Organized and Ready: Back to School Tips

I am half sad, half excited to be writing these next words… school is right around the corner!  See how I didn’t instead say ‘summer is almost over’ … POSITIVE MIND FRIENDS POSITIVE MIND.

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year, I love the beach, I love the time freedom, I love the warmth, I love being home, I love it all, but too much of anything is bad.  So, cheers to school starting 😉
I don’t want to call myself a pro or anything, but I have been going to school for 14 years now so I have a few ways I keep my sh!t together and keep stress at bay during the school year successfully .  I also wrote a full eBook called CollegeFit on how to successfully balance health and happiness while in college is you are interested.  You can find it here for only $2.50.


SCHEDULE yo life.  Not in your phone.  Not in your laptop.  In writing.  In a planner, or even a piece of paper each week.  What I like to do is write down what I have to do each day: what workout I will do, what meetings I have, what I have due, any plans I have, any subscriptions I have to cancel LOL, etc.  I personally don’t write down everything hour by hour, I just like to see what I have on my plate, but do whatever works for you.  TBH it’s very fun to go to Target and pick out a planner.
REMEMBER YOURSELF: Include time at least every few days for me time.  Seriously, you are the most important thing your life. Do it.
PRIORITES: Ask yourself what your priorities are and remember them.   Factor them into your decisions.  One of the things I focus on in the 21 Day Power Up is the ability to get deep with yourself and break down the fear of knowing yourself on a thorough level.  You need to do that here—really know what your priorities are, do not be afraid to get deep with yourself.
BE PRESENT: You could say school sucks,  I think we all have said those exact words at some point, but you are just making it that much suckier for yourself.  It doesn’t suck, you just think it does.  Be present, enjoy the experience, and make the most of every single day.


LIVE IT: Right this second is the youngest you will ever be, don’t just throw that away.  Live every second in that moment and make the most of every experience you are presented with.
I want to know:
Math, science, social studies, language arts.. . what is your favorite? Mine is a tie between math and science .
If you want a full guide to balancing work, school, happiness, health, and fitness successfully be sure to check out my eBook CollegeFit.


xoxo, Colby

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