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Hi, my name is Colby

and welcome to YouMakeYou! This is an online community dedicated to empowering others to empower themselves in all aspects  of life.  I am a certified personal trainer, marathoner, engineering student, and happiness chaser so my social channels focus on health happiness and fitness as well as balancing those three things with a busy schedule aka in college.

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colby triolo

I also love coffee…. and things in jars

What is YouMakeYou®?

After 2 severe concussions, I suffered from daily migraines, chronic pain, and mental confusion for almost 3 years.  I saw tens of doctors and underwent countless painful procedures all with no relief. Because of this I took a year off from school, lost almost everyone I was close to, and could barely handle the real world.  One day, during one of  my most painful days, I decided that enough was enough and if nobody could help me, I was going to help myself.  Through the utter will to live again, and belief in myself I was able to overcome everything– March 31, 2015 was my first headache free day in over 800 days.  For the sake of time, this is the condensed version, read my full story here about how YouMakeYou was born.


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