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How To Be an Effective Morning Person

How to make your mornings effective

I don’t know why but I have never really classified myself as a morning person before; however, I full heartedly have always classified myself as not a night person.  Honestly, I see zero productivity in any hour past 10/11pm.  Yes, hello.  My name is Colby and I am a 20 year old grandma.  TBH, both of my grandmas are #dope so I don’t have any complaints.

Back to the main point of this post… though I don’t think being not a night person (sorry for the double negative) automatically makes you a morning person, when I took a step back a few days ago, I realized that I actually am a morning person.  

I mean morning’s are my absolute shizzzzzz.

This hit me for the first time last Friday, when I had gone to the gym, stopped by the local cafe, ate breakfast at the local cafe, sipped some coffee, and was walking up the steps to my apartment on the phone with my mom when I realized I had to hang up and be quiet because everyone in my apartment was fast asleep.  I love mornings, I really do. 

One time I slept till 11, and was legitimately upset because I felt like I has slept the entire day away.

how to be an effective morning person


I am not saying you need to be a morning person with this ramble– heck, as a college student, sometimes I wish I was a night person instead.  But, in case you want to make your mornings even a bit more productive, I want to share some of my tips with you.

How to be a morning person (or more of one)

Set your alarm 4 minutes earlier than you normally do

Yup, that’s it. Not an hour, or even 5 minutes earlier, but four.  I promise you will not ever even think for a second about the missed 4 minutes of sleep.  Instead, you will be significantly less rushed, and awake before you leave.

Set one goal for the day

Before your booty even leaves the bed, think of one thing you can accomplish that very day.  And then, of course, accomplish it.  This small goal setting is one of the most important parts to getting your mindset right and daily action aligned with your goals. 

Make a loose plan for the day

Maybe do this one while you pee or something because it takes a bit longer.  Open up the notes on your phone and write a very loose plan for how your day is going to go.  Include meals and snacks too if you struggle with emotional and binge eating like myself! Here is an example of how mine looks:


morning person


Get fresh air ASAP

Especially now that the weather is getting more beautiful by the second, soak up that vitamin D! Not only vitamin D but #FRESH air. HEY allergy season.  Whether it be opening your blinds as soon as you wake up, cracking your window, or just stepping outside for a few moments, the fresh air will do wonders.

how to be an effective morning person

This is what I want to see

Here’s a way to get outside in the morning!

Drink a full glass of water

1, 2, 3…. CHUG! Did I say drink? I meant chug a full glass of water 🙂 Not in an aggressive way that you start burping and get bloated, but get water into your system to cleanse and get your organs working for the day.

Now, go here, and tell me your best productive morning tip!

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