It’s The Little Things Thursday #5

It’s that time of week again, but this time I am coming at you all the way from Cannes, France.  Or, maybe for some of you it’s closer?  Anyone?!

So bonjour ou bon soir?  Je ne sais pas.  But, I do know that I am lying in bed typing this, all energy drained by the sun, stomach bloated by all the french treats, and listening to 4 french men run around my apartment trying to fix the power that went out.  Quite a happy place right now, quite a happy place…

On a more actually happy note, it is time to recap some of the little things that made me smile over this past week! Why do I do this?  I do this because I believe in the incredible power of happy thoughts and happy vibes.  I believe, and have seen the benefits, positivity even in the smallest doses; like celebrating small accomplishments and recognzing even the littlest positive moments…

This is one of the many things you will focus on in my 21 Day Power Up— not only reaching your goals, but aligning your life to be overall more positive.  


Before you read mine, I want you to scroll down to the comments and tell me what one thing that made you smile today is!  Try to make this a daily routine.


Dinner with a beautiful  view from my apt in Cannes, France

Spending a week with my best friend, Nicole, after not seeing her all summer!

Lactaid— and it abling me to eat this….. profiteroll?

Morning runs! Yes— I love them.

The fact I was able to literally order a watermelon on the beach the other day…


XOXO Colby

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