gf df cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free, dairy free)

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I’m sure you need more treats #amiright? OK, maybe I am wrong… but that is why I created this recipe for you all.  And of course the fact that I was home from school and actually had the time and resources for once to bake #blessed #truehappiness Also, when I stop to think about it– I can’t even…

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Perfection Revisited

30 Day Blogging Challenge #29 One major thing I’ve learned during this blogging challenge– I like to word vomit.  I really do. It’s fun. Let’s go back to my little ~chat~ on perfection.  The notion of perfection isn’t real, what is real is you.  As a society we build these walls, and we build these canvases of so-called standards that are impossible…

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Total Body Anywhere Workout

30 Day Blogging Challenge #26 It’s Sunday, I think it’s time for another workout.  It also is exactly a week for my first marathon, the Philly Marathon, so I  think it is only fair to include some running 😉   One, Two, YOU MAKE YOU.   As always, if you like this workout be sure to check out this link!  AMRAP…

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healthy food swaps

Healthy Eating Swaps

30 Day Blogging Challenge #25 I’m actually writing this on Wednesday because I will be locked up in a Computer Science building participating in a hack-a-thon all weekend. Not going to lie as nerdy as it is, I am pumped. When I sat down to write this I was eating bowl of Chex, which then made me realize that in…

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Act Without Knowing The Result

30 Day Blogging Challenge #24 I am tired of hearing I want.  To me, it’s almost as bad as I can’t.  You can tell me you want something as much as you desire, but what is the changing?  Please enlighten me, please explain to me this epidemic of wanting wanting wanting and walking through life continuing to want, being pulled by commonality and a monotonous…

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