting the most exciting goals of his long and storied career.

Part of Beckham’s greatness can be attributed to his top notch fitness. He always put in the extra work outside of team practice sessions; constantly working on improving his cardio through workouts that would normally leave the average professional gasping for air.

Adam Bornstein, a writer for Born Fitness interviewed David Beckham back in 2008. From here, he learned and studied the secrets of the soccer superstar’s cardio routine, and underlined those in his article.

Today, I want to share these workouts with you, and challenge you to give them a try.

David Beckham Cardio Training 1

A five-minute run at 80 percent of a person’s heart rate; and then rest for four minutes in between sets. Repeat for five sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 2

A two-minute run at 95 percent of a person’s heart rate; and then rest for one minute in between sets. Repeat for eight sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 3

A 20-second full sprint; and then rest for one minute in between sets. Repeat for 30 sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 4

A 120-yard run with a 20-second time cap; and then rest for one hundred seconds in between sets. Repeat for 10 sets.

David Beckham Cardio Training 5

A 60-yard full sprint; and then rest for 10 seconds in between sets. Repeat for eight sets.

These workouts are specifically programmed to mimic the pace of a usual soccer game. They put a spotlight on running at different speeds and resting at various intervals.

All things considered, David Beckham is the epitome of how impressive cardio can lead to greater things for soccer players and other athletes such as yourself.


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By segmenting your cardio workout into 3 separate periods all of the sudden it becomes much more do able.

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