5 Things to Remind Yourself Daily

Current status: sitting in the library stacks, top floor, most quiet study place on campus, blasting Gasolina in my headphones.  So contradictory, so contradictory.  I’ve also been here for seven hours now so I may  blame it on restlessness and boredom.  But at the same time I like to think I am productive with upbeat music, it pumps me up to do work, you know?

The inspiration for this week’s blog post comes from living in my sorority house this year and experiencing vastly different types of mindsets on a daily basis.

I preach individualism and personal awareness: knowing what works for you and what YOU want.  I know everyone is different, I know everyone has different things that work for them (peep– Gasolina) but I do believe there are some things that are true for everyone that need to be remembered.

 HEY, remind yourself of these daily:

You are where you are for a reason.   You can either look back and  ask why or look forward and use your past to help you grow and chase your dreams.  Everything happens for a reason.

You can do anything. This is it. This is the one life you were granted.  It is yours to create, take the power.

Everything is a choice.  Realize that you have the final say as to if something affects you, or if you do something.  You have the final say as to where you end up.  Nothing  is out of your control.  Your mind is more powerful than anything in the world in terms of your own life. Click here to start my 21 Day Power Up.

The perfect time is now. There is no better time to make a change, try something new, or chase your dreams than the present.  Stop waiting for this or that, the perfect time is now.  Don’t worry about what has happened up until this point, don’t think about what is to come in the future, instead ask yourself what you can do with this very moment.

There is no reason to worry.   You absolutely do not need the answers to everything, you do not need to be liked by everyone, etc.  Do not worry about these things.  Stay true to  yourself, know where you want to end up, live for that and you will get there.


Save this photo to remind yourself of these daily: YouMakeYou

I want to know:

What do you study to?



xoxo, Colby

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