Life Lessons Learned on Vacation

There is always something you can learn.  In my opinoin, the difference between an event and an experience is your decision to take that event and see what you can gain from it, what you can trasform it to.  Every moment, every event, every thing has the abiliy to me more than it is— it is just up to you to decide to let it be and your desire to make it more.

You are the connection between instance and experience. 

I love life.  I love the world.  I love the pure idea that there is endless amount of knowledge to gain.

This is very new to me.  I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I spent 2  years in utter agony and closed off from the real world , but when I say I believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’ I really do — the following being one of the reasons.  I have learned to live every moment like it’s my last.  More importanly, I have learned to savor and find the beauty in eveything that presents itself because I know the beauty exists.

One of the reasons I started YouMakeYou®, and the 21 Day Power Up was because I want so badly to share this with the world: how to experience life in the way that caters best to YOU and allows YOU personally to thrive.  We all get one life to live, and it is exactly what we decide to make it.  We have this great power, and oppurtunity, to construct whatever life we dream of, we just have to take that power and stop sitting by and watching.

I am writing this from my balcony in Cannes, France where I have been with my best friend the past week.  My vacation is where  I was trying to reach before I got sidetracked by my thoughts — classic LOL.  But, yes— this past week has been ‘vacation’ for me, however I still allowed my mind to do what it does best: engage, embrace, and learn.  I want to share with you some of the life lessons (OK I’ll admit some are not that momentous) I have learned this vacation!

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  • Running with a partner is refreshing.  I am training for a marathon, so I run quite a bit, but I usually just get up and go by myself.  On day 4 here, my best friend’s brother came and asked to go for a run so I reluctanly said yes, we weren’t at that level to laugh and deny yet ya know? But, we ended up going 4+ miles, talking the entire time, it honestly felt like 2!
  • Espresso.  I like espresso.  And baguette. I like that, too.

  • You don’t have to rush. If there is no reason to be speed walking, or in a rush, why be?  In America, we are just so fast moving, I constantly find myself moving at a quick pace when there really is no reason to be.  Take some time to relax and enjoy the moment whenever you can.  It puts the mind at ease and it is refreshing.

  • I don’t think we planned a single day while I was here, and that is something I have never done.  I am, as you know, defition of type A, I plan every single day of my life like none other.  But while here, we would wake up and be wherever, whenever it panned out.  If I found myself with some free time I would decide to blog, or read, but I never planned these things out… I think this is also refreshing every once in a while— you never get upset or frusturated when you ‘miss a plan’.  There is a sense of relief and ease.


  • One of the coolest, for lack of a better word,  things we did while here is have dinner with a family from England.  Honestly, I was so intrigued by how differently they were structured and how they thought.  I think there is so much knowledge and englightenment to gain by even taking a few minutes to meet someone new.


  • The amount of cheese & dairy they eat here is astonishing.  Oh, and they do not understand the concept of lactose-intolerance.  Hence why I have begun to love espresso.  Avez-vous le lait de soja ou des amandes? (insert laugh here)

    post 6 mile breakfast

I want to know: 

What is your favorite vacation you have ever been on?

Do you like espresso?


Always remember, YOU MAKE YOU

xoxo, Colby

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HOW FUN!!! So exciting. So proud of you for signing up for a marathon!

I don’t take too many vacations these days because I have two small crazy children. We go to the beach every summer and that’s our main excitement 🙂 I want to go to NYC someday- I keep saying for my 40th birthday. Would love to see other areas in the Northeast as well- Boston, etc. I think my most memorable vacations were a) going to the Notre Dame campus and Chicago with my family about 10 years ago, b) going to Seattle (and visiting Victoria, Canada!) for my sister’s wedding 6 years ago, and c) Washington D.C. when my husband was interning there 10 years ago (and also visiting Baltimore and Gettysburg). All places that are very different from my Southern life- and lots to see and do there!

That’s so funny! I live in the northeast so I ALWAYS dream of going down south. Where are you from? I have only been to Louisiana, before Katrina, which I loved. I actually just visited Boston and fell in love, you should totally do that if you have a chance, and NYC YES! I don’t go often, and could definitely NEVER live there but going on occasion is fun. Let me know if you do ever go– when I am at home I am about an hour train ride from the city, I could come and meet ya.

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