5 Must Read Happiness & Inspirational Quotes For A Tough Week

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I’ve got them, which means you’ve got them!  For me, having inspirational and happy quotes in my head, as well as hearing them, does a lot for my mindset.  Quotes inspire me and help to keep me focused.  Honestly, go to anybody I am close to and they will tell you at one point or another I have thrown some sort of uplifting quote at them.

Motivational quotes are what got me through my first marathon.

As I was running that race, my mom texted me the most incredible inspirational and motivational quotes every 20 minutes or so and that was a huge part of getting me through the rough points.   So, today, I want to share some uplifting and happiness inspiring quotes with you.  PLUS, they are pretty so you can pin them and share them 🙂

5 Must Read Happiness Quotes

If you want to begin, or continue, your journey to a happier, healthier mindset, I would love for you to join me here.
inspirational quote



inspirational quote



inspirational quote



inspirational quote




inspirational quote


Check back in next Wednesday for some more!

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