Make Your Setbacks Your Stepping Stones

30 Day Blogging Challenge #17

Remember my ~ Perfection Isn’t Real ~ post from two days ago, how I mentioned going to Urgent Care… well, results are back… I’ve had a stomach infection for almost two weeks but hadn’t been treating it right so it’s p bad now, even better yet I was put on an antibiotic of which causes an extreme increase in chance of Achilles Tendon rupture when  you run.  Did I mention my marathon is in 17 days?  Good stuff.  Great stuff.



That’s what I want to talk about today, setbacks.  It took me about 6 hours to get off my sad horse and address the problem at hand.  Like I mentioned a few days ago in my post on the Science of Happiness it is OK to take a break, it is OK to take a breather, it is OK to feel sorry for yourself for a bit, but you can’t forever. 

And here is how you are going to turn your setbacks into stepping stones to success:

Let yourself feel it.  As I mentioned above, you need to let yourself fully soak in the happenings and extent of what has happened.  The last thing you want to do is block yourself from experiencing emotions that you need to, they will just build up.  When you allow yourself to fully understand what has happened, you are defining a solid stepping stone.

Change your mindset.  Remember when I talked about reversing your ‘but’ and using your excuses as your reason? We need to something similar here: swap your sadness for your motivation.

I wanted to get XYZ internship, but I didn’t do well in the interview.  ADJUST: I didn’t do well in this interview but it was a good learning experience, and although I really wanted to work there, my sub-par interview here is going to push me to do succeed more somewhere else.

Talk to someone.  A friend, a family member, your dog, anyone.. talk to them.  Preferably a human for the sole reason that they have a different perspective and may have insightful advice.  In addition, it is healthy to get your feelings out– bottling up is never good.

Laugh it off.  This may be tough, but if you can do it– do it! Laugh about what happened, pretend like it was some hilarious joke.  Laugh, and then go do something that truly makes you happy and see where your  mindset is after.  I am sure you will have a new idea, a new route to take, and your outlook on what happened will be significantly brighter.  It is alllll mindset.


You don’t fail until you give up.  Realize that no matter what door is slammed in your face, or what goes wrong, you aren’t truly finished until you decide to give up.  Keep looking for a new path to try.

If there  is just one thing you take from this blog post, let it be


&& You Make You, don’t forget that!





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