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What do I eat in a day?

What does a 22-credit student, small business owner, fitness lover, part time job haver eat in a day?  As you learned in my last post on How I Overcame Overeating at Night, I try to switch up what I am eating daily in tune to what my body is feeling that day.   A major component to maintaining my healthy mind body and soul balance is to listen to my body and fueling it with what it actually wants instead of what I think it should have.

I do not meal prep at the beginning of the week

for this exact reason.   For me, it doesn’t work for the sole reason that I do not know what I will want for lunch next Wednesday, so if I pack 5 meals of chicken, veggies, and rice up on the weekend,  I will eat it, but my body won’t be satisfied until it gets what it is feeling that day.  Does that make sense?  Essentially, I prefer to prep food the night before so I have some sort of idea of what sounds good.

‘What sounds good’ is a question I ask myself often, 

because I am still in the stage of reverting to ‘oh a salad is healthy I should eat that’ when it is not something that will satisfy me.  So, I try to spend time getting to know my body and what it is feeling before I shove food down.  One of the most important things I focused on in How I Overcame Overeating at Night was the fact that though I may not be making as pristine choices in terms of clean foods during the day, because I am not gorging myself at night– I am healthier.  

Enough babbling, here is

What I eat in a day:

February 20, 2017

Overnight Oats

I make the same base recipe every night and then customize in the morning.


Base recipe:

1/2 c quick oats

1/3 c greek yogurt — OR —- 1 scoop protein + 2T greek yogurt

1/2-2/3 c almond milk

pinch of sea salt

For more base recipes that are easily customize-able: check out my Eating Clean & Living Strong eBook


Yellow Apple and Almond Milk Cappuccino

I’ve learned that my stomach, and IBS, really hates when I have coffee without food, or on an empty stomach, which is what I used to do all of the time.  So, this is my typical mid morning snack.  Also, I only eat yellow apples.  Also, if you don’t like how milky lattes are, get a cap!


almond mlilke latte


PB&J on toasted bread

Why don’t I have a picture of this? Unsure, but I was craving one when I woke up.  I prepped it quick, threw it in a baggy and had it at 1:3opm ish.   TIP: toast the bread to avoid sogginess.


Avocado & Sriracha Toast

Was hungry around 430 and thought it was too early to eat dinner, and in an effort to avoid post dinner snacking, I had some avocado toast to hold me over for a few hours.

avocado toast


Diced potatoes, yellow squash, chicken, BBQ sauce

I keep a lot of random ingredients in my fridge for hodge podge meals at night, and these ingredients looked the most appetizing!  I use Simple Girl BBQ sauce — it’s actually an addiction 😉 (gluten free, all natural, and 0 zero calories)!

healthy dinner


Chamomile tea with coconut milk

I almost always have some sort of tea– or coffee, if it’s that kind of night, a bit after dinner.  If you have never put a dash of milk in it, TRY IT!



How I Overcame Overeating at Night

Quick Protein Packed Breakfasts



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