Fun Fit Things To Do Hallo-weekend // 30 Day Blogging Challenge #10

Real talk before the realer talk.  Where does the ‘ – ‘ go in Halloweekend….? Like it is Hallowee-kend?  Hallo-weekend? Halloween-ekend? LET A SISTER KNOW, too much stress around determining that.

Realer talk, it’s the weekend of Halloween — see, that’s how you get around the hyphen issue.  Who would I be if I left you without a list of fun, fit things to do?

Realest talk, here is that list:

  • PUMPkin Workout, shameless plug on the workout I posted Wednesday that you can do with ONLY a pumpkin.
  • Make these super simple healthy Halloween Treats.
  • Dress up as a ghost and run around the house.
  • Pick apples!
  • Put on some clean shoes and stomp on your apples (read above) to make apple cider.
  • Do a Halloween 5k with your friends and family.
  • Build a bonfire and make Halloween dinner over it (Roast potatoes, peppers, protein, candy corn etc.)
  • Watch a Halloween movie and everytime you see a pumpkin, do 10 burpees, everytime you see ghost or spider, do 15 squats.
  • Build a fort and have a marshmallow fight.
  • Go Trick-Or-Treating, that’s a lot of walking, a lot of calorie burning, big workout, big workout.

Yes, I will be doing each and every one of these and you should too, now get to work, GO PLAY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

xoxo You Make You,


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